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AGGIE WESTON. Ed Stuart MILLS. Spring 1973-1979. Nos 1-4, 6-9, 11, 15.
"I have been told that it was one Agnes Weston who founded seamen's
homes & I hope that this magazine will likewise provide some sort of refuge".
Issued by Coracle/Tarasque Press. Issues include:-
View of Stonypath-I Hamilton Finlay's home photographed by Stuart Mills;
S Cutts-Les Enerves de Jumieges; S Mills-Flags from a Remnant Railway;
The Adventures by T Winkfield;
Photographs by Mick Sharp, John Blakemore;
A Phipps-Hunt notes, Marks, Photographs; Thomas Meyer, Folkand.
All profusely illustrated both with photographs &/or original drawings.
10 issues in original wraps. £120.00

ANARCHY. A Journal of Anarchist Ideas. 1961-nd. Ed C WARD.
Nos 4-9.11-15.18-25.27-28.30-33.35-37.40-44.46-78.81.84-86.89.95-118 Dec 1970-last issue in 1st series. NS 1-12. +special issue.
Contributors include:- A S Neill, S Raven, A Wesker, J Burns,
A Trocchi, G Woodcock, H Read, G Synder, Dora Russell, G Molner, etc.
with issues devoted to William Golding, Spain, Vandalism, Prison Poems,
Drugs, The Revolution of 1936, etc.
113 issues in original wraps. £350.00

"For book collectors, librarians & booksellers"
May -April 1973. Nos. 1-60. All published.
A very good set in original wraps.
Where the author of the article is not indicated it is assumed that it has been
written by the Editor - B HUTCHINSON.
1968. May. Geogre Gissing by P Coustillas; R M Ballantyne by E Quayle.
June Leonard Jay & the Birmingham School of Printing 1925-1953 by T Appleton.
The Wellesley Index by M Sullivan. An Upton Sinclair Collection in England by E Allatt; A Devon shire Poetess by C Ritchie;
Gertrude Stein and Painting by Francis Rose. Nanct Cunard 1896-1965 by B Hutchinson. Arhur Machen. Apersonal Note by P F Hinton. The Wellesley Index by M Sullivan; Leonard Jay & The Birmingham School of Printing 1925-1953 by T Appleton; British Editions of Arthur Machen. E Allatt-An Upton Sinclair Collection in England; A Devonshire Poetess by C Ritchie; ; etc. Gertrude Stein and Painting by Francis Rose with a posthumous introduction by A B Toklas. Nancy Cunard 1896-1965. W H G Kingston. 1814-1889. Arhur Machen. A Personal Note by P F Hinton.
Aug. Some Tauchnitz Books & Authors; Arthur Machen –A Personal Note by P F Hinton; etc.
Sept. Dangerous Books,. Stepniak. 1852-95. Another Undervalued Author, Robert Southey. 1774-1843.
Oct. `Blake's Dante Plates –revised version by R Todd. Percy F Westerman by Dennis Butts; American Poet on Obscenity Charge (Bill Butler-William Huxford Butler.) with list of his “Books Convicted, Fined & Forfeited at Trial. Concrete Poetry. Tough for Bibliographers.The Bibliophile culled from Fletcher's Bestiary by D.L.F.
Nov. Jack London & Upton Sinclair by E Allatt; Bram Stoker 1847-1912. Anthony Berkeley= A B Cox=Frances Iles. The Wolf-Men. G Locke-Novels-Serial versus Book Versions The Sherlock Holmes –Pubs; etc.
Dec. Thomas Pringle by W Plomer. P Coustillas In Search Of Gissing Memories in Switzerland by including “Brignall Old Church” poem by Gissing. Russia's Greatest Spy-Peter Kroger; Roxburghe Club Publications.
Jan George Manville Fenn. 1831-1909, Varney The Vampire. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu 1814-73
March Bibliography of E Phillips Oppenheim by Wray D Brown; The Ironic Conception of Progress in Goethe's Faust by A J Henschel; Why I became a Bookseller; etc.
April Upton Sinclair, Dreiser, etc. by Lorna D Smith; George MacDonald 1824-1905. Index vol.1.nos 1-12.
May M P Shiel. 1865-1947.The Terrible Crime at Fagley Road, Bradford, Yorkshire by Dr-, Index to vol.1.nos 1-12.
June Sax Rohmer 1883-1959. July B H-Jules Verne 1828-1905; My Friend Lawrence Durrell by John Gawsworth; Uncle Tom in England..Festschrift for John Gawsworth by R Aldington etc.
Aug. Somewhat of Lawrence Durrell by J Gawsworth including his poem, “Lawrence Durrell.” etc.
Sept. William Harrison Ainsworth 1805-82. A George Gissing Bibliography by J Spierrs & P Coustillas. In the USA 99 Years Ago by T Hughes; etc.
Oct. Jeffrey Farnol by B H. A george Gissing Bibliography continued; Readers Library by J R Hetherington; 20,000 Sixpeny Books by B H. Etc.
Dec. Miss M E Braddon 1837-1915. oseph Conrad & the s.s.Titanic; The second 100 Tauchnitz editions;
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930. On Collecting one title The Song of Hiawatha.etc.
Feb. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930 continued. Philip Marlowe. Born 1906. Profession. Private Eye. Tauchnitz of Leipzig, 199-400.
March. How a “Ghost” Book is created by W O G Lofts; Tolerances in Bibliographical descriptions.
April. The Left Book Club; Hugh MacDiarmid-when the Rat-Race is over; Index to v.2.
May. William Clark Russell 1844-1911; Dutch Clandestine Printing 1940-45 Tauchnitz of Leipzig. 601-701. The Gertrude Stein Cookbook by Bill Butler;etc.
June. E W Hornung (1866-1921) & Barry PEROWNE; Mrs Stowe's Uncle Tom;Gypsy Rose Lee-Authoress and Strip Teaser by Mabel Elliott; Tauchnitz 702-800; The Tabard Press; etc.
July. Thomas Hardy, O.M. 1840-1928. Tauchnitz continued;
Aug, Louis Becke 1855-1913. A Book Collector by Rachel Cohen; Tauchnitz continued; A few Dry Leaves by Hugh Gordon Porteus;
Sept. John Bucham, Lord Tweedsmuir – 1875-1940. Tauchnitz continued; OH LOOK- Underground Mags; From ‘The Bookman' New York. V.3. 1896.
Oct. Fergus Hume 1859-1932. Underground Magazines No.2 –Black Country Meat containing work by B Butler, T A Clark, P Finch, R Miller, J Pennington, J Nuttall, etc. Taucnitz continued; etc.
Nov. Pelham Grenville Woodehouse, 6pp details of his stories; John Gawsworth, R.I.P. Tauchnitz continued;
Dec. P G Wodehouse-continued from last Issue; Tauchnitz continued; Agatha Christie's & Mary Westmacott's books listed; etc.
Victorian Fiction; Agatha Christie continued; Tauchnitz continued; The Curious History of Hardyknute; etc.
Feb. Simpkin, Marshall & Co close; Louis Conrad (French tauchnitz) of Paris listed; -Tauchnitz continued.etc.
March. E Phillpotts listed Marvellous Story by De Quincey printed; article on Horror Stories taken fromThe Bookman. N.Y. 1900Tauchnitz continued; Concerning the English “Academy” by S Crane from The Bookman N.Y. 1898.
April. Index 31-36. E Phillpotts lcompleted. Underground Magazine – Global Tapestry & Vegan Action; Tachnitz continued; What is Pornography (For Bill Butler ed L Wallrich.)
May. Baroness Emmuska Orczy 1865-1947; Tachnitz continued; The Genesis of Sherlock Holmes.Alfred de Musset & “The English Opium Eater.” Etc.
June. Truth about Gatsby. Captain Starligt. Tauchnitz continued.
July. Visits to Arthur Waley by B Gould. Tachnitz continued.
Aug. Drummond of Hawthornden; Tauchnitz continued; Robert Williams Buchanan 1841-1901; Tauchnitz continued; etc.)
Sept. Collecting Tauchnitz; a note on Crwoley; etc.
Oct. Uncle Tom's Cabin by S P MilanytchOld Clocks & Watches & their Makers; Collecting Tauchnitz continued; etc.
Nov. Who was May Sinclair? Tauchnitz continued; A visit to Zagreb by E McWhinney; etc.
Dec. Angela Brazil 1868-1947; Tauchnitz continued; etc.
Robert Barr 1850-1912.Why Antiquarian Books are Too Cheap; Chares
Feb. A E W Mason 1865-1948 by V H Warren; Tauchnitz continued; etc.
March. L M Alcott 1832-88; Shirts off Author's Backs, and Eternity by C Hughes; Tauchnitz continued; etc.
April. Lord Baden-Powell. 1857-1941. Index to nos 37-48; Tauchnitz continued; etc.
May. G A Henty. Lord Baden-Powell continued;Francis Edward Grainger (Headon Hill); etc.
June. Zane Grey 1872-1939; R E Bodle on The Swiss Family Robinson; Tauchnitz continued; etc.
July. Guy Boothby 1867-1905. Tauchnitz continued; etc.William Hope Hodgson 1875-1918; etc.
Aug. AnthonyTrollope sales; Fifty works we could do witout by Emily McWhinney; R D Blackmore 182-1900. Tauchnitz continued; etc.
Sept. F Hodgson Burnett. The Anatomy of Remainders; Tauchnitz continued; etc.
Oct. J S Fletcher 1863-1935. R E Bodie on the Swiss Family Robinson; Tauchnitz continued; etc. Index 49-54;
Nov. J S Flecher(2) J R Hetherington-Bookman's Testimony; Armed Services editionsBlack Poetry; Tauchnitz continued; etc.
Dec. A Morrison 1863-1945. Talbot Baines Reed 1852-93; If it's Poetry, why doesn't it Rhyme? by Bill Butler; Was Shakespeare a Smoker? Tauchnitz continued; etc.

Jan. J H Ewing 1841-85; J R Hetherington-Bookman's Testimony; Tauchnitz continued; etc.
Feb. Grant Allen Is it Poetry or is it Prose? By Bill Butler; Tauchnitz continued;
(Chales Grant Blairfindie Allen) 1848-99;
March Bibliograpgy Index; Libraries in Chains by D England; Tauchnitz continued;Leter from Bill Butler;
April Final issue ; London on London – a Last Word by Larry Auld; Tauchnitz continued; James Payn 1830-98; Detection of Detectives by J R Hetheringon; etc.
The Collecion £75.00
Photocopy of any article £2.50 per page post free.

THE CHAMELEON. v 1/1. 1978. A Facsimile Edition of the 1894 edition (vol 1/1) limited to 750 copies. Introduced by H M Hyde.
(T D'Arch Smith, A Douglas, O Wilde, J G Nicholson, M Beerbohm,
L Johnson, C K Jackson, M L Woods, B Lawrence, J A Froude.)
Original wraps.£30.00

NEW COTERIE. Ed Paul SELVER. No.1-6. 1926-27. All published.
All very good in original pictorial wraps. (Nancy Cunard, R Davies, T W Earp,
R Nichols, R M Rilke, T F Powys, B Bjornson, Liam O'Flaherty, A Huxley,
D H Lawrence, W Soutar, H E Bates etc. Illustrators include E Kennington,
S Spencer, W Roberts, F Dobson, N Hamnett, Jean de Bosshere etc. £125.00

ENEMY. 1927-1929. Nos 1-3. All published.
Principally a vehicle for Wyndham Lewis 's criticism:- The Revolutionary Simpleton; Paleface & The Diabolical Principle & containing his own coloured & black & white illustrations.
Other contributors include T S Eliot, L Riding, R Campbell, W W Gibson, etc. Two of the three volumes are signed by Lewis, one being a presentation copy for Zwemmer.
Original pictorial wraps, designed by Lewis, somewhat worn but practically complete, contents very good. £450.00

The Apes of God explained by the Author-Wyndham Lewis.
Preceded by The History of a Rejected Review by R Campbell with letters
from W B Yeats, H G Wells, R Aldington & Augustus John.
Contains A Stop Press Explosion; etc. A fine copy. £150.00

FIREBIRD. Ed T J BINDING. No's 1-4. 1982-1985. Penguin Books.
Writing Today.“…To seek out, encourage and publish new voices alongside established figures..”
Includes short stories, poetry, travel writing & work in progress.
(G Greene-On The Way Back-8pp- opening chapter from an unfinished novel; A Byatt, D Dunn, Angela Carter, J Banville, D Hogan, Kilman, Rushdie, G Swift, W Trevor, G M Brown, Ishiguro, F Weldon, Angus Wilson, Ballard, Fanthorpe, T Harrison, A Gray, J Reed, P Levi, B MacLaverty, J Montague, Okri, Thubron, W Trevor, Hugo Williams, P Vansittart. Etc.)
4 issues all in very good original wraps. £100.00

A Quarterly Magazine of Art & Literature. v.1/1-v.2/8. Oct 1922-July 1924.
Literary ontributors include R Church, F M Heuffer, W H Davies, A Huxley,
E Sitwell, D Richardson, N Mitchison, G Greene, L Housman, F S Flint,
L A G Strong, E Rhys, Havelock Ellis, Tagore,etc.
Original illustrations (lithographs & woodcuts) by R Gibbings, J B Yeats,
A O Spare, Pissaro, E Waugh (woodcuts & pen drawings), J Nash, H Macfall, John Austen, C French, F Brangwyn, Powys Evans,etc.
8 Issues bound in publisher's original linen backed boards with original wraps preserved. All published. £1,200.00

THE MINT. Ed. G GRIGSON. A Miscellany of Literature, Art & Criticism.
1946-1948. Nos 1 & 2.
(W H Auden, G Greene, Wyndham Lewis; S O'Casey, J T Farrell, M Buber,
P H Newby, N Pevsner, Rhys Davies, J Lavrin, Holderlin, S Weil, G Grigson, etc.) 2 vols -the 1st in original cloth, the 2nd in original wraps as issued,
both in very good condition. All published. £50.00

THE MAGNET LIBRARY OF COMPLETE SCHOOL STORIES later The Magnet. Nos. 910-991. 995-1682. 18/7/25-28/10/39.
770 issues bound in 25 well bound volumes; 24 in red cloth & one in green; gilt lettering; original wraps bound in. Generally in very good condition although the fragile pages occasionally show a little deterioration with some closed marginal tears & a light bookseller's rubber stamp on some issues.
Included is Facsimile of the first issue -Special Souvenir Edition. £4000.00

THE OWL & THE WINTER OWL. A Miscellany. 1919-1923. Nos 1-3.
Nos 1 & 2 published by M Secker. Winter Owl published by C Palmer.
Edited by R Graves & W Nicholson
Contributors include T Hardy, J Masefield, J C Squire, R Graves, S Sassoon,
W H Davies, W J Turner, R Nichols, M Beerbohm, J Galsworthy, E Shanks,
W de la Mare, M Baring, E Blunden, J Freeman, V Lindsay, E Rickword,
J C Squire, A Ransome, H M Tomlinson, E Kennington, etc.
Illustrations by J Nash, P Bianco, N & W Nicholson, R Caldecott, G Belcher,
V Brooks, W Orpen, E Lutyens, Rockwell Kent, P Bianco Sansome, E Griset, etc. Cover design & decorations by William Nicholson.
A complete set of 3 issues. No 1 in wraps as published with neat library Bookplate.
No 2. expertly rebound retaining both the upper & lower pictorial panels otherwise an unusually good copy, & No 3 (Winter Owl)-Douglas Newton's copy with the original boards worn & lacking the backstrip.
Sets are scarce. £450.00

”A new poem 12 times a year".
Each poem is limited, printed on one folio leaf on one side of the paper only & all copies are signed by the poet some having corrections in the poet's own writing.
The poets include Stevie Smith, C Day Lewis, P Larkin, D Abse, R Fuller,
R Graves, S Spender, A Thwaite, J Fuller, J Betjeman, E Jennings, G Barker, N MacCaig, P Porter, R Todd, W H Auden, J Lehmann, S Heaney, G Ewart,
B Patten, K Raine, Austin Clark, K Amis, V Scannell, J Symons, N Nicholson, D Davie, T Gunn, etc.
4 Folios - 48 poems. All published - in purpose made folder. £1000.00

PROSE. Horizon Press. U.S.A. 1970-74. 1-9.
A substantial biannual Magazine of Fiction, Criticism, Essays & Work in Pogress most issues running to more than 200pp.
(M Anderson, Auden, H Bloom, A Burgess, E Dahlberg, Djuna Barnes,
J Merrill, G Westcott, Kay Boyle, H Nemerov, H Rosenberg, A Tate, P Bowles, R Payne, W Hayen, J Flanner, A Kazin, D Davie, J Hollander, H Moss,
W Fowlie, Roditi. Etc.) All very good in original printed wraps. £180.00

THE TYRO. Nos 1 & 2. All published. Ed. Wyndham LEWIS. nd.
A Illustrated Review of the Arts of Painting, Sculpture & Design.
(Lewis-Essay on the Objective of Plastic Art in our Time;
Tyronic Dialogues X & F, & Bestre. T S Eliot-The Three Provincialities;
with other contributions from S Hudson, J Rodker, H Read, Wadsworth,
F Dobson, R McAlmon, W Roberts.,etc.)
Original wraps with one issue slightly frayed. £500.00


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