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Issues in original wraps in very good condition unless otherwise described.

ISIS. Oxford University Magazine.
Nos 1081, 1083-1144, 1147-1157. 20/5/48-13/6/51
Contributors include E Jennings , K Hopkins, M Cranston, K Tynan, P Redgrove,
P A T O'Donnell, Lois Stockley, Kingsley Amis, James Michie, D Cooper, K Rhys,
M Seymour-Smith, L Zurndorfer, A Alvarez, P J Cronin, etc.
Together with interviews with Joyce Cary, Michael Innes, etc.
73 issues in original wraps. Some staples rusty otherwise very good. £450.00

KINGDOM COME. The Magazine of War-Time Oxford . 1939-43.
Edited initially by John WALLER & K HARRIS then by Alan ROOK,
& Henry TREECE .
v.1/1-v.3/12. Dec 1939-Autumn 1943
(K Douglas, A Breton, L Durrell, H E Bates, D Gascoyne, S Keyes, M Roberts,
H MacDiarmid, R Pitter, J Symons, R Todd, G Grigson, Wrey Gardiner, N MacCaig,
H Read, A Comfort, H Miller, W Sansom, L Woolf, A Lewis, De La Mare, C Hassall,
J F Hendry, J Middleton Murry, C Day Lewis, W J Turner, L Housman, G S Fraser,
N Moore, Lorca, Tambimuttu, K Rhys, L Whistler, A Douglas, M C Stopes, P Eluard,
E Blunden, & the Editors. .) 12 issues in original wraps-all published.
ALS from J Waller presenting copies to T Moult & discussing a poem. £725.00

A Monthly Magazine edited by Undergraduates:- L P HARTLEY, B MURRAY et al.
v.3/11 Jan 1921. (L P Hartley-The Last Time; E Blunden-The Scythe;
R Hughes-The Three Wishes; C L Morgan-The Night of The Burning Pestle;
L Golding, R Nichols, Beverley Nichols, L A G Strong, G Elton, B Higgins,
C H B Kitchin, C H O Scaife, A Porter, M Gorki.) £30.00
v.3/12. March 1921. (L P Hartley-The Dukes Tradgedy; A Porter, W Childe, L Golding,
C De S Pinto, C H B Kitchin, W Holtby-The Roller.) £30.00
v.3/13. May 1921. (G A Williamson-That Bufoon, Bernard Shaw; L P Hartley-Disparity in Despair; A Porter, L A G Strong, W Childe, F J Prewett, J Laver, B Higgins,
F Waburg.) £30.00
v.3/14. June 1921.
(R Hughes-The Sea & The Jumping Bean; C H B Kitchin, W R Childe, De S Pinto, J Laver, etc.) £30.00
v.3/15. Nov 1921. (G Murray-From The Edipus Coloneus;
L P Hartley-A Visit to the Dentist-6pp; J Laver, CHB Kitchin) £30.00
v.3/16. Dec 1921
. (L P Hartley-A Beautiful Character(8pp); F J Warburg, W Archer, L Golding, V S De Pinto, D Cecil, L A G Strong, J Laver.) £30.00

v.1/1.2.3. May 1933-Feb 1934. (Poems by W H Auden, R Swingler, L Whistler, C Day Lewis, K Nott, O Blakeston, etc. F Pakenham on De Valera; N Mitchison-chapter from an unpublished Novel; C M Bowra on Stefan George & George Moore; V De Sola Pinto on Rochester's Poetry; F Pakenham on De Valera; Short story by Spender; R H S Crossman on The Labour Party & War; Henry Green as H Yorke, F Prince, A J Ayer, etc.)
3 issues in original wraps. £120.00
V.1/31. May 1933. (Poems by W H Auden, L Whistler & N Lindsay. S Spender-The Burning Cactus. A M E Goldschmidt-“Alice” Psycho-analysed with other articles by K Clark, C M Bowra, F Pakenham, etc. Lacks front wrap. Title page present. £25.00

OXFORD. Published for the Oxford Society by O U P.
Each illustrated with views of Oxford.
Spring. 1936. V.2/3. (King Edward V111 at Oxford; Lawrence of Arabia by Vic Halifax; The National Memorial to Viscount Grey of Fallodon by F Oember; Balliol in the Eighties by J A Spender, etc.) £4.00
Winter 1937. V.IV/2. (On having sons at Oxford by M Sadleir;
Oxford: The Long Vacation by Lord Gorell;etc.) £8.00
Spring 1938. V.4/3. (An Oxford Childhood by N Mitchison;
Winter Cricket by C G Hardie; etc.) £8.00
Summer 1940. V.7/1. (A Pupil of John Keble's by E M Delafield; 300 years of University Journalism by D Hudson; Memorial: A L Fisher by G Murray; etc.)
Loosley inserted £6.00

Summer 1941. v/7/3. (Experiences of an Oxford Prisoner in Italian Hands;
R W Speaight-Drama at Oxford ; etc.) £5.00
Summer. 1942. v.8/1. (Experiences of Oxford Men in War-Time; H Waddell-Translations from the Latin; Dame Emily Penrose by H Darbshire; Arthur Evans by E T Leeds ;etc.) £5.00
Winter 1946-7. v.9/2. (The War Year-a review; The Opening of the New Bodleian Library -speech & reply by Earl Halifax & His Majesty - The Revival of the Oxford Union;
Oxford Physics & the War by Dr Collie, etc.) £5.00
1948 . v.9/3. (B Blackwell-A Plea for the Pass Man;
Chemistry at Oxford by Dr Brewer; Town Planning in Oxford by R Newman, etc.) £5.00
1952. v.XI/3. (The Bodleian in Post-War Oxford J N L Myers; Puzzle for Puppets by W W Robson ;etc.) £5.00

Ed P L ADAMS then J D Heydon. No. 1-7.9 . (last issue)
University College, then Keeble) Hilary 1966 - Michaelmas 1968).
Ranges over the whole gamut of Literature & Humanism with articles on R Lowell,
the Erotic & Censorship, G Crabbe, Brecht, Ovid & Epic, A Huxley, Keats, Morality, Metaphysics & the Criminal Law, Galbraith & the Warfare State, Poetry of Roethke etc.
8 issues in original wraps lacking No 8 for all published. £65.00
No.2. Trinity 1966.
(J Speirs on G Crabbe; P Foot-Sexual Morality; R Gray on Brecht;
P Wrigley on A Huxley.) £6.00
No.3. Michaelmas 1966.
(M Tanner on Wittgenstern; M Fido on Milton; Letters from W Empson & W W Robson; Logan Speirs Chekhov's Letters;G Lienhardt on Q D Leavis..) £6.00

Vol 4. No. 2. 1980. Ed Geoff Bennington, Ian McLeod, Ann Wordsworth, Robert Young.
Contributions by Michel Foucault, Donald F Bouchard, Jean-Claude Lebensztejn, John Frow, Graham Pechey, Geoff Bennington, Leslie Hill & Ann Wordsworth. Original wraps. £5.00

A complete run of this series of background pamphlets issued during between 1939 & 1945. Contributors include a wide variety of authors including J Huxley, D W Brogan, S Casson, W Beveridge, B Ward, R K Ensor, E H Carr, A Zimmern, H V Hodson, G Crowther, D Pickles, etc. covering a large variety of subjects:-Japan, Mein Kampf, The British Empire, The Danube Basin, The Jewish Question, Soviet Asia, The Military Aeroplane, Who Hitler is, Norway during the War; Greece, War & Treaties, Living Space, The Problem of Austrai. etc. 72 issues in original wraps in excellent condition. All published. £150.00

DEPARTURE. A Magazine of Literature & The Arts.
1953-1957. Nos 2-11 . Ten out of eleven issues published of this Poetry Magazine that published Oxford writers & work by established Authors such as W Empson, K Raine, Philip Larkin, Dom Moraes, E Jennings, J Kirkup, V Watkins, G BacBeth, J Heath-Stubbs, A Comfort, J Silkin, R Conquest, V Scannell, A Brownjohn, etc. Very good in original wraps. Uncommon. £400.00

Nos 1-4 (All published from Oxford ) 5-16. 1959-1984 . All published.
"The first magazine to consider poetry as a performing art."
Among the many contributors are S Beckett, Ionesco, P Bowles, A Brownjohn, W Burroughs, C Hamblett, B Kops, Stevie Smith, S Themerson, B Cobbing, D Davie, A Sillitoe, Yevtushenko, Corso, A Ginsberg, J Silkin, C Logue, K Raine, T Hughes, B Patten, M Hamburger, Topolski, G Grass, D Hockney, R Steadman, H Fainlight, E Smart, D Gascoyne, B Patten, J Nuttall, F Horovitz, Editor, etc.
Issue 2/3 is inscribed by the Editor & Anna Lovell(contributor)& has a typed (?) addenda sheet neatly pasted on inside rear cover.
Issue 7/8+10/11 contains a flyer depicting this issue & a duplicated sheet with details of the issue,inserted.
Issue 9 is devoted to NINETEEN POEMS OF LOVE, LUST AND SPIRIT by M Horovitz & contains a folded sheet depicting an alterative version for the cover. Issue 13 contains a photocopy of a review by J Nuttall of this issue.
No.16 is A CELEBRATION/OF AND FOR FRANCES HOROVITZ (1938-1983) being a memorial selection of her poems with others in her honour by K Raine, J Nuttall, Editor, A Horovitz, J Papworth, V Sinason, I Laird & Dom Silvester Houedard., this being a presentation copy inscribed by the Editor. A leaflet advertsing the book laid in.
Nos 14 & 15 are entitled “second & third International Poetry Olympics.
16 issues in 12 in original wraps in very good condition issue number 12 being stencilled, hinged, foolscap sheets- no longer in perfect condition externally but internally very good.
Also included is “DECLARATION” by M Horovitz dated 1963, this being addressed by Horovitz to Ruth & Alan Sillitoe, 14pp foolscap.
13 items with inserts as noted, that for no 5 being a joint issue with Resurgence edited with Roger Franklin.
A cutting from The Sunday Times, dated 24/8/75 in which "P Oakes meets the poet-performer Michael Horovitz" is also included. £325.00

JANUS. Balliol College . Summer 1953 . Poetry & Prose by A Thwaite, K Loewenthal,
T H Jones, M Fosbery, A Mitchell, R Twite, etc. Original wraps. £12.00 

Nos 2-5 . Spring 1995 – Summer 1996
. Oxford . Poetry, Articles & Reviews. (Ted Hughes on Sylvia Plath: The Bell Jar and Ariel; J Stallworthy, B O'Donoghue, E Lowry, I Hamilton, G Ewart, C Simic, K Miller, L MacNeice(Two new stories), P Muldoon (Interview), C Rumens, J Redmond. 4 Issues in original wraps. £50.00

TRIO. A Magazine publishing the work of Oxford Undergraduates.
No. 1.3-7. (1952) (Editors, C Driver, M Baldwin, Jonathan Price, Thom Gunn, M Barry, A Eliot, E Lucie-Smith, A Lias, Adrain Mitcell, D Marno, Q Stevenson, Adrian Mitchell, M Elliot, Jonathan Price, E Lucie-Smith, R Selig, J Mallett & A Hammond, Anthony Bailey, John Renehen, B Donoghue, G Pearson, A Brownjohn, G Hill, J Joseph, M Strachan, etc.)
6 issues of this scarce magazine. £85.00

WEN 3. A poetry magazine published by Lawless under the auspices of the Gemini Society, Oxford. Ed P SHINGLETON. Nos.4,5,6. 1969-1970 .
(Editor, A Hudson , C Nixon, D Lehman, E S Linden , P Finch, K Middleton, D Gibson, G Thomas, A Rigby, etc.) 4 issues in original wraps. £20.00

GAMBIT. Poems, articles & stories from Oxford University then extended to receive contributions from other Universities. v.1/2. v.3/1. v4/1. v.5/1.7. May 49-June 50 .
(R Mayne, M Ballantyne, M Seymour-Smith, M Shanks, F Huxley, M Ballantyne, J Bowen, M Raper, S A N Raven, N Lunan, J Percival, P Weitzman, P Almond, etc.)
Editor's complimentary slip on Balliol College headed paper laid in.
5 issues in original wraps. Uncommon. £50.00

Postage & packing at cost.

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