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A small collection of items concerning this author.
Alll very good first english editions unless otherwise describe


THE CRYSTAL WORLD. 1966. very good indeed in like dw. £135.00

TWO ALS & ONE TLS TO PROFESSOR FLETCHER. 1980. 1981. Regarding his writing, theatre productions, screen productions.... £35.00

HELLO AMERICA . 1981. J Cape . Dw. Near fine. £20.00

EMPIRE OF THE SUN. 1984. 1st issue dw with 2 reviews on lower panel.. £40.00

EMPIRE OF THE SUN. 1984. 2nd issue dw otherwise the same as the first issue.£18.00

THE DAY OF CREATION. 1987. Dw. £10.00

COCAINE NIGHTS. 1996. Dw. "an unnerving vision of a society coming to terms with a life of unlimited leisure.£10.00

THE COMPLETE SHORT STORIES. 2001. Flamingo. Inscription on front end paper. Near fine in like dw.£80.00


SPACE ODYSSEY. 1983. Octopus Books Limited. Dw. An anthology of Great Science Fiction Stories. K Vonnegut Jr., R Zelazny, F Leiber, J G Ballard, F Pohl, A C Clarke, J Wyndham, M S Rohan, R Sheckley, R Pollack etc... (H G Wells, P Anderson , R Bradbury, F Brown, J W Campbell , R A Heinlein, R A Lafferty, U K Le Guin, T Sturgeon, A E Van Vogt.) £6.00

OUT OF THIS WORLD. Ed. A WILLIAMS-ELIIS & M OWEN. 1971. Blackie. Dw. Bkplt. Agiant Anthology of Science Fiction Stories by Asimov, J Wyndham, A C Clarke, B Aldiss, J G Ballard, m r James, etc. Reprint. £6.00

THE GOLDEN AGE OF SCIENCE FICTION. Ed. KINGSLEY AMIS. 1981. Hutchinson . Dw. An Anthology with contributions from A Boucher, P Latham, F Pohl, B W Aldiss, J Blish, K Vonnegut, J G Ballard, R Sheckley, H Bean Piper, Cordwainer Smith, H Harrison, D Knight, I Asimov, F L Wallace, P Anderson & J Bixby,etc. £8.00

Contribitions To Magazines

ANTAEUS. No 25/26. Spring/Summer 1977. Popular Western fiction by E Booth, W C Lee, S Overholser, M Braun, F Grove, L Sanders, Nas'Naga, J R Milton. Detective fiction by R Chandler(introduction), J Holding, J Harrington, W Brittain, R L Fish, R Macdonald. Science fiction by F Pohl, S Lem, J G Ballard, W S Wilson, L Del Rey. £10.00 
1979 Autumn, No 35.
(Short stories by W Golding & J G Ballard; Poems by D Justice, J Galvin, G K Hongo, G Pape, etc.) £10.00

No 4 Spring 1976 . Poems by R Fainlight, F Horowitz, P Shuttle. Articles from J Ballard, C Cockburn, E Feinstein , T Nairn,T Owens,etc. B Bertolucci-an interview,etc. £10.00
No 5. Spring 1976. (A Sillitoe, A Carter, J G Ballard, J Sladek, S Maitland, H Bailey. N Hoult, T Nairn, E Feinstein , B Patten, etc. Poems by A Burgess-2.5pp,
R Fainlight,Ted Hughes, etc.) £10.00
No.7. Spring 1977. (Hancock's Last Half Hour by Heathcote Williams. Angela Carter, J Wiry, J G Ballard, A Munton,C Cockburn,P Wollen, J Sladek, etc.
Poems by B Butler , C Rmens, P Redgrove, R Fainlight, E Feinstein, etc.£10.00
No 8 Summer 1977. New fiction by J G Ballard, H Michaux, P Wollen, N Levine, etc. Womens Lives by H Bailey, J Saxton, A Redmon, R Fainlight, etc
Poems by H Michaux, F Horovitz, D Weissbort, W Scammell , P Redgrove, etc.) £10.00
No 10 Spring 1978 . (Plays by M Hastings, F Wyndham. Stories by J G Ballard, J Sladek, A Munton, T Nairn, etc. Poems by Ken Smith, Enzeberger, E Feinstein , etc. Womens Lives by Angela Carter, Nicole Jouve,etc.) £10.00
No 14. Spring 1970. (Poems by P Redgrove, M Booth, J Joseph, Y Amichai,etc.
A Poole on Burroughs,` W Scammell , T Lowenstein, A Edkins, A Sillitoe,etc. ) £10.00

BOOKS and BOOKMEN. 1970 July. (J G Ballard, A Burgess, Stella Gibbons, P Gallico, etc. discuss the writers who influenced their early works. Other articles by B Aldiss, P Tabori, O Blakeston, R Greacen, P Elstob, D Stanford, E Huxley, etc.etc.) £10.00

NEW REVIEW. v.5/1. Summer 1978. (The State of Fiction-a symposium:- K & M Amis, A Alvarez, B Aldiss, J G Ballard, D Bendictus, S Barstow, M Bradbury, J Braine, A S Byatt, J Brooks, B Brohy, A Carter, W Cooper, E Fenstein, P Highsmith, D Jacobson, M Holyroyd, D Lodge, O Manning, E O'Brien, B Pym, D Plante, F Raphael, P P Read, A Ross, P Theorux, A Thwaite, W Trevor, A Wilson,
I McEwan, etc. Poems by A Motion, G Cannon. Etc. ) £10.00

NEW WORLDS. Ed M MOORCOCK. Fiction, Science, Art. No 191. June 1969. (M Moorcock, B W Aldiss , A Burns, J G Ballard, Langdon Jones, G Charnock...) £8.00

OBSERVER. 16/7/89. (J G Ballard-Love in a Cold Climate-story.) £10.00

23/2/95 . 10pp supplement of celebrating 60 years of Penguin publications.
Interviews with J Coe, H Mantel, M Cliff, A Gurnah, H Dunmore, J Urquhart,
E Donoghue , etc. My first Penguin paperback-snippets from Jan Morris, J Trollope, W Boyd, J G Ballard, F Weldon, A Motion, J Barnes, A S Byatt, etc.£8.00
21/6/98 . Summer Reading with short comments by D Hockney, M Spark, S Faulks, D Lodge, J Carey, R Rendell, P D James, W Trevor, A S Byatt, J Fowles, I McEwan, E O'Brien, J Barnes, A Fraser, C Raine, J G Ballard, H Mantel, W Boyd, ) £8.00
18/10/98 . The Offers-poem by T Hughes-the first publication of his grief-stricken tribute to Sylvia Plath. Front page article on Lindbergh by J Ballard.. in Sunday Times Books.£10.00

The Times Sunday Magazine.
20/8/95 . (J G Ballard-The End of My War-2pp illus.)£8.00
21/6/98 (Summer Reading with comments by D Hockney, M Spark, D Lodge, S Faulks, S Townsend, R Fiennes, J Carey, R Rendell, P D James, W Trevor, A S Byatt, J Folwes, I McEwan, J Barnes, A Fraser, Craig Raine, J G Ballard, H Mantel, W Boyd, in The Sunday Times Books. £8.00
18/10/98 . The Offers-poem by T Hughes-the first publication of his grief-stricken tribute to Sylvia Plath. Front page article on Lindbergh by J Ballard. £10.00

1979 Christmas . (On Being Interviewed-J Rhys & P Devlin;The Diary of a mad space wife- J G Ballard; P Gilliatt on Snowdon ...) £10.00


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