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CONTRIBUTIONS in Magazines..


vols 1/2-3/2, 1952-1954. Poems, short stories, articles, plays & graphics.
Contributors include Neruda, Ira Wallach, J Beeching, N Rosten, A Boyars, E
Honig, Ray Bradbury, B Traven, W T Scott, K Capek, Janet Stevenson, R Swingler, E Milne, Montague Slater, S Tremayne, L P Springarn, Aragon, Prevert, B Deutsch, Lowenfels, Eluard, G Hitchcock, etc.etc. 9 issues all very good in original wraps. £90.00
Winter 1987/88. V.14/3. (Charles Bukowski, Jennifer Olds, Roberto Juarroz, Florinda Mintz, etc. ) Original wraps slightly marked. £10.00

CHOICE . A Magazine of Poetry and Photography & later Graphics .
Ed John LOGAN & Aaron SISKIND . Chicago. Nos 1-8 (1960's) .
Photos by H Callahan, R Frank, S Lienwohl, R Galarneau, A Siskind, R V Dias,
C Swedlund. Poetry & comment by Ammous, Brother Antonius, Bukowski, L Bruce, Creeley, Dickey, Eshleman, G Hitchcock, G Kinnell, Orlovitz, Pack, A Stanford, D Wagoner, R Wilbur, Bly, Carroll, P Roche, J Wright, J Logan, P Blackburn, G Hewitt, S Hochman, T McGrath, L Simpson, D Ignatow, W S Merwin, J Silkin, R Skelton, W Stafford, J Rothenberg, D Wakoski, C Simic, L Ferlinghetti, J Unterecker, etc. 4to. 8 numbers in 7 issues. The last double number running to more than 300pp. All excellent condition. £130.00
No.2. 1962 . Issue featuring Los Angeles Poets/portfolios of photography by Callahan & Frank. Comment by P Carroll, R Bly. Poems by R Wilbur, Orlovitz, J Dickey, Bukowski, etc. (160pp). £12.00

DOWN HERE. A Magazine of prose, poetry, theatre, art & criticism from The East Village. USA. Ed M PERKINS.
v.1/1. 1966 . . Includes a section from a banned novel by Appollinaire. McNamara-Bukowski correspondance. Poetry by John Wieners Illustrations by N G Sperakis & E Matson. 76pp. £15.00
Vol.1/2. Spring 1967 (Story by T Berrigan; V H Cruz interviewed by E Oatman; Poems by J Ceely, G Kimball, A Planz, C Bukowski, J Tyack, etc.
Correspondence from D Blazek, C Bukowski, L Harwood;) £15.00

EARTH. 1. Earth Books & Gallery. Santa Monica. USA.. Contributions from C Bukowski, W Wantling, J Bruckner, D A Levy, A Purcell, M Schwarts, D Blazek, & Steve Richmond –the Editor .) Original wraps. £10.00

Fall 1960-Spring 1961.. V.12/1-v.13/3
. (C Bukoski, E Triem, F Anselm, S Abbott, R McKee, G Murray, G Owen, R C Spiess, W E Taylor, M Dahlstedt, H M Hershberger, M Katz, E Kessler, H Morris, L Opalov, B Ames, W Inman, D W Baker, L Stryk, J L Weil, S Kahn, C Crosby, etc.)
7 issues in original wraps. £45.00

FIREWEED. Verse, short stories, graphics. Ed G & K GREEN. Columbus. U.S.A. Nos 1-6. Winter 1976-Winter 1977. Contributors include A Waldman, C Bukowski, C Berge, J Merrill etc. with illustrations by S Sturgill.
No 2 is limited to 400 numbered copies signed by the Editors.
No 5 comprises 20 postcard poems in a wrap around sleeve. All very good together with Naked Charm, a postcard chapbook of eleven new poems by Lyn Lifshin published by Fireweed Press in 1976. £100.00
No.2 Winter 1976. Limited edition no.141 of 400 signed by the Editors. Poetry by Bukowski, Y Ignatow,M Hurlow, D Gerber, C Plymell, G Locklin, etc. £20.00
No.3, Spring 1976 . (Poems by C Bukowski, Lyn Lifshin, J A Perkins, G Myers, D Clinton, etc. Story by J Belcher, Other contributors R Koertge, G Kuzma, M Murphy, J Mechem, etc.) £20.00

INTREPID . 1964-1969. ED A DE LOACH .
Staple bound covers in original wraps of varying colours.
No 8. June 1967 . Contains index to Nos 1-7. (C Bukowski, P Blackburn, T Enslin, H Martin, D Murray , B Holland , D Gitin, etc.) £10.00
No 9. Dec 1967. (C Bukowski, W Inman, T Enslin, E Lenck , C A Powell, etc.) £10.00
Nos 11/12. March 1969 . Fifth Anniversary issue with contributions by H Norse, T Berrigan, P Blackburn, C Bukowski, D Di Prima, T Enslin, A Ginsberg, W Inman, etc. £10.00
No 18/19. Winter 1971. (O Blackburn, C Bukowski, B Butler, Editor, L Eigner, A Ginsberg, A Hollo, T Leary, D Levertov, E Mottram, P Orlonsky, G Synder, W Wantling, C Weissner, S Spencer, J Kerouac. Cover Art by Brion Gysin. etc.) £10.00

MANO-MANO 2. Bowery Press, Denver , USA . Poetry, prose, art and interviews. Issue 10. July 1971 . Poems by D Di Prima, T Scibella, T Morris, L Eigner, C Bukowski, K Patchen; K Kesey -interview; J Kerouac - letter; Photos by D McCrimmon. 73pp. £20.00

NORTHWEST REVIEW. U.S.A. Fiction, Poetry, Reviews & Photographs.
v.16/3. 1977. (Interview with & a poem by Charles Bukowski(21pp);
Others include Lucien Stryk & Takaski Ikemoto & Robert Holland , etc.) £15.00

PENGUIN MODERN POETS. . No.13 . (C Bukowski, P Lamantia, H Norse) 1969. £4.00

SATIS . Ed Matthew MEAD. Nos 1-5. 1961-1962 . All published. Newcastle upon Tyne. 5 issues in original wraps containing contributions by A Cluysenaar, A Hollo, G Turnbull, R Weber, D Carroll, L Eigner, J H Prynne, C Bukowski, M Mead, J Heath-Stubbs, M Shayer, etc.) Together with another Satis publication : Max Holzer-Amfortiade. Etc.
6 items all told. £100.00

SAN FRANCISCO BARK. Thorp Springs Press.
Edited by T HEAD & P FOREMAN.
March 1972. A Gathering of Bay Area Poets including F Robertson, B Johnson, G Fowler, L Strongin, E bundy, R Morris, H Knox, D Gitin, H Storm, W Morgan, D Riley, D Plumb, J Miles, etc. Original wraps in very good condition. 79pp. £5.00

A literary quarterly magazine with prose and poetry paying due attention to
civil liberties & individual rights.
Nos 1-13
all published in this format 1958-1962.
(Saroyan, Orlovitz, E E Cummings, De Jong, Bertrand Russell, Bukowski, W C Williams, Ferlinghetti, Hanson, Brautigan, Camus, Ozick, Welch, Tibbs, Rothenberg, Wakoski, Stafford, Oppen, Birney, Neruda, Corman, Zukofsky, Levertov, Reznikoff, Snyder, Vilet, etc) 13 issues plus the paperback annual co-published with New Directions. £250.00
No.2 Spring 1959 . Poems by L Rubin, G Snyder, L Ferlinghetti, T Baybars, G Orlovitz; prose by L Spingarn, J B Hall; drawing by W Saroyan,etc. £20.00
No.3 Sept 1959 . Poems by T McGrath, F Anselm, J Schevill, J Spencer, G Hitchcock, D Lyttle; prose by A Camus, W Lowenfels,etc. £20.00
No.6 Sept 1960 . Bertrand Russell – The Risk of Disarmament; poems by F G Lorca, J Anderson, D Wakoski, J Jerome, W Stafford, E Bartlett,R M Rilke, G Oppen, F Anselm; prose by J T Leahy, etc. £20.00
No.7 Dec 1960 . Poems by P Neruda, W Saroyan, C Corman, G Trakl, L Spingarn, E Birney, G Orlovitz, E Lucie-Smith; prose by G Hitchcock, etc. £20.00
No.8 March 1961 . Poems by C Eshleman, C Bukowski, C Vallejo, L Rubin, R Pomeroy, R Vernier,B Mills, L Zukovsky; prose by J B Hall, A Seagar,etc. £20.00

VENTURE . A Writers Workshop Quarterly. NY. Ed J J FRIEDMAN .
1961. v.4/1. (P Baird-The Last Days of Hart Crane; Stories by R Cullen, R A Chamlpin, W Manus, D Shaber, I W Vanetti. Poems by C Bukowski, A Nowlan, J Fiscalini, W Corrington, M Cassin, S Bradley, etc.) Also contains “An Appeal on behalf of Kenneth Patchen. A very good issue in original wraps.£17.50

Each edition limited to 600 numbered copies. "Such good poems of all styles,
schools, moods & manners that reflect the temper & depth of the human scene".
No 16. 1964 Includes “Grip the Walls by C Bukowski; G Kenison, E E Jacobsen, C Perret, etc. £25.00
No 18. 1965 . Includes "Exeunt” A Short Anthology of Americans Abroad":-J Lovett, H Bell, with poems & two drawings by C. Perret. J Lovett, C Bukowski, J Crewe, H Struts, etc. 40pp. £25.00
No 37. 1970 . (Los Angeles-San Francisco Express by J Micheline: C Locklin, C Wyatt, L Lifshin, T Tessler, C Bukowski, R Wantling, etc. ) £25.00
No.39. 1970.
(Charles Bukowski, Bill Costley, Ron Schreiber, Pete inslow,etc.) £25.00
No 42.1971
. Features Sandy Dorbin Remember Ocelot with other contributions by L Snow, G Locklin, J Deutsch, C Bukowski, J Mechem, etc. £25.00
No 48. 1972
. Featuring C Stetker-Spirit of the 49-ers; C Bukowski, S Perchik, J P Bixler, G Costanzo, C Tidler, G J Eman, H BaLL, C Stetker, etc. together with the index for volumes 10-12. £25.00
No 104 1986 (R Baatz ‘s special Section: Second Hand; R Finch, J M Robinson, J Klein, S K Morgan, G Locklin,C Bukowski, G Boyd, J M Robinson etc.) £25.00

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