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Lord Dunsany


THE SWORD OF WELLERAN and Other Stories. 1908. "George Allen" only at base of spine. Teg. Bookplate. Author's third book. Illustrated by S H Sime. £100.00

THE BOOK OF WONDER. 1912. Heinemann. £135.00

FIVE PLAYS. 1914. Grant Richardson. Bookplate. Name on front end paper. £35.00

FIFTY-ONE TALES. 1915. Frontis shows the author standing in uniform. Small defunct worm exit holes on front. Front hinge cracked. Illustrated. £30.00
1916. 2nd Edn. Frontis shows Dunsany, in uniform, seated. £20.00

TALES OF WONDER. 1916. Elkin Mathews. Bookplate. Corners very slightly bumped. Name on front end paper. Illustrated by S H Sime. £85.00

TALES OF WAR. 1918. Talbot Press. Bookplate. £35.00
Little, Brown. USA. Original cloth gilt somewhat mottled. £35.00

UNHAPPY FAR-OFF THINGS. 1919. Elkin Mathews. Bookplate. £35.00

TALES OF THREE HEMISPHERES. (1919) USA. Neat bookplate. Loosely inserted "The Dog that Bit the Moon"-short story cut out from The Morning Post. Original buckram backed boards lettered in gilt. Precedes the English Edition. £60.00
1920. Viscount Esher baronial bookplate. "Printed in US" rubbed stamped on verso of title page. £50.00

THE CHRONICLES OF RODRIGUEZ. 1922. Putnam.1st Trade Edition. Frontis. Neat Bookplate. Front very good lightly foxed. Original cloth gilt. £40.00

THE KING OF ELFLAND'S DAUGHTER. 1924.Knickerbocker Press. USA. Spine lettering dull. Upper case gilt. Some foxing of end papers and edges. Illustrated by S H Sime. £50.00

1925. Putnam. Edition limited to 250 copies. Bkplt. £65.00

THE CHARWOMAN'S SHADOW 1926. Putnam.  Bookplate on paste down.  Very slight foxing on some of the early edges otherwise in very good condition.      £55.00

THE TRAVEL TALES OF MR JOSEPH JORKENS. 1931. The first Jorkens book-fantasy fiction. Spine very slightly faded otherwise in very good condition. £45.00

LORD ADRIAN. 1933. Golden Cockerel Press. A Play in 3 acts. Edition limited to 325 numbered copies in original quarter morocco, covers in blue-green, patterned, cloth. Top edge gilt. Illustrated by Robert Gibbings. A very attractive book, although the morocco spine is slightly sunned. £200.00

IF I WERE DICTATOR. 1934. The Pronouncements of the Grand Macaroni. Original pictoral cloth. Uncommon. Bookplate. £55.00

A JOURNEY. 1943. Macdonald. Edition limited to 250 numbered copies, initialled by the author. Original leatherette gilt cracked on the spine. Ribbon marker. £540.00
(1944) Very good in soiled & slightly damaged dw. £27.00

GUERRILLA. 1944. USA. Dunsany's introduction is not in the English edition. £30.00
1944. Very good copy in dw which is slightly frayed. £30.00

WHILE THE SIRENS SLEPT. (1944) Hutchinson. £20.00

THE SIRENS WAKE. 1945. Hutchinson. Very good in dw with closed tear. £35.00

THE DONNELLAN LECTURES. 1945. Heinemann, Dw very slightly frayed. £30.00

THE YEAR. 1946. Dw. £30.00

THE TENTS OF THE ARABS. nd. 1st separate edn in orig decorated wraps.. £35.00

LORD DUNSANY by Mark AMORY. 1972. Dw. A Biography. Biblio & Index. Presentation copy signed by the author. £35.00


                         BOOKS containing contributions by DUNSANY.

LAVIN, Mary. TALES FROM BECTIVE BRIDGE. 1943. Introduced by Lord Dunsany. Author's first book. Name on front end paper. Dw chipped at head & foot of spine. £70.00

LEDWIDGE, Francis.
1916. Dw badly torn along the spine. Introduced by Lord Dunsany. Author's 1st book. £35.00
1917. Introduced by Lord Dunsany. Name on front end paper. £25.00
1918. Dw foxed but complete. Introduced by Dunsany. £25.00
1919. Introduced by Dunsany. Name on front end paper. £35.00

WHAT I BELIEVE. Ed. James MARCHANT. nd. Introduced by R Livingstone. Twenty Essays on their fundamental beliefs by Lord Dunsany, G Santayana, A Maurois, A Noyes, Kinglsey Martin, A Maurois, G D H Cole, etc. £15.00

PRICE, Nancy.
1935. Introduced by Lord Dunsany. Uncommon Special Edition for the members of the People's National Theatre. Card covers sunned, stained and frayed but contents bright enough. £20.00
Olive green cloth with silver spine title. Dust wrapper marked and frayed. Prelims darkened. Some spotting to edges not penetrating text otherwise a bright enough copy. Introduced by Lord Dunsany. A Book of Dreams. Illustrations by Michael Rothenstein. Undated but believed to have been published in 1949. £8.00

BEST POEMS OF 1932. Ed. T MOULT. 1932. Poems by Dunsany, J Stephens, A E, J C Squire, W Soutar, A Noyes, A Porter, S Teasdale, H Monroe, L Untermeyer, W Bynner, F Prokosch, W H Davies, J G Fletcher, L Golding, etc. £10.00

THE FIRST TRAIL OF THE GIRL GUIDES. nd. (Dunsany-Galleons; W De La Mare, M Bowen, E Thomas Seton, Boyd Cable, R Kipling, etc.) £40.00

HOOPS OF STEEL. Ed. D U RATCLIFFE. 1935. Privately Printed. Ltd to 300 numbered copies signed by the Editor. Printed in blue & black. Bound in white buckram gilt slightly dust sloiled & slightly marked. (Dunsany-In a Yorkshire Valley:-together with leaflet advertising the book. W Gibson, L Abercrombie, J R Anderson, W R Childe, W Watson, L Cranmer-Byng, A Esdaile, H Ould, J Mackereth.) £45.00

THE MASTERPIECE LIBRARY OF SHORT STORIES. Ed. J A HAMMERTON. nd. Includes American, French & Italian short stories. (Lord Dunsany-3 stories; J Buchan, P MacGill, A Machen, H W Nevinson, A Noyes, E Wallace, H Barbusse, G Frankau, Sapper, etc. £10.00

NUMBER FIVE JOY STREET. nd. Blackwell. A Medley of Prose & Verse for Boys & Girls. (Lord Dunsany-The Ballad of the Blue Dog-32 line illus poem; H Belloc, W de la Mare, E Farjeon, Compton Mackenzie, A Blackwood, D M Stuart, etc.) Inscription on front end paper. Spine a lirrle worn. £25.00

THE PICK OF PUNCH. An Annual Selection.
(Little Tim Branneham-Dunsany; E Walmsley, B Boothroyd, R Usborne, V Graham, D Langdon, etc.) £15.00
(Dunsany-The Confession; C S Lewis, B Boothroyd, etc.) £15.00

THE QUEEN'S AWARDS. 1951. Series 6. Detective Stories:- Dunsany-The Most Dangerous Man in the World; C S Forester, Craig Rice, O La Farge, N Morland, etc. Dw torn strengthened & repaired. £15.00

SECRET SPRINGS OF DUBLIN SONG. 1918. Talbot Press. Edition Limited to 500 numbered copies. Front cover lightly soiled, otherwise a very good unopened copy. (Dunsany, St J Gogarty, S O'Sullivan, S Mitchell, G Reding, R V Tyrell, AE.) £40.00

SPECTATOR'S GALLERY. Ed. P FLEMING & D VERSCHOYLE. 1933. Essays, Sketches, Short Stories & Poems. Nearly all first book form contributions. (Dunsany-One August in the Red Sea (Jorkens story); W B Yeats, P Colum, C Day Lewis, Shane Leslie, A Huxley, A E Coppard, A S J Tessimond, R Macaulay, D Garnett, S Kaye-Smith, T H White(J Aston),V Sackville-West, E M Forster, E Blunden, G Greene,etc.) Covers dusty. £50.00

TOC H GIFT BOOK in Aid Of War Services Clubs. Ed. HILDA HUGHES. 1944. Introduced by Lady Tweesmuir. (Dunsany-The Judgement of Mullaghagrancy, 4pp; V Britain, A Blackwood, Clemence Dane, J B Priestley, C Asquith, De La Mare H E Bates, etc. Dw frayed at top of spine. £16.00

WAR POEMS FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES. 1945. Dw slightly frayed. Inscription on front end paper. (Dunsany, R Church, L Binyon, W W Gibson, J C Squire, E Shanks & Lord Gorell, etc.) £15.00

VALOUR AND VISION. Ed. J TROTTER. 1923. Poems of the War.1914-1918. Chiswick Press. New & enlarged edition with some 37 new poems & 17 new Authors. Many first book form appearances. (F W Bourdillon, N Munro, P MacGill, C Garstin, R Nichols, Lord Dunsany, P H B Lyon, F Sidgwick whose name plate is on front end paper, etc.) Covers badly damp stained. Contents very good. £8.00
                              Magazines containing Dunsany contributions
                                  (in original wraps unless otherwise described.)

1931 Sept.
(2 poems by Dunsany; A Maurois, A Repplier, etc.) £10.00
1958 April
(Dunsany-Four Poets-Kipling, AE, Yeats & Stephens; H D-poem; E Gombrich on Abstract Art; Wright Morris-story) £15.00

THE AUTHOR. 1943 Spring. (Letter from Lord Dunsany - British Authors, Agents & American Income Tax; L A G Strong – The State as Publisher; Playwriting for Radio – Val Gielgud; etc.) £10.00

COLOPHON. Ed. P TATHAM. 1950-1951. 10 issues bound in one with original wraps bound in lacking only one issue for all published. (Dunsany-reviews of An Odyssey of Our Time; G Trease, B Nichols, M Steen, V Graham, R Croft-Cooke, L Golding, J Pudney, S O'Faolain, F Urquart, A Blackwood, J Hanley, D Val Baker, N Lewis, etc.) £50.00
1950 Nov/Dec. (Dunsany-Traveller To Thundercliff-11pp.-review of An Odyssey) £20.00

CORONET. USA. 1939 June. (Dunsany-INVENTION OF THE AGE-2pp article.) £10.00

THE COUNTRYMAN. 1944. Summer. (Dunsany-July; R Pitter-poem, etc.)£10.00
1950 Autumn.
(Correcting Nature by Lord Dunsany, etc.) £10.00

ESSAYS AND STUDIES. 1928. Vol X111 (O S). Dw. (Dunsany-English Language Conditions-7pp; H Waddell, etc.) Lacks front end paper otherwise very good. Bound volume. £12.00

FACT& FICTION. 1935. (Dunsany story-How The Tinker came to Skavangur...) Original pictorial hard wraps dusty othewise very good. £10.00

Sept. 1925. v.1/6.
(Dunsany-A Moral Little Tale-1pp; Lady Gregory-Spreading the News; G K Chesterton, etc.) £15.00
1955 Feb. v.2/9.
(Lord Dunsany by Oliver St John Gogarty, 4pp reminiscences; G Barker-poem; A MacLeish -The Poet as Playwright-4pp; W Mankowitz-5pp story..) £15.00
Sept. 1927. v.1/2. GB.
Ed by H W Lanier & H Walpole. (Lord Dunsany-The Queen's Enemies; H Walpole, P Bottome, O Wister, J Stephens, etc.) Staples rusty. £15.00

(Dunsany-The Jorkens Family Entertains; Bernard Shaw at Eighty by J S Collis; E Shanks on Louis Riel; H Baerlin, etc.) £15.00
(Dunsany-A Matter of Business-2pp; R Church, G Bullett, J Brophy, etc.) £15.00
(Trevor Allen on Lord Dunsany; S Dark-Materialism & Christianity; K Hopkins-poem; R Church-The Faith of the Poets To-day; P Hansford Johnson, E O Lorimer,etc.) £12.00

(Tributes to King George V including a poem by Lord Dunsany. S Spender-The Poetic Drama Today. C Isherwood on J Galsworthy. R Macauley-In Deep & Shallow Waters. A L Rowse on Seamanship. Letter from D MacCarthy. E Muir, etc.) Original wraps browned, & some staples rusty but otherwise very good.

THE MORNING POST. 15/9/35. The Dog that Bit the Moon. Cutting taken from the newspaper of a short story by Dunsnay. £5.00

1930. Dec
.( Short story by Lord Dunsany-The Mermaid's Husband. H Walpole, Sinclair Lewis, Booth Tarkington, S Fowler Wright, L Oliver, G Bradley & D Whipple. H Wolfe-poem illustrated in colour by W Hodges; Famous Myths-a supplement in 3 colours by E Dulac; H Nicholoson-On Being Efficient; Duff Cooper, R L Stevenson-The Celestial Surgeon illusminated by Broadfeet Carter, etc.) Spine frayed. £25.00
1931 April
. (Short stories by Lord Dunsany (The Electric King illustrated by A Rackham),R Hichens, Booth Tarkington, G Preedy, E Percy, V Herron, A Loos & H Dearden. Other contributions by Phillip & Anthony Gibbs, A Duff Cooper(Those Despicable Foreigners), J B Priestley-Are Authors Human Beings - illustrated by Heath Robinson, with serials by Sinclair Lewis(Let's Play King) & M Arlen(Men Dislike Women.) etc..) Staples rusty. £25.00

OPEN WINDOW. Sept. 1922. No. 20. Dunsany, (The Mouse's Point of View), V Locke Ellis, H Child, B Home, K Henderson. £20.00

PEARSON'S MAGAZINE. 1938. Jan-June. Vol 85. Original publisher's decorated cloth a little rubbed. (Dunsany-We called him Thomas, 10pp, illustrated; P G Wodehouse (several), P C Wren, T J R Sennocke (detective), etc.) £70.00

POETRY REVIEW. 1941 v32/6. (R Greacen on the decline of Irish poetry. Manifesto of the Poetry Society signed by Dunsany, J Galsworthy, M Hewlett,etc. Poems-G R Hamilton, J Hewitt, etc.) £12.00
1950 v41/4.
(The Food of Imagination-article by Dunsany; G S Fraser on S Keyes' poetry. Poems by D G Bridson, H Corby, F Cornford, G Rostrevor Hamilton, W Jarman, J Kirkup, S Snaith,etc. Essays by W K Seymour , P Lindsay,etc.) £12.00
1951 v42/3.
(Poems by De la Mare, Dunsany, W Gibson, F Cornford, R Church, R Pitter, E Farjeon, R Church, E Phillpotts, V Watkins, P Dickinson, E de Mauny; S Snaith, A Rook, J Kirkup, etc.C Sanson on W De la Mare, J Waller on W K Seymour,etc.) £12.00
1952 v43/2.
(A Buist on W Drummond. Poems by E Phillpotts, W Thorley, Dunsany,
A E Coppard, W Gibson, H Palmer, F Cornford, G R Hamilton, T Moult, R Church,
R Pitter, L A G Strong, J Pudney, J Bayliss; Articles by O Blakeston, W K Seymour…) £12.00
1952 v43/4.
(Articles by Dunsany, P Selver, Poems by De la Mare, M Carpenter, C Higham, J Bayliss, E H W Meyerstein, C Randall, T Hooley, C Higham, T Heywood, etc.) £15.00
1953 v44/3.
(Dylan Thomas-Yes & No-J Graddon & G Johnson; J R Anderson,
W Jarman; Tribute to De La Mare on his 80th Birthday, Dunsany,R Campbell,etc.) £10.00
1956 v.47/4 .
(Poems by J Graddon, S Stokes, E Lucie-Smith, E B W Chappelow,
M Stanley-Wrench, T Heywood, C Cameron, P Selver, Dunsany-poem read at
the burial of W De La Mare. Reprint of a letter from De La Mare. Reviews by H Palmer, F Pratt Green, G Johnson,R Armstrong, T Moult , etc. F Meynell-Memories of my Mother. etc.) £15.00
1958 v49/1 .
(Dunsany on Lady Wentworth's Poetry-an oversight; Dunsany's death
reported. Poems:-J Smith, K Hare, J R Anderson, D U Ratcliffe, Dunsany…) £12.00
1958 v49/2.
(Dunsany-His Last Article; Recollection of Lord Dunsany by Nancy Price; Poems by R Church, G Johnson, B Guinness, W K Seymour, P Hesketh, V Scannell C Sansom, K Hare; artice on The English Sonnet by H Palmer, etc.) £12.00
1960 v51/4.
(Poems by G R Hamilton, J R Anderson, R N Currey, P Hesketh, V Scannell,etc, J Lindsay on Pasternak. D Hall interviews Eliot. Dunsany advises a Young Poet) £12.00

PUNCH. Jan-June 1941. (Dunsany-2 stories- Soup; To the Manager of the Hotel Imperial; E Bramah, W De La Mare;etc.) Publisher's original decorated cloth. £30.00

TO- DAY.  1917 Aug . (Dunsany-The Gift of the Gods -2pp article. Poems by T Burke, W De La Mare, J Drinkwater, J A Mackereth. J Freeman on J C Squire-with his portrait. S P B Mais...) Index to vol.16.  £25.00

TRANSLATION (LONDON) 1st & 2nd Series. Ed. N BRAYBROOKE & E KING. 1945 -1947. Original wraps & dw as issued. "Aim to publish as much material of contemporary origin as possible-especially that written during the years of Occupation in Europe." Translators include V Watkins, E Blunden, J Heath-Stubbs, R C Trevelyan, H Manning, N Cameron, R Campbell, Dunsany, J Kirkup, De S Pinto, etc. £40.00

WINDSOR MAGAZINE. V. 89. Dec 1938-May 1939.
Contains "A Doubtful Story" by Dunsany with colour illustrations by C Bendall & Jorkens looks forward illustrated by A C Michael.
Colour illustrations. A very good copy in publisher's original green cloth. £75.00


All in very good condition unless otherwise described.



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