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All first english editions in very good condition unless otherwise described.
Postage extra at cost.

By Drs A Costler, A Willy etc. 2nd impression. Preface by Norman HAIRE. £16.00

THE PRACTICE OF SEX. Aldor. (1936) Soft-porn pseudo-scientific sexology published by Koestler under the pseudonym of A Coester (Costler) with A Willy & R Fischer (Fisher).
Large paper copy published without an integral rear wallet. £55.00

Edition limited to 1200 numbered copies.
A Summary of the Works of the Late Dr Magnus HIRSCHFELD, (pseudonymn)
President of the World League for Sexual Reform, Director of the Institute for Sexual Research, Berlin , etc.
Compiled as a Humble Memorial by his Pupils. 
Covers unevenly slightly faded and some slight water staining of spine and covers but altogether good copy of this rare pseudonymnous work. £45.00

SPANISH TESTAMENT. 1937. Gollancz. Left Book Club. Precedes Trade Edition. Original wraps. £25.00

SCUM OF THE EARTH. J Cape. 1941. Dw torn & defective at head & foot of spine.
Times Book Club rubber stamp on rear paste down. Uncommon. £35.00
SCUM OF THE EARTH. Gollancz. 1941. Left Book Club Edition. Translated by Daphne Hardy. £20.00

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE. J Cape. 1943. Dw slightly chipped. £20.00

TWILIGHT BAR. J Cape . 1945. Dw slightly chipped. £12.00

THE YOGI AND THE COMMISSAR. J Cape . 1945. Dw faded & chipped.
Name on front end paper. £20.00

THIEVES IN THE NIGHT. Macmillan. 1946. Spine slightly faded. £10.00

THE GLADIATORS. Macmillan.1949.
Translated by E Simon. Small name label on front paste down. £25.00

PROMISE AND FULFILMENT. Macmillan.1949. Dw. Palestine 1917-1949. £16.00

THE AGE OF LONGING. Collins.1951. Dw frayed & torn but practically complete. £16.00

ARROW IN THE BLUE . Collins. 1952. Dw chipped.
The first volumes of an Autobiography 1905-31. £16.00

THE INVISIBLE WRITING. Hutchinson . 1954. Dw.
The second volume of an Autobiography 1931-53. £20.00

Flap of dw repaired. Neat name on paste down. £16.00

REFLECTIONS ON HANGING. Gollancz. 1956. 8pp pamphlet, "Thou Shalt Not Kill", issued by The National Campaign for the Abolition of Capital Punishment, laid in. Small stain on inner hinge caused by pamphlet staple, with inserted leaf, "Notes on Pages 139-140". £35.00

THE LOTUS AND THE ROBOT. Hutchinson . 1960. Dw. Name on front end paper. £16.00

THE ACT OF CREATION. Hutchinson.1964. Dw. Near fine. £30.00

THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE. Hutchinson. 1967.
Uncorrected Proof copy in original drab wraps. £20.00

DRINKERS OF INFINITY. Hutchinson. 1968. Dw. Essays 1955-1967. £15.00

THE CASE OF THE MIDWIFE TOAD. Hutchinson . 1971. Dw. £15.00

THE CALL-GIRLS. Hutchinson . 1972. Dw. £12.00

THE ROOTS OF COINCIDENCE. Hutchinson . 1972. Dw chipped.
Postcript by Renee Haynes. £20.00

THE HEEL OF ACHILLES. Hutchinson. 1974. Dw. Essays 1968-1973. £8.00

JANUS. 1978. Random House. USA . Dw. A Summing Up. 1st American edition. £8.00

KOESTLER, A & C. STRANGER ON THE SQUARE. Hutchinson . 1984. Dw.
Edited with an introduction & epilogue by H Harris. The third unfinished volume of the autobiography written jointly with his wife. Review by W Wyatt laid. £10.00

Arthur Koestler at 70. 1975. Hutchinson. Dw.
(I Hamilton, C Koestler, T R Fyvel, G Rees, K Nott, R Haynes, J Beloff.) Name on front end paper. £10.00

SUICIDE OF A NATION? An Enquiry into the State of Britain Today edited & introduced (8pp) by Arthur KOESTLER. 1963. Hutchinson.Dw. Small adhesive name stamp on paste-down. (Cyril Connolly, Austen Albu, Malcolm Muggeridge, Michael Shanks, John Vaizey, Elizabeth Young, Goronwy Rees.) £8.00

ATKINS, John. ARTHUR KOESTLER. 1956. N Spearman. A very good copy. £8.00

CALDER, Jenni. CHRONICLES OF CONSCIENCE. 1968. Secker & Warburg.
A Study of Orwell & Koestler. Proof copy in original drab wraps. £12.00

HAMILTON, Iain. KOESTLER. 1982. Secker & Warburg. Dw. A Biography. £12.00

MIKES, George. ARTHUR KOESTLER. A Deutsch. 1983. Dw. The Story of a Friendship.£8.00

SHYMANSKY, Les. ESACAPE TO THE TROPICS. B Swidererski. 1964. Dw. Short stories by this Polish writer now living in Australia . A Koestler(dedicatee) wrote that his stories were excellent.£8.00

STRACHEY, John. THE STRANGLED CRY and other Unparliamentary Papers.. Bodley Head. 1962. Unbound advance copy in original wraps stamped with the publication date.
Deals with Orwell, Koestler, Pasternak, the Webbs, Trotsky, Laski, etc.£7.00

SWINGLER, Randall. THE YEARS OF ANGER. (1946) Meridian Books.
Original wraps. Review copy with review slip laid in containing Arthur Koestler's notes on rear.
Original pictorial fold-over wraps. Illustrated by James Boswell.£20.00

WOODCOCK, George. THE WRITER AND POLITICS. 1948. The Porcupine Press.
Chapters on G Orwell, G Greene, Silone, Koestler, Kafka & R Warner, etc.
Dw a little stained otherwise a very good copy of a difficult title.£16.00

MARTIN, Kingsley. NEW STATESMAN PROFILES. 1957. Longmans. Dw.
Drawings by Vicky with a note on the Profiles by Kingsley Martin.
(E Sitwell, S Spender, C Connolly, A Koestler, B Russell, W H Auden, B Brecht, J P Sartre, etc.)£6.00

WRITERS OF TODAY . Ed. Denys VAL BAKER. 1946. Sidgwick & Jackson.
Dw foxed. A Koestler by N Nicholson, with other chapters on T S Eliot, A Huxley,
G Greene, A Gide, J Joyce, E Sitwell, J B Priestly, F G Lorca, E M Forster,
J Steinbeck, D L Sayers, J B Coates, H Reed, A Barea, D S Savage, J Lindsay,
W Allen, D Stanford, etc. .Edges & end papers lightly foxed. £15.00

No 8. 1954 May
(Koestler - Attila, The Poet; etc.) £7.00
No 20. 1955 May (A Koestler - The Trail of the Dinosaur; etc.) £7.00
No 63, 1958 Dec. (A Koestler - The Sleepwalker - 13pp pre book publication; etc.) £7.00
No 64, 1959 Jan
. (Koestler - The Sleepwalker 11; etc.) £10.00
No 65, 1959 Feb
. (Koestler - The Sleepwalker 111; etc.)£7.00

FONTAINE. 1943. No.30. A Koestler - Le Transporte Mixte; etc. Index for No.26-30.
J Lehmann's initials on front wrap.£10.00

June 1942. No.30.
(A Koestler-The Yogi & The Commissar. etc.) £10.00
April 1943, No 40. (A Koestler-The Birth of a Myth. ) Bottom of spine frayed. Covers sunned. £6.00
Oct 1943. No.46. (A Koestler-Mixed Transport. etc.) £8.00
March 1944. No.51. (A Koestler-The Intelligentsia. etc.) Bottom of spine a little frayed. £8.00

LILLIPUT. 1942. Jan. The Foulest Christmas I ever had by A Koestler, B Lehmann, Rex Harrison. Original wraps a ltitle used. £10.00

LISTENER. 1/7/71. A Grey discusses his experience of solitary confinement & compares notes with Koestler-1.5pp. £6.00

TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE. 5/9/75. (A Koestler-A Great Writer at Seventy-8pp interview with G Feiffer. etc.)

VOICES. Ed. D VAL BAKER. 1944. Third Series. W Sansom-The Doves & the Poor People*3pp; ; E Litvinoff, N Moore, A Koestler-Novelist of the Apocalypse. N Nicholson, D Stanford, M Porter, A Reid, etc. A very good copy in original wraps. £15.00

Postage at cost.

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