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Original wraps in very good condition unless otherwise described.


1930 Oct
. (Reminiscences of D H Lawrence by J M Murry, M Whitaker;
Review by E A Blair (Orwell) etc.) £15.00
1934 Nov . (Poems by H Mallalieu, F V Branford, T O Robinson; stories by R Rao, Review by E Blair; J Middleton Murry, R Rees, etc.) £15.00
1935 Nov . (G Orwell-St Andrew's Day, 1935, a poem. R Heppenstall, Y Noguchi, etc. Reviews by H Palmer, Glyn Jones, etc.) £25.00
1936 Nov . (Poem by F Engleheart; Stories by O MacKenzie & M Sayers;
Review by G Orwell; J M Murry, etc.) £15.00
1940 Feb
. (Poems by W Soutar , R Reynolds, Stories by G Pendle, O Mackenzie,
E Myers. R H Ward on Llewelyn Powys; G Orwell reviews Ruth Pitter's Poetry, etc.
Part 1 of The Spanish War Supplement.) £15.00

BOOKMAN . Published by The Book Society Ltd. Jan-Dec 1950 .
10 issues bound in one with original wraps. Reviews by Compton Mackenzie,
D George, V S Pritchett, C V Wedgwood, E Blunden, S Lynd, etc.
Reviews on novels by L P Hartley, F L Green, H Acton, E J Howard, N Shute,
J Hanley, E Hemingway, G Barker, E Waugh, H E Bates, J Hersey, L O'flaherty, etc. Other reviews on W S Churchill, Kon -tiki Expedition, Lewis Carroll, Florence Nightingale, G Orwell, W de la Mare, V Sackville-west, etc. Illustrated. £8.00

CRITICAL QUARTERLY 1965 Spring. v.7/1 .
(Poems by E Lucie -Smith, M Hamburger, C Hampton, J Wain.
A R Jones on The Poetry of R Lowell, S Plath & A Sexton. J P Stern on Kafka.
J Holloway on Y Winters. R Hoggart on Orwell. R Conquest on Lucky Jim, etc.) £5.00

ENVOY . Ed. J RYAN . A Review of Literature and Art. Dublin .
1950 July. V.3/8
. (Editorial on A Ussher; A J Leventhal experiences in 1918;
Poetry in Ireland by P Gerard; Modern German Painting by W Haftman;
A Cronin-3 poems; P Kavanagh-Diary; Stories by E Sheehy, Keeri-Santo, D Ireland-Reflections on the death of a novelist-Orwell; etc.) £15.00

No 18 1955 March
(S Spender-Inside the Cage; D Sylvester-Orwell on The Screen; F Cornford-poem; C Sykes, J Stern, K Raine, etc.) £5.00
No 97 1961 Oct
(A Camus-Writer's Notebook; J Wain on Orwell; W Sansom-Letter from Bath; P Toynbee on Hemingway; D T Suzuki on Koestler's Zen; W S Merwin-poem.) £5.00
No 100 1962 Jan (G Orwell-Some Letters; T S Eliot on H Weaver; Corso-a play;
E M Forster-Indian Entries; Poems by E Sitwell, Auden, Roethke, T Gunn,
C Kallman, H Read, R S Thomas, W Soyinka & Spender; Illus:-E Paolozzi,
S Nolan, A Masson, Ghika….) £15.00
No 183 1968 Dec
(J Wain on Orwell; Koestler-Episode; I Silone, Poems by H Sakutaro, J Holloway etc. B Cendras-Moravagine; C Sykes-Heroes & Suspects..) £5.00
No 249 1974
June (Alternative Poetry by J Wain; R Rosso-story; Freud/Jung Letters; Poems by A Waterman, Grigson, P Scupham, etc.
A Dallin-All "Orwellian Pigs"? C James on P Larkin...) £5.00
No 380. Dec 1985
. (Story by N Levine. Poems by J Holloway, A Waterman, L Lerner. T R Fyvel on Orwell & Tribune. R Hayman on Satre. D Holbrook, etc.) £5.00

FOCUS. 2. 1946.
(The Realist in the Thirties with contributions by D S Savage, G Orwell, G Woodcock, W Allen & A Barea. Poems by K Raine, J Symons, N Moore, T Merton, K Patchen, W Mankowitz , etc. Other contributions by D J Enright, J Taylor, etc.£20.00

GEMINI . The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine. v.3/2. Spring 1960.
(A Wesker-The Modern Playwright, B Way on George Orwell,
Stories by J Farrell, B Bergonzi. Poems by J Haag, P Dale, I McLachlan(2),
I Orton(3), G Ruthven on Charles Tomlinson.) £10.00

HARPERS MAGAZINE. Jan 1969 . (N Mitford on The Dreams of Nancy Mitford; Review of Orwell's Essays & Letters by Irving Howe-5pp) £5.00

LISTENER. 26/11/42 (G Orwell-Imaginary Interview with Jonathan Swift. Etc.)
This issue has 5 punched holes where they have been strung together. The text is not affected & the issue is are clean & well preserved . £15.00
2/11/5.(E M Forster on Orwell; M Beerbohm on George Moore; C Mackenzie on The Seychelles; poems by V Watkins,E Muir; M Armstrong,etc.) £10.00
4/2/54. (J Cocteau-The Cat that Walks by Itself. A Quinton-George Orwell & a sense of smell; Poems:- S Snaith , R Fuller, K Gee, etc.) £6.00
4/3/54. (C Hollis on George Orwell & his School Days. G Murray-I Remember(2).) £5.00
. (K Nott on Orwell's “Nineteen Eighty Four”. Poems by W Hayward &
M Stanley-Wrench. Book reviews by R Fuller, E Lucie-Smith, A Thwaite, etc.
A Burgess on TV Documentary, etc.) £5.00
12/12/68 . (G Grigson – The Milk of Paradise . Conor Cruise O'Brien on Orwell.
Jean Monnet-Portrait of a European. Poems by Donald Davie & J Joseph, etc.) £3.00 26/12/68 . (My early life by Enoch Powell with an interview with him.
D Caute describes Caliban's journey. Derwent May. R Cutforth.
N Walter-Letter on Orwell.) £5.00
(With Orwell in Burma - R Beadon talks to P Howe;
G H Bantock-the Black Paper. J Carey, etc.) £5.00

1954 April.
(W H Auden-72 line Poem; P Bowles, W Plomer, P H Newby, R Fuller, C H B Kitchen, J C Hall, L Brander on G Orwell..) £11.00
1954 Aug. (G Greene-The General & The Spy-story. Other stories by L Lee, P Oakes, etc. Dylan Thomas-Artists of Wales . Poems by C Day Lewis, E J Scovell, A Ross, J Clemo, P Garland , etc. C Hollis on Orwell. M Nordlinger-Riefstahl on Proust. T Gunn, Reviews by L MacNeice, L P Hartley, G Barker, W Plomer , etc.) £15.00.
1957 March (W Sansom-Eventide-4pp; In Memorian G Orwell by P Potts;
Letters from J Wain & J Lindsay; H Read, J M Murry, R Graves , R Macaulay, J Minton, R Fuller, C Sykes, T Tiller, etc.) £8.00
1960 June.
(G Orwell on G Gissing; Poems by S Plath(2), C Causley; L P Hartley-story; R Warner on R Graves's Iliad; Reviews by M Bradbury, J Holloway..) £12.00
1963 Sept. (Poems-B Spencer, L Lerner; I Hamilton on Poetry; J Symons on Orwell; Story by A Sillitoe;etc.) £5.00

(T Eagleton for and against Orwell; F Kermode on Privacy;
S Wilsey-Life on a Skateboard; poems by M Sweeney(2)& J Burnside; etc.) £5.00

MILLION. Ed. John SINGER. No.2 . (Articles by H Nicholson, H MacDiarmid, E Capon, A Surkov on Mayakovsky; J E Miller on G Orwell; etc. P oems by S Chaplin, J Lindsay, H Arundel, J B Pick, S Gottlieb, L Daiken, N Moore, G A Wgner, W Montgomerie, J Singer, O Marron, S D Tremayne, J Atkins, etc.) £25.00

NOW. Ed George WOODCOCK. Freedom Press
2nd series. 1943-1947. No 6.

(G Orwell-How the Poor Die. G Woodcock on G Greene. C Berneri on Nietzsche.
P Goodman, etc. Poems by G Barker, Wrey Gardiner, P Wells, K Rexroth,
W Everson , etc. Reviews by J Symons & R Fuller. Paintings by J Adler. )
Covers dusty. £25.00

PARTISAN REVIEW . A Review of Literature & Contemporary Events.
Ed. W PHILLIPS & P RAHV. v.11/4. Fall 1944.
(Stories by R Penn Warren & J Stafford . G Orwell-London Letter.
H Arendt on Kafka. Poems by E Bishop, R Jarrell. Etc.) £12.00
v.16/1. Jan 1949
. (G Orwell-Reflections on Gandhi; S Spender, Mary McCarthy,
Isaac Babel, S Spender. etc. L Fiedler=story, etc.) £25.00
v.17/5. May-June 1950.
(Story by A Moravia . I Rosenfeld on G Orwell.
D Trilling on The Hiss Case. ) £6.00
v.23/1. Winter 1956.
(J F Powers-story. M McCarthy-The Will & Testament of Ibsen. I Howe on Orwell. S Fraiberg on Kafka. Poems by D Abse, W Watson, R Wilbur, L A Fiedler, etc.) £6.00

No.1 1940
. (G Orwell-Shooting an Elephant; C Isherwood-A Berlin Diary; A Chamson, W Plomer , V S Pritchett-A Sense of Humour; R Fox, ...) £8.00  

. 1942. Issue dedicated to T S Eliot with essays on him by G Orwell & K Raine. (H Treece, G Barker, A Comfort, Litvinoff, Nicholson, K Rhys, A Rook, F Scarfe, J Heath-Stubbs, J Symons, K Douglas , L Durrell, G Ewart, W S Graham...) £20.00  

Winter 1945 . (Poems by H Treece, W S Graham, D Wright, N Moore , P Ledward. Translation from Pasternak & Cocteau. Reviews by Orwell on H Read,
A Comfort, P Potts, F Marnau, etc.) £15.00

POLEMIC. Ed H SLATER. Original wraps a little frayed.
No.2. 1946. (G Orwell-The Prevention of Literature; Ben Nicholson-Paintings 1938 1945 with a note on this artist by H Slater; B Russell, etc.) £25.00
. 1946. (Second Thoughts on James Burnham by G Orwell: G Grigson, P Toynbee, C H Waddington, Bottecelli....) £25.00

SCRUTINY 1940 Sept . v.9/2 . (Leavis reviews Orwell & Muir; W H Mellers on Yeats; L C Knights, etc.) £5.00

. (A Writer Wronged. Tim Carroll investigates what happened to George Orwell's “millions.”-4pp illus.) £5.00

1954. Jan. No.923
. (J Wain-The Last of G Orwell;
Enoch Powell-A Policy for Britain .) £5.00
1955. Apr. No.938. (C S Lewis-Lilies that Fester; About George Orwell by I Willison & R Heppenstall; J Beavan-The Bomb.) £8.00
1955. May. No.939 . (D Davie on Cambridge Frivolity. E M Forster on Correspondance. J Wain on D H Lawrence . R Heppenstall-Orwell Intermittent, E Knight on Valery & Alain. etc.) £8.00
1956 Sept. No.955 . (Scottish Voices- G S Fraser, E Morgan, J Holloway, Burns Singer, W A S Keir, etc.;T R Fyvel – A Case for George Orwell; D Davie ,etc.) £8.00
1960. Aug. No.1002 . (G Orwell's First Wife by E Fen; Death of my Father by J Rosselli; The Game of Truth by C MacInnes; What Mr Williams has made of D H Lawrence by K M Sagar; Eng.Lit. in Britain by C B Cox.) £5.00
1961 Mar. No.1009 . (My Brother, George Orwell – 8pp article by Avril Dunn;
R Heppestall, C Mackworth, P Toynbee,etc.) £6.00

. 1945 . (G Orwell, T H White, J Cary, B Chamberlain, T Wolfe, R Todd, J Hanley, O Manning, E Milne, F O'Connor, D Wright, Stevie Smith, C P Snow, O Stapledon, L Whistler. etc.) £25.00

1950 June
. (G Orwell - Unpublished Notebooks -24pp.
Almost the whole issue is devoted to Orwell with a personal memoir of him by T R Fyvel& contributions from H Read, B Russell, A Huxley, T Hopkinson, S Spender, etc.) £25.00

THE YEAR'S WORK IN LITERATURE. Ed J LEHMANN . v.1 & 2 . 1949 & 1950. (G S Fraser & K Raine on Poetry; N Annan on B Russell; S Spender on
The Cocktail Party; W Allen on G Orwell; A Pryce-Jones on Periodicals; 
L P Hartley, C V Wedgwood…) Original wraps. All published. Illustrated. £20.00
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