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A collection of books, articles, contributions and ephemera.
All very good first editions unless otherwise describe


HURRY ON DOWN. 1953. Secker & Warburg. Dw slightly rubbed & dusty. Rust mark on hinge of rear end paper. Roger Senhouse's copy with his pencilled signature
on the front end paper. Author's first novel. Uncommon. £30.00  

LIVING IN THE PRESENT. 1955. Secker & Warburg. Dw a little torn.
Author's second novel. £25.00 

A WORD CARVED ON A SILL. 1956. Routledge & Kegan Paul.
Author's first substantial verse collection preceeded only by a University published pamphlet. Dw reinforced but complete without chips or tears. Signed by the author on the front end paper. £35.00
A WORD CARVED ON A SILL. 1956. Routledge & Kegan Paul. Dw.
ACS rearranging a meeting loosely inserted. £30.00 

PRELIMINARY ESSAYS. 1957. Macmillan. Dw. Inscribed Presentation copy from the author. Essays on Pound, Empson, Dylan Thomas, Wordsworth, Ovid, Bennett, The Literary Critic at University etc. £40.00
1957. Macmillan. Dw. £20.00

THE CONTENDERS. 1958. Macmillan. Dw. Very good copy of author's third novel. £15.00 

A TRAVELLING WOMAN. Macmillan. 1959. Spine sunned. £6.00 

NUNCLE AND OTHER STORIES. 1960. Dw has one closed tear on upper edge otherwise very good copy of his first collection of short stories . £15.00 

WEEP BEFORE GOD . 1961. Macmillan. Dw. Name on front end paper. £12.00 

SPRIGHTLY RUNNING. 1962. Macmillan. Original wraps. Part of an Autobiography. Uncorrected Proof copy. £15.00
SPRIGHTLY RUNNING. 1962. Macmillan. Dw. Part of an Autobiography. £18.00

STRIKE THE FATHER DEAD. 1962. Macmillan. Dw by Reinganum. £16.00

ESSAYS ON LITERATURE AND IDEAS. 1963. Macmillan. Proof copy in original wraps.
Essays on Eliot, E Wilson , Connolly, Betjeman, Orwell etc. £12.00
Essays on Eliot, E Wilson , Connolly, Betjeman, Orwell etc.£12.00 

THE LIVING WORLD OF SHAKESPEARE. 1964. Macmillan. A Playgoer's guide.
Dw chipped. Name on front end paper. £12.00 

WILDTRACK . 1965. Macmillan. Uncorrected Proof copy in original wraps. £8.00
1965. Macmillan. Dw. £8.00 

THE SMALLER SKY. 1967. Dw. £12.00

ARNOLD BENNETT. 1967. USA . Original wraps. Name on upper wrap.
Columbia Essays on Modern Writers. £4.50 

LETTERS TO FIVE ARTISTS. 1969. Macmillan. Original stiff wraps. 1st thus. £5.00 

A WINTER IN THE HILLS. 1970. Macmillan. Uncorrected proof copy in original drab wraps which are lightly soiled and partially creased. £10.00 

THE LIFE GUARD. 1971. Dw. Initials & date on front end paper. £12.00

THE SHAPE OF FENG . 1972. Covent Garden Poetry. Edition limited to 600 copies.
Original wraps. Glassine dw. A sequence of poems set in the early Middle Ages.
Illustrated by John Kerr. £8.00  

A HOUSE FOR THE TRUTH. 1972. Macmillan. Dw. Critical Essays.
(Orwell, Flann O'Brien, Dr Johnson's Poetry, Dr Zhivago, Radio Till Now, etc.) £10.00 

SAMUEL JOHNSON. 1974. Macmillan. Proof copy in original wraps.
Cutting on Dr Johnson from Times, 9/11/74 laid in-prepublication. £12.00
SAMUEL JOHNSON. 1974. Viking Press NY . Dw slightly frayed. A Biography. £8.00 

FENG. 1975. Macmillan. Uncorrected Proof copy in original wraps. This final version of the poem sequence contains 17 poems as opposed to an earler version of 7 poems published in 1972. £8.00
1975. Macmillan. Dw. The final version. £8.00 

PROFESSING POETRY. 1977. Macmillan. Uncorrected Proof copy in original wraps. Lectures delivered at Oxford by Wain where he was Professor of Poetry. Includes lectures on Auden, Emily Dickinson, alternative poetry etc. £10.00
1977. Macmillan. Dw. £8.00

THE PARDONER'S TALE. 1978. Dw. £8.00 

THE SEAFARER. 1980. Greville Press. Edition limited to 250 numbered copies,
numbered, signed & translated from the Anglo-Saxon by John Wain.
Illustrated by Brenda Stones. £45.00 

YOUNG SHOULDERS. 1982. Macmillan.
Long, friendly presentation inscription by the author on title page. £25.00

Celandine Press. Edition limited to 175 numbered copies, this one of 85 quarter-bound signed by both author & illustrator- Arthur Keene. The long poem dedicated "Thinking of John Betjeman" makes many references to the poet - as well as other literary figures - and ends "This poem is for JB."
A fine production with publicity pamphlet laid in. £50.00  

DEAR SHADOWS. 1986. John Murray. Dw. Portraits from Memory:- N Coghill , Marshall McLuchan, Richard Burton. Near fine. £8.00


in original wraps unless otherwise described.

(The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens by J Wain; Poems & Essays by Hugo Manning, A Chamson, D Tonks, etc.).£8.00

AQUARIUS . No. 12. 1980 . (A Cronin, P Durcan, R Greacen, S Heaney, B Kenn elly, M Longley, T McCarthy, R McFadden, D Mahon, P Muldoon, F Ormsby, G Barker, L Clark, W Cope, J Heath-Stubbs, D Holbrook, J Reed, C Rumens, A Steven son, J Wain , etc.) £8.00 

1961 Jan. J Wain £10.00
1963 Sept
. J Wain-A Visit at Tea-Time £10.00
1963 Dec
. J Wain £10.00
1964 July
. J Wain £10.00
1966 Dec
. GOODNIGHT OLD DAISY- 12pp story by John Wain. £10.00

ARGO. Ed. Hilary DAVIS . v.1/2. 1979 . (Poems by D Constantine, K Gershon, P Robinson, J Wain, E Sandeen, M Bayley, etc; M Toolan on P Fitzgerald. A Fairweather on Moortown-T Hughes, etc.) Illustrated. £800.

1955 Dec. (A Christie by L Harris; R Greacen at the Cheltenham Festival; J Wain on Critics;
E Blyton -Old Books and New.) £8.00
1962 April . (The Art of Fiction by W S Maugham 6pp; Articles on D Du Maurier & J Hanley;
I Norrie reviews A Huxley; R Bury on R Chandler; E Waugh-portrait;
Discussion-J Wain.) £10.00
1962 Oct . (Guilty Author by A Burgess; W S Maugham on Flaubert; R Holles on J Braine;
N Monsarrat-article; J Wain on The Critics; F Brett-Young by T Allen; etc.) £7.00 

Containing the best poems of 1967. (W S Merum, H Moss, K Shapiro, W Stafford ,
A Stontenburg, M Swenson, D Wagner, T Blackler, A Hecht, M Van Duyn, A Reid,
R Wilbur, J Finnigan, S Cross, T Hughes, N MacCaig, J Merrill, J Wain, etc.) £12.00

1962 Spring. v.4/1. (J Wain on Contemporary English Literature. M Bradbury on
I Murdoch. E Lucie-Smith on Cruelty in Modern Verse. P Larkin on Mrs Hardy's
Memories. Poems by C Levenson, G MacBeth , P Redgrove, etc.) £6.00
1963 Spring . v.5/1. (Bergonzi on E Waugh; T Hughes on Keith Douglas;
J Cady & I Watt on Jane Austen. Poems by J Wain, S Plath & J Stallworthy.) £7.00
1964 Winter. v.6/4. (Poems by R Wilbur, T Hughes, J Stallworthy, D Davie , L Lerner,
C Levenson. etc. W Empson on The Ancient Mariner. J Wain on T Roethke.
R Williams on T Hardy. E Lucie -Smith, M Hamburger, etc.) £6.00
1965 Spring. v.7/1 . (Poems by E Lucie -Smith, M Hamburger, C Hampton, J Wain.
A R Jones on The Poetry of R Lowell, S Plath & A Sexton. J P Stern on Kafka.
J Holloway on Y Winters. R Hoggart on Orwell. R Conquest on Lucky Jim, etc.) £5.00
1966 Summer. v.8/2. (J Wain on Hardy's poetry. P Larkin-Wanted: Good Hardy Critic.
Poems by Larkin, Brathwaite, Hughes, Lerner. R J Kashner on F Madox Ford.) £8.00
1967 Spring . v.9/1. (Auden,Kunitz & Moss-Translations of Voznesensky. G Hough on MacNeice & Auden. J Wain-Much Ado about Nothing. D Lodge, etc. Poems by F Adcock,Z Ghose, etc.) £6.00
1967 Autumn . v.9/3. (Poems by J Wain, I Crichton Smith & J Scully. Articles by T Tanner(Trollope), R Morrell(I Murdoch), etc.) £5.00
1968 Spring/Summer . v.10/1-2 . Tenth Anniversary Number. (Poems by R S Thomas(6),
P Larkin, T Gunn, J Stallworthy, F Berry , T Hughes, A Sexton, L Simpson, R Bly,
G Snyder, W Stafford . Articles by Auden, T Tanner, C P Snow, D Lodge, D Davie , F Kermode, J Wain-The Meaning of Dr Zhivago, etc.) £10.00
1972 Spring . v.14/1. (J Wain-The New Puritanism. Poems by E Jennings, B Jones,
J Holloway, E Brathwaite , E Storey; D Holbrook on Pornography & Death, etc.) £5.00
1973 Summer . v.15/2. (Poems by M Holden, M Schmidt, G Lindop, A Waterman,
C Clothier, W Cooke, G Kendrick. etc. G Hough(Four Quartets); M Edwards on C Tomlinson; J Wain on L Trilling; D E S Maxwell on the Poetry of J Montague. J Fletcher;etc.) £5.00

No 21. 1955 June (K Amis-story; I Berlin A Marvellous Decad No 1838-48; C Kallman.
T Tiller-poems; J Lehmann, J Wain, J Stern, A Wilson, Emily Hahn.) £5.00
No 95. 1961 Aug (W H Auden-The Alienated City; N Tucci-Fragments; J Wain on the Novel; Poems by R Nye, C Day Lewis, V Scannell, T Blackburn, Z Herbert translated by
C Milosz, etc.) £8.00
No 107. 1962 Aug (H Boll-story;J Wain on Mayerstein; Poems by A Ross,Auden,R Taylor) £6.00 

ENGLISH POETRY NOW. Critical Quarterly Poetry Supplement. 1962.
(P Larkin, R S Thomas, E Jennings, T Hughes, J Wain, T Gunn, S Plath,
T Kinsella, C Tomlinson, G MacBeth, P Porter, etc). Illustrated. Original wraps. £10.00

Jan.1952. v.2/1. (Hugh Kenner on Joyce's Ulysses: Homer & Hamlet. Kenneth Muir-The Meaning of Hyperion; J Wain, F W Bateson & W w Robson, etc.) £8.00

12/6/52 . (The Legacy of S Butler by E M Forster. Poems by J Wain, V Watkins, etc.
B Dobree on Kipling. J Supervielle-The Artist in Society, etc.) £8.00
(Camino Real-A Alvarez; The Entertainer-J Wain, etc.) £8.00
6/8/59 . (Poems by J Wain & N MacCaig . A Cooke-article. Quentin Bell on Art, etc.) £5.00
10/12/59 . (J Wain-Poem. Alastair Cooke-Article. Reviews by H Reed & H B Acton , etc.) £5.00
14/2/63. (Meet the Soda Pop Man-John Wain. Poem by M Seymour-Smith;
The Elagiac World in Victorian Poetry-J H Prynne. P Moore , L Lerner, etc.) £6.00
29/4/65 . (J Wain on Nabokov. Articles by Alastair Cooke, e, A Thwaite & R Walker . M Maison on Queen Victoria 's favourite poet. Reviews by J Brooke & E Lucie-Smith, etc.) £5.00
15/7/65. (John Wain-The BBC's Duty to Society. Poems by L Norris, G Macbeth,
Donald Thomas, W Trevor-Independent criticism of BBC Programmes (Television).)
Celotaped on upper wrap along outer edge. £8.00
19/1/67. (J Holloway on English Culture –II, J Wain-short story, etc.) £5.00
20/2/69 . (M Muggeridge's turkish bath. J Wain on R Pitter's poetry. J Hewitt-poem.
C Tomlinson on W Carlos William's Autobiography. G Gorer, I Hamliton.J Arlott.) £5.00
4/6/70 . (J Holloway on Irish Ballads. J Wain on R Williams' History of the Novel.
D J Enright-Some Like it Not. P Moore , etc.) £5.00
6/8/70. (R Garioch-poem. J Wain-article, Gandhi in England from 1888-1891,
D Donoghue on W Benjamin. Reviews by I Hamilton & J Jebb, etc.) £5.00

1954 June. (Apthorpe Placatus by E Waugh-1 st printing from Book 1 of the Unfinished Sequel
to Men at Arms -18pp; E Muir on Milton; J Wain, F Bellerby, S Spender, H Nemerov, P Bowles, J B Priestley, R Macaulay.) £11.00
1956. May.
(J Cocteau on Collette. J Middleton Murry on D H Lawrence . (R Nye, K Amis, C Causley, E Jennings , P Larkin, J Wain, J Betjeman, etc.) £10.00
1958. Jan
. (J Cary 's Unpublished Work by Andrew WRIGHT-8pp. J Wain-A Walk in Sacred Wood; J Holloway, T Blackburn , etc.) £6.00

HUDSON REVIEW. 1960. Summer. V.13/2.
(Master Richard, a 25pp story John Wain.Other contributors include W D Snodgrass, D Waggoner, V Watkins, etc.) Original wraps. £10.00

1968. LETTERS TO FIVE ARTISTS in No 5 (prepub) £8.00
. A MAN IN A MILLION in No 20. (John WAIN.) £8.00 

NEW LINES . Ed. Robert CONQUEST. 1956. Macmillan & Co, London . Green cloth and gilt inside a slightly sunned and chipped dust jacket. Edited and introduced by Robert Conquest. Recent poetry by Elizabeth Jennings, Kingsley Amis, Robert Conquest, Donald Davie, D J Enright, Thom Gunn, John Holloway, Philip Larkin, John Wain. £20.00 

Name on front end paper. 1st printing of 2 of Spender's poems; W De La Mare,
V Watkins, J Lehmann, R Fuller, G Barker, R Conquest, J Heath-Stubbs, D J Enright,
W S Merwin, V Scannell, M Hamburger, T Gunn, J Silkin, Dom Moraes. D Thomas,
C Day Lewis, C Causley, K Amis, P Larkin, J Wain, E Muir, L Durrell, etc.
Bound volume in dw. £10.00

NEW POEMS 1958 . Ed & introduced P LARKIN, L MacNEICE, B DOBREE . Dw.
(S Plath, D Abse, K Amis, T Gunn, T Blackburn, E Blunden, C Causley, S Sassoon,
H MacDiarmid, H Read, J Heath-Stubbs, J Wain, J & R Fuller, R Garlick,
C Tomlinson, R Conquest, J Hewitt, G Hill, J Holloway, T Hughes, E Jennings,
R Kell, P J Kavanagh, F King, J Kirkup, L Lee, N MacCaig, C Madge, E Milne,
E Muir, A Ross, Stevie Smith, etc.) Name on front end paper. £10.00

NEW POEMS 1977-78 . Ed Gavin EWART . Dw.
(K Amis, G Barker, T Blackburn, E Brock, C Causley, T Hughes, C Raine, J Wain,
J Nuttall, R McFadden, J Symons, G Szirtes, A Thwaite, S Toulson, F Adcock,
P Beer, A Brownjohn, J Burns, D Dunn, D J Enright, J & R Fuller, G Grigson,
T Harrison, D Holbrook, B Jones, L Lerner, M Longley, G MacBeth, Wes Magee,
J Mole, P Porter, W Price Turner, P Redgrove, V Scannell, P Shuttle, etc.) £10.00 

No 34. 1976 (A Terry writes about the poetry of L Lerner with 4 of his previously unpublished poem. Other poems by J Wain, A Paterson, W Scammell , G Holloway, etc.
J Heath-Stubbs writes on the current official patronage of Literature, etc.) £6.00 

10/5/52 . (Poems by J Wain and Sagittarius; Articles & reviews by A Werth, A Vallance, G W Stonier, N Lewis, V S Pritchett, A Schlesinger Jr, J Raymond, G S Fraser, etc.) Front wrap foxed and frayed not affecting text. £8.00
31/5/52 . (Poems by J Wain and Sagittarius; Articles & reviews by S Spender, C H Rolph, N Lewis, V S Pritchett, R H S Crossman, J Raymond, A Marshall, H N Brailsford, etc.) Wraps frayed and foxed. £8.00
22/8/53. (Poems by R Graves & Sagittarius; Letters from J Wain,J Lehmann, etc.
Reviews by V S Pritchett, W Allen, E Sackville-West, etc..) £1953” inked on front article. £8.00
10/1/59 . (V S Pritchett on Nabokov's Lolita; J Adam Smith – obituary for E Muir; Poem by
M Mitchell; Reviews by W Allen, G W Stonier, etc. J Wain-letter.) £6.00

(The Arts Today, The Glory that was China , A Remarkable Civilisation explained. John Wain on novels. M Tippelt-My Kind of Music.) £5.00

No.13. 1949 . Poems, articles & reviews by M Spark, J Wain, J Pudney, C Dyment,
V Watkins, H Treece, W J Strachan, M Redgrove, M Carpenter, J J Keith, etc.) £15.00

OXFORD POETRY .1947. ED. M STARKIE & R MACNAB . 1947. Original wraps. Introduced by by D Cecil. Contributions by A Boyars, R Lancelyn Green, R Macnab, J Wain, I Davie , etc. (R Lancelyn Green, A Boyars, R Macnab, J Wain, I Davie.) £15.00

Summer 1973. v.1/2 . . Ed. N SOWERBY, T MCENERY & P ANNAND
(Editors, R Fuller, A Henri, T Hughes, E Jennings, A Motion, J Wain, with a note from
Nial Sowerby to Ted Hughes presenting the magazine, requesting criticism & adding
“as far as I can see no printing errors have besmirched your poem.” £22.00
Spring. 1974. v.1/3 . Ed. N SOWERBY , T MCENERY, A WARD & P ANNAND.
(Editors, J Fuller, J Stallworthy, J Wain, A Born, A Greeves, A Hollinghurst,
T Malik, N Zurbrugg , etc.) £12.00
Winter 1974 . ED A HARVEY & P ANNAND . In Memoriam: W H Auden.
(S Purcell, P Levi, E Jennings , J Wain, A Harvey , J Haas, G Pavlopoulos, etc.) £12.00

OXFORD POETRY NOW . 1. Hilary '76. Ed. J LINDESAY . Cover design by J Piper.
(S Pringle, S Purcell, J Wain, E Jennings, B Tolentino, Editor, P Dunbar ,
H Bhabra, B McHale, R Padel, etc.) Uncommon. £26.00

40/1950. (Stories by W Sansom, E Sitwell, Tennessee Williams, G Barker, W Goyen,
Alan Ross, M Hamburger, J Wain, etc.. Last issue. £6.00

All published. Complete with loosely inserted record disks featuring A Ginsberg &
R Williamson & double page spread of G Sutherland's guoache for D Gascoyne's "Inferno". (G Barker, T Blackburn, R Eberhart, T Hughes, E Jennings, C Logue, N Moore, I Murdoch, B Patten, Crig Raine, K Raine, J Wain, Bob Dylan, A Ginsberg, L Durrell, G Scarfe, G S Fraser, J Heath-Stubbs, A Sillitoe, S Spender, R S Thomas, T Pickard, W Burroughs, etc.) 2 issues in original wraps with cover design by J Piper. £100.00

SHENANDOAH. Aug 1955. v.7/1. Ed E M MOOD. ‘Lewis & the Human Age containing
“A Very Sinister Old Lady” by Wyndham Lewis; “The Devil & Mr Lewis” by Hugh Kenner & drawings(4) & Tarr & Flying Feathers by M Ayrton. Poems by J Wain(3), W Fleming, N Stock(5), C Tomlinson.
Letters from R Graves, H Kenner , V Mercier. L Kemp on the poetry of Charles Cotton; H M McLahon, P Viereck, D Davie, etc.) £30.00 

Long review by E Waugh; J Wain-Samuel Deronda.£6.00 

. 50pp with articles by G Stevens, R Hoggart, J Wain, H Levin, L C Knights, G Hough, F R Leavis, etc. (G Steiner, R Hoggarty, J Wain, H Levin, L C Knights, G Hough, F R Leavis.) £5.00 

1953. May. No. 915
. (The Strategy of Victorian Poetry by John Wain.) £5.00
1954. Jan. No.923 . (J Wain-The Last of G Orwell; Enoch Powell-A Policy for Britain .) £5.00
1954.Sep. No.931 . (J Wain on Arnold Bennett; M Bremner – Crime Fiction for Intellectuals;
D Healey, I Hamilton, J E Morpurgo ,etc.) £5.00
1954.Oct. No.932 . (J Wain on Arnold Bennett{2}; G Wagner – The American Paperback book; V Brome – Barabbas was a Publisher; Spender,etc.) £5.00
1955. Jan. No.935 . (A Tennyson-new poem; The Liberal Metropolitan by Davenport ;
J Wain on Wordsworth; Poetry or Poems-Donald Davie.) £6.00
1956. Feb. No.948 . (Redbridge University; R Heppenstall - Leeds 1929-34, J Wain-The Literary Critic in the University; Carlyle's Last Letters to Froude ;J G Weightman, A Kettle,
M Edwards,etc.) £5.00
1957. March. No.961 . (G Murray-Transition-19 th to 20 th ; K W Gransden - Rebels & Timeservers;
J Wain - How it Strikes a Contemporary; Burns Singer - Open Letter to a Critic;
Mr Auden's Profession - W W Robson; T H Huxley, The Prince of Controversialists
by C Bibby; The Idylls of the King - Charles Tennyson.) £5.00
1957 July. No.965 . (The Revival of Epic by P West; B Wall - In Holland Park ;
C MacInnes - In the British Musuem; G S Fraser, G Wilson Knight, J Wain, etc.) £5.00
1958. July. No.977 . (The Month in France - C Mackworth; Adam Wazyk -2 poems-trans by
R Macgregor-Hastie; Burns Singer, G Wagner, G Wilson Knight, J Wain,etc.) £5.00
1958 . Sep. No.979 . (B Pasternak – Translating Shakespeare; B Bergonzi – letter;
cover design by E Bawden ; G Maxwell – The Right to Die; M Turnell on
Francois Mauriac; J Wain – Bring Your Own Blankets.) £5.00
1958. Oct. No.980 . (P Hutchins – letters from Ezra Pound, Shane Leslie-letter;
E Bawden-cover design; J Wain – Equity & Amateurs; P Toynbee,etc.) £5.00
1959. July. No.989 . (D Donoghue on R Frost; J Wain – article; review by Betty Miller.) £5.00
1960. June. No.1000 . (Articles by M Richardson, J Wain; B Miller on Tennyson;
I Silone & B Inglis - letters.)   £5.00
1960. Dec. No.1006 . (J Wain-A Voice from the Bath-chair; G Gorer - The Inventions of Man;
B Wilson - The Away Game; K Allsop, Tom Hopkinson, C Mackworth,etc.) £5.00 

Summer 1961. v.2 . (J Wain, D Holbrook, M Carpenter, D S Savage, D M Thomas, J Clemo, P Redgrave, E Storey, K Gershon, R Church,etc. D Parker on Ronals Bottrall.) £10.00
Spring 1962. v. 6. ( D M Thomas, R Waller, F Grubb, J Ennis, K Gershon, D H W Grubb, J Wain, J Smith, P Callow, D Holbrook, P Hobsbaum, D S Savage, N Goodland, etc.) £ 10.00

WAVE. Spring 1971. No.3. Poems by J Wain, J Barton, S Conn, J Holloway, J C Hall,
A Ridler, S Tremayne, R Pitter, G Johnson, etc. £10.00

WINTER'S TALES . Ed. A D MacLEAN. Bound volumes.
1956. No 2 . Dw. (M Spark-THE PORTOBELLO ROAD illus A Wiseman;
J Wain Discipline-illus D Chalmers. O Manning, M Clive, R Godden, R Lehmann,
W Plomer ,G Fielding, etc.) £15.00
1982. No 28 . Dw. (J Wain-The Tranquillity Stone. Julia O'Faolain, P Oakes, K Farrell,
A Piper, A Schlee, W Trevor, J Wright, S Barstow , etc.) £12.00
1963. No 9 . (M Spark-The Gentile Jewess; J Wain-The Valentine Generation.
M Laurence, D Athill, M Lavin, D Lessing, E O'Brien, V S Pritchett, R Rubens,etc.) £10.00

Books/magazines edited by John Wain .

MANDRAKE . A Review of Literature & the Arts
Ed J WAIN, V ADAMS , A BOYARS et al . Nos.2, 4-11. 1946-1953 .
(C Tomlinson, J Supervielle, R Alberti, G Barker, R Wilbur, C Day Lewis, J Kirkup, P Eluard, J Atkins, D Gascoyne, J Wain, W Bell, C M Bowra, G Lorca, P Dickinson, J Heath-Stubbs, R Campbell, J B Leishmann, R L Green, N Coghill, etc.) Nine issues in original wraps. £90.00
1946 Winter. v.1/4 . (P Dickinson on R Brooke, 5pp; C M Bowra-6 russian poems; Two Poems by Lorca translated by R Campbell; Other articles by D Gascoyne, W Mankowitz & J Wain; D Jewell on C Day Lewis; Poems by G Moore, J Heath Stubbs, etc.) £12.00
1952. v.2/8 Poems by R Alberti, J M Brinnin, J Merrill, W S Merwin, H Nemerov, K Rexroth, etc. A Davidson on Moravia ; A A Hartleyon De Montherlant; Reviews by J Wain & D S Savage.  £12.00
1953. Summer/Autumn. v.2/9. (Poems by P Eluard & A Alvarez; Articles by J Supervielle, G Strickland; Reviews by G Steiner (Rilke); J Wain on Dylan Thomas's Collected Poems & the Purity of Diction in English Verse; W W Robson on The Poetry of T S Eliot, etc.)  £12.00
1954-5. Autumn/Winter. v.2/10 . Henry James's The Tragic Muse; Poems by R Wilbur(5) & J Wain(1);The Criticism of W Empson by G Strickland; L D Lerner- How to Read a Poem; J W Aldridge on Hemingway; Under Milk Wood reviewed by J Wain.etc.  £12.00
1955-6. Winter.v.2/11 . Alvarez on how to Read a Poem, 14pp. M Bewley on Hawthorne; G P Elliott-story; Poems-J Miles, C Tomlinson, G Hazard; Reviews-J Wain, D S Savage, etc. £12.00

1959. No 2
. (W Cooper-Reflections on Some Aspects of the Experimental Novel;
G S Fraser on I Nurdoch; P Engle on The Iowa Poetry Workshop; M Slonimon Dr Zhivago & Lolita; R H Pearce on Wallace Stevens; Work in Progress by J Garrigue, M Hamburger, D Wagoner, M Pomeroy, M Hambu. (M Hamburger, W Cooper, G S Fraser, P Engle, A Brownjohn, D Wagoner, A Hartley, J Garrigue, D Arban, M Slonim.) £18.00 

INTERPRETATIONS. 1955. Routledge & Kegan Paul. Dw frayed. Essays on twelve English Poems, edited by JOHN WAIN . Contributors include A Alvarez, G S Fraser & D Davie, as well as Wain's essay on W B Yeats' Among School Children. £8.50  

PERSONAL CHOICE. (1978) David & Charles. Dw.
A Poetry Anthology chosen & introduced(8pp) by John Wain. £6.00

JOHNSON AS CRITIC. 1973. Routledge & Kegan Paul. Dw. 57pp intro by John Wain. Part of the Routledge Critics Series. £10.00  

AN EDMUND WILSON CELEBRATION . Ed. JOHN WAIN. 1978. Phaidon Press, Oxford . Dw. The Man and His Work. (John Wain, David Flusser, Andrew Harvey, Clive James, Alfred Kazin, Bette Crouse Mele, Helen Munchnic, Edith Oliver, Peter Sharratt, John Updike, Aangus Wilson, Larzer Ziff.). (Clive James, P Sharratt, A Wilson, D Flusser, A Harvey, A Kazin, B C Mele, H Muchnic, L Ziff, E Oliver.) £10.00

Other Books to which John Wain has contributed.  

IMAGES OF TOMORROW. Ed. J HEATH-STUBBS. 1953. SCM Press Ltd. Dw torn at base of spine. These poems are by poets none of whom had published a volume of verse before 1939 & are represented by recent & unpublished work. (M Spark-The Conversation of the Angels; D Abse, T Blackburn , A Comfort, G S Fraser, J Heath-Stubbs, J Kirkup, K Raine, J Wain, D Allison, etc. £15.00

DECLARATION . Ed. TOM MASCHLER. 1957. MacGibbon & Kee, London . Some Angry Young Men define their position in relation to society today. (Doris Lessing-The Small Personal Voice. John Osborne-They Call it Cricket; John Wain-Along The Tightrope, Kenneth Tynan, Stuart Holroyd, Colin Wilson, Bill Hopkins, etc.) Name on front end paper. £7.00 

POINTS OF VIEW . Ed. BRIAN INGLIS. 1962. Longmans. Dw. A Selection from the Spectator. (F R Leavis, K Amis-An Evening with Dylan Thomas; W Golding-A Touch of Insomminia; J Wain-A Handshake for Brave Culture, J Betjeman, E M Forster, F Kermode, R Graves, I Fleming, C S Forester,; Roy Jenkins, B Levin, K Allsop, etc.). Jacket design by Quentin Blake. £12.00  

DYLAN THOMAS . A Collection of Critical Essays. 1966. Prentice-Hall. USA .
Edited & introduced by C B Cox. Essays by J Wain, D Daiches, C Olson, R Maud, W Empson , D Holbrook, j Ackerman, K Shapiro, etc. Original wraps. £8.50  

DAWN AND DUSK. Ed. C CAUSLEY. 1968. 4th Impession.. Dw.
Poems of Our Time. Presentation Copy inscribed by the Editor. Illustrated by G Wilkinson. (Dylan Thomas, R Graves, Stevie Smith, W H Auden, H Treece, N Nicholson, T Hughes, R Pitter, G Barker, J Wain.) £6.00

Critical Quarterly Tenth Anniversary Issue. (G Synder, W H Auden, L Simpson,
W Stafford, F Kermode, R Bly, A Sexton, D Lodge, D Davie, R S Thomas,
K R Todd, P Larkin, T Gunn, J Stallworthy, T Hughes, J Wain, C P Snow, etc.) £8.00 

SIX OXFORD POETS . 1977. Bodleian Library. A Keepsake to mark an "Oxford Writers' Exhibition" with poems by J Stallworthy, E Jennings, S Purcell, J Wain, F Warner, A Stevenson, etc. About 500 copies printed. Original wraps. £15.00 

Edition limited to 500 numbered copies. A Selection, with original drawings,
made from volumes 1-4, 6 & includes all the poems commissioned for voume 5
which have not previously been published. Illustrated by Topolski, M Ayrton &
J Furnival. (J Wain. G Ewart, A Thwaite, P Dickinson, J Cotton, B Patten, L Norris, G Hill. P Beer, J Merrill. R Fisher, B Kennelly, E Morgan, etc.) Original wraps. £15.00 

THOMAS, Edward. THE SOUTH COUNTRY. 1984. Hutchinson . Dw.
Introduced by John Wain. Republication of book first published in 1909. £10.00

POETRY AT THE MERMAID . Ed. John WAIN. nd. Frank Overton, Westerham Press. Souvenir Programme of a Festival promoted by the Poetry Book Society with a message from J Masefield & with 12 printed commissioned poems by T Blackburn, Austin Clarke, M Hamburger, T Hughes, P Kavanagh, N MacCaig, R Murphy, S Plath, W Plomer, H Summers, R S Thomas & L Whistler. Illustrated with photos & short biographies of contributing poets. Original stiff wraps. £15.00  

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