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1967. Jan. P G Wodehouse...£8.00

No 13 1954 Oct
(P G Wodehouse-Berlin Broadcasts 1... £8.00

Sept 1958-July 1960. v.1/1-v.2/6 . Deals with all aspects of the Arts with articles by G Highet, C V Wedgwood, F Stark, T H White,
W S Maugham, B Shahn, Austin Clarke, P G Wodehouse, A Duggan,
J Huxley, H Pearson, N Tucci,etc.with articles on Miro, Kafka, Gauguin, Picasso, R Frost, W Carlos Williams, etc.
Interviews with Hemingway & MacLeish.
12 well bound issues each profusely illustrated in colour & black & white.
complete with index. Illustrated. £65.00

. The Decay of Falconry by P G Wodehouse...
Original coloured pictoral wraps. £20.00

. (N MacCaig-poem. Reviews by E Jennings, Spender, H B Acton,
Q Bell , J Brooke, C Causley, G Gorer, N Lewis, A Thwaite.
A Burgess-TV Documentary G Jaggard on P G Wodehouse. G Grigson,
N MacCaig-poem. , etc.) £6.00
17/10/74. (P G Wodehouse interviewed. E Newby -Erractic Journey, etc.) £6.00

1953 March-April
. P G Wodehouse-Big Business, 7pp illustrated...£25.00
1958 Sept. P G Wodehouse-The Right Approach... £25.00

P G Wodehouse contributes to the following issues.
. P G Wodehouse... Cover a little soiled. £5.00
21/10/53. P G Wodhouse..£15.00
10/2/54. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
3/3/54. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
21/4/54. P G Wodehouse...£15.00
9/6/54. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
4/8/54. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
29/9/54. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
6/10/54. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
6/11/54. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
22/12/54. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
1/6/55. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
19/1/55. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
29/6/55. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
21/12/55. P Wodehouse-long parody...£10.00
25/1/56. P G Wodehouse-poem...£10.00
8/2/56. P G Wodehouse-Basso Profundo...£10.00
2/5/56. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
7/11/56. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
5/12/56. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
2/1/57. P G Wodehouse & P Dehn-articles..£10.00
20/2/57. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
27/3/57. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
31/7/57. P G Wodehouse-article... Lacks covers. £5.00
14/8/57. P G Wodehouse...£10.00
25/9/57. P G Wodehouse...£10.00

The following are bound in publisher's original decorated cloth, gilt. in very good condition with contributions by C H Bretherton, C L Graves, R C Lehmann, J Pope, O Seaman, L Baumer, C Aldin, L Raven-Hill, G L Stampa, B Partridge, E V Knox, A P Herbert, C Hilton Brown, C E Brock,
in most volumes - other specfic contributors being named. .

1903 July-Dec . (P G Wodehouse-many stories; S t John Adcock, Hodgson Burnet,..) £25.00

1904 Jan-June Original publishers cloth gilt. (P G Wodehouse 3 stories.) £25.00

1904. July-Dec . ((P G Wodehouse -9 stores; A A Milne, etc.) £35.00

1905. Jan-June. V.128. (P G Wodehouse-3 stories; A A Milne, H H Munro, A Guthrie, A J M Hutchinson, E V Lucas, etc. ) £25.00

1905 July-Dec . v.129. (P G Wodehouse-story;Illus A Rackham.) £25.00

1906. Jan-June . V.130. (P G Wodehouse-2 stories) £25.00

1907 (P G Wodehouse-1story) £15.00

The following are bound in publisher's original decorated cloth,
gilt, in very good condition containg Wodehouse contributions.
Vol. 125. 1903 July-Dec. ( P G Wodehouse-23 contributions...)
Ex Libris Bkplt. Index. £25.00
Vol . 128. 1905. Jan-June. (P G Wodehouse-2 contributions...)
Ex Libris Bkplt. Index.£25.00
Vol . 129. July-Dec 1905. (P G Wodehouse 1 contribution...)
Ex Libris Bkplt. Index.£25.00
Vo1 . 130. 1906. Jan-June . (P G Wodehouse-(2)...)
Ex Libris Bkplt. Index.£15.00
Vol. 145. 1914. Jan-June. (P G Wodehouse(3)...)£20.00
1954 July-Dec. (P G Wodehouse-12 articles...)£25.00
1955. Jan-June. (P G Wodehouse(14)...)£20.00
1955 July-Dec. (P G Wodehouse-16 items...)£20.00
1956 Jan-June. (P G Wodehouse(9)...£30.00
1957. Jan-June. (Wodehouse(8)....) £25.00
1957 July-Dec. ( P G Wodehouse(9)...)£30.00
1959 Jan-June. (P G Wodehouse-Baker St W.1.-3pp...) £25.00
1961 July-Dec. (P G Wodehouse(1)...)£25.00
1962 July-Dec. (P G Wodehouse...)£20.00

22/8/25. (P G Wodehouse-The Purification of Rodney Spelvin,
illustrated by M D Preston. Golfing story not collected until 1926 in The Heart of a Joof. A Bennett-Claribel, illus G Wright. R Pertwee, etc.) £20.00
21/3/25. (P G Wodehouse-The Awful Gladness of the Mater,
illustrated by M W Preston. Llater collected in Mulliner Speaking in 1929.
J P Marquand, A Stringer,etc.)
Original wraps loose otherwise very good. £20.00

For full details of the contents of this magazine go to the Strand file.
1910 Feb. P G Wodehouse-The Good Angel..... Lacks covers. £16.00
1910 April. (P G Wodehouse-Rough-Hew Them How We Will...
Lacks wraps. £16.00
1912 July. P G Wodheouse-Ruth in Exile...
Lacks Adverts. Spine frayed £15.00
1914 Aug. P G Wodehouse & Bovill-The Episode of the Exiled Monarch Illustrated by A Leete.. Spine frayed. Covers dusty. £25.00
1915 Nov. (P G Wodehouse-The Mixer, illustrated by J A Shepherd) £25.00
1915 Dec. P G Wodehouse-The Mixer...
Spine frayed, contents shook with some pages loose but all present. £8.00
1921 Jan. P G Wodehouse-Strange Experiences of an Artists Model... Spine frayed, wraps missing £10.00
1921 May P G Wodehouse-The Coming of Gowf.. Spine frayed £20.00
1921 June P G Wodehouse-The Salvation of George Mackintosh..
Spine frayed, wraps torn £18.00
1921 Aug. P G Wodehouse-The Long Hole..
Spine frayed. Back wraps loose £20.00
1922 July P G Wodehouse-The Purity of the Turf-illustrated...
Spine frayed. £25.00
1924 May P G Wodehouse-Chester Forgets Himself-Illus.
Original wraps frayed. £20.00
1924 Oct. ( P G Wodehouse-The Rummy Affair of Old Biffy..
Lacks wraps. £15.00.
1925 Sept. P G Wodehouse...Spine frayed £20.00
1925 Oct. P G Wodehouse-High Stakes...Spine frayed £20.00
1926 Jan. P G Wodehouse-A Bit of Luck for Mabel..Spine frayed £20.00
1926 Feb. P G Wodehouse-Mr Potter takes a Rest Cure...
Spine frayed, front wrap torn, back wrap missing £10.00
1927 May P G Wodehouse -The Story of William...Cover missing £12.00
1927 July P G Wodehouse-Came the dawn...
Spine frayed, cover missing £10.00
1927 Sept. P G Wodehouse-The Bishops Move...Spine frayed £20.00
1928 June P G Wodehouse-Ukridge and the Old Stepper...
Spine frayed, covers worn £25.00
1928 July (P G Wodehouse-The Passing of Ambrose-Illustrated...
Spine frayed. £20.00
1928 Aug. P G Wodehouse-The Reverent Wooing of Archibald...
Spine frayed £20.00
1928 Sept. P G Wodehouse- Company for Gertrude..
Spine frayed, wraps worn £20.00
1928 Nov. P G Wodehouse-Lord Emsworth and the Girl friend...
Spine frayed £20.00
1929 Feb. P G Wodehouse-Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court..
Spine slightly frayed £20.00
1929 March P G Wodehouse-The Man Who Gave Up Smoking..
Spine frayed £20.00
1929 Aug. P G Wodehouse-Prospects for Wimbledon...
Spine frayed £20.00
1929 Sept. P G Wodehouse-Jeeves and the Song of Songs...
Spine frayed £20.00
1931 Jan. P G Wodehouse-Big Money-Illustrated.. Spine frayed. £20.00
1931 Feb. P G Wodehouse-Acrostics Big Money....Coloured illustrations. Spine frayed £25.00
1931 March P G Wodehouse-Big Money...
Coloured illustrations and photographs. Spine frayed £20.00
1931 April P G Wodehouse-Big Money... Spine frayed.
Some colour illustrations £20.00
1931 May P G Wodehouse-Fate; ...
Spine frayed. Coloured illustrations £20.00
1931 June P G Wodehouse-Ukridge and the Home from Home...
Spine slightly frayed. Colour illustrations £20.00
1931 July P G Wodehouse-Quest... Spine frayed £20.00
1933 Feb. P G Wodehouse-The Juice of an Orange; £25.00
1933 April (P G Wodehouse-The Rise of Minna Nordstrom...
Spine slightly frayed £25.00
1933 Aug. P G Wodehouse-Thank You Jeeves..
Original wraps frayed. £20.00
1935 July. P G Wodehouse-The Come-Back of Battling Wilson; Spine very slightly frayed. £20.00

Bound Volumes.
1906. Jan-June. Vol.31. P G Wodehouse-Petticoat Influence;
Bound volume in half calf & blue buckram in very good condition.£25.00
Vol.62. July-Dec 1921 . (P G Wodehouse-Jeeves in the Spring-Time & The Unexpected Clicking of Cuthbert; etc.)Original publisher's cloth the edges of
which are very slightly worn internally a very good copy. £100.00

21/10/73 . (Mr Trout meets his Waterloo-extract from P G Wodehouse's latest novel Bachelors Anonymous, pre-publication, 8pp, illus by N Bentley. Whose Doodle:- Dylan Thomas, E M Forster, Lewis Carroll, W M Thackeray, E Waugh, G Manley Hopkins, J Joyce; Huxley's Boswell;
S Bedford talks to Mark Amory. 2pp.) £15.00

All items Subject unsold.

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