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Magazines beginning with
Issues in original wraps in very good condition unless otherwise described

F.A.N. A Feminist Art News Magazine. Ed A DURBIN et alia.
1981, Nos 4-7
. Each issue takes a theme; these being:- Women's Art History, Woman's Craft, Photography & Women's Space. 4 issues - Large 4to. 24-40 pp issue. All very good. £20.00

FACET. The Arts Magazine of the West. Edited by P Britten AUSTIN.
1947 Spring, vol 1/5. (John Waller - poem - Oscar Wilde & Aubrey Beardsley; David Lewis on Frank Dobson - illustrated; P G Draper on the writing of Henry Miller; E H Blakeney - A Private Press; Oh! When I was in Love by A E Housman set to music by G Higgins; etc.) £6.00
1947 Summer, vol 2/1. (Alan Ross - The Poet & Society; Poems by J Heath-Stubbs, Quentin Crisp, J Beeching, L Wilshire, J Halkerston, A Whittick, J Atkins - The Novel in Fragments; etc.) £6.00

FACT & FICTION. 1935. (How the Tinker came to Skavangur by Lord Dunsany; Original pictorial hard wraps dusty otherwise very good.) £15.00

FACT. Published by R Ginzburg. Edited by Warren BOROSON.
Sept-Oct 1966. v.3/5.
(F Greene-on North Vietnam; W Boroson-Beyond the 25th Amendment; C C Hernton-How I came to write "The Filthiest Book ever Written"; H S Philo -Christopher Columbus: The Spanish Jew who didn't discover America.etc.) £10.00

THE FACULTY OF ARTS JOURNAL, 1924 March, vol 1/1. Contains an article by E Dulac on the status of the artist and other contributions by G P Catchpole, E Furst, etc. £8.00

THE FALCON. Ed. J D Bellamy & W A Blais. USA. Published by Mansfield State College Pennsylvania, this occasional publication places much emphasis on poetry, as well as including some prose, fiction & reviews.
Nos 2/3 (double issue) & No 4, 1971/2
. Contributions include an interview with J D Belamy interviewing Ronald Sukenick & Kohn Barth; D Wakoski interviewed by W A Blais with poems by D Wakoski, J Ciardi, W Joyce, M Marcus, D Blazek, H Elliott, R Bly, P Wild, R Peters, T Olson, etc; fiction by J C Oates, A Drake, F Busch, C Johnson, C Kwolek, H H Roth, W Powers, etc. 3 numbers in 2 issues in original wraps. £12.00
No.4 Spring 1972. ( J Barth, H Elliott, D Bellamy, W A Blais interviewed. Poems by M Benedikt, H Elliott, D Wakoski, R Bly, B Kaplan, J Bertolino,D Blazek, W Wantling , T Olson, etc. Fiction by J Carol Oates, A Drake, F Busch, A Baber, etc. )
Original wraps . Staples rusty otherwise very good. £8.00

V.1/1-30. Nov 1881-May 1882. Nine popular novelettes serialised weekly.
Original publisher's binding with the adverts bound in.Very good condition. £20.00


FANTASY. No 26, 1942. A literary quarterly with an emphasis on poetry edited by Stanley Dehler MAYER. Poetry by August Derleth, Richard Eberhart, Kenneth Patchen, Kenneth Rexroth, Norman Rosten, Winfield Townley Scott, Hugo Manning, Ralph Gustafson, Thomas McGrath, Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda, Jorge Carrera Andrande, Nicolas Guillen etc. Stories by Jesse Stuart & James Higgins. Reviews by Witter Bynner, William Carlos Williams etc. Original wraps a little dusty with the signature of the poet, Hugo Manning, on the title page. £25.00


No 2. Alternative Revolting Fun. Revolution for Real. nd-early 1970's. A Magazine from the Alternative Society with much on the hippy & pop scene. Illus, cartoons, drawings. 24pp. 4to. Newspaper format. Articles on Mike Chapman, Raja Ram and Quintessence, Trekking to India, Lindisfarne, etc. Scarce issue from 1st series. £25.00

FARRAGO. Ed.Peter BURRA. Nos 1-3, 1930, Feb-Oct. Stories, poems, articles & illustrations (some coloured) by E Waugh, D Cecil, C Day Lewis, R H S Crossman, R Swingler, W Godden, S Nowell Smith, E Ravilious, J Salkeld, A J Symons, etc.
3 issues bound in one with the original wraps bound in at the rear. Cover string marked otherwise very good. £75.00
No 2, June 1930. (E Waugh - Juvenilia 2 6 line verses; C Day Lewis, D Cecil, G Highet, with wood-engravings by F Tremlett, O Holt, E Ravilious.) Uncommon. £30.00

FATHAR.III. Ed Duncan McNaughton. Buffalo. NY.
June 1971.
Issue devoted to the poems of John Clarke.
A very good copy mimeo printed on one side only in original card covers. £15.00

FAT FROG. San Francisco. Steven Andrews Press. Ed. Sharon ASSELIN. Poems by T L Kryss, Brown Miller, R Krech, P Winslow, H Briggs, C Major, T McIntyre, J Michaelson, R Morris, T Thompson, etc.
4to with silkscreen cover in very good condition. A very good copy of a scarce mimmeographed literary journal. £16.00

FEEDBACK. A Twice Yearly Review. Edinburgh.
1968 May. V.1/1.
Contemporary articles of Opinion with contributions by R Tait(The “Renaissance” in Scotish Poetry), C Harvie-Yeats & Irish Politics; A Ross on the Dead Sea Scrolls;
E N K Clarkson on the Origins of Man; D Black-Larry's Potential -7pp poems; etc.
A very good copy in original wraps. £10.00

FELDMAN'S 5TH COMIC ANNUAL with tonic sol-fa setting.
Proceeds for the Benfit of the "Daily Mail" (Boer) War Fund. Contents include "The Absent-Minded Beggar by Kipling; In The Navy: Why, Boys, Why; Our Brave Soldier Lads, etc.
Original wraps a little frayed on the spine. £15.00

FEMINIST REVIEW, 1979-80, vols 1-4. Published by a London Collective to develop the theory of Women's Liberation & to be a forum for working progress… Women's Studies. A substantial illustrated magazine, each more than 100pp covering a World perspective. £16.00

FENIX. Revue Litteraire et Artistique Semestrielle. Montpellier, France. Uncut.
1966 Jan, No 1. (G Seferis, L Durrell, A Miguel, H Corke, G Kunert, R Pons, E Dune, C Camproux, P Gabriel, L Braiquier, etc.) £15.00
1967 Jan,No 3. (A Perles, A P de Mandiargues, M La Haye, D Noguez, J Berne, S Brest, N Koulavsky, R Sabatier, M Peyre, M Rouanet, R Delahaye, etc.) £15.00
1968 June No 6. (M-Y Mauvezin (11 contributions), C Tence, J Kieffer, O de Marquez, C Conduche, etc.) £10.00

Nos.1-63, lacking 4 issues ( Nov.1926 - June 1929.
The Theatre introduced "new theatre-craft to Cambridge &, incidentally, to England ". Denis Arundell was Music Director; Terence Gray a Producer & Ninette de Valois the Choreographic Director. Each issue provided details of the play being performed, methods of production& matters of associated interest. Each issue contained the tipped in programme designed to be "read in the dark". There were also verse, interviews, articles, correspondence, illustrated with photos & original drawings in colour & black & white.
The last issue (No.63) announces the return of Amner Hill for a permanent season with Tyrone Guthrie, whose photo appears as permanent Director & included is ANMER Hall's Company v.1/1. 10 Oct 1929.
61 issues in original wraps, all in very good condition.
A cutting (included) gives some of the proposed actors as Mr Robert Donat, Miss Flora Robson,etc. £180.00

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