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FLAME. University of Essex, Colchester.
No.4. June 1967 . (Poems by Jim Burns, Chris Torrance, David Chaloner, Tom Clark, Lee Harwood, Brian Patten, Tom Raworth, Larry Eigner, Peter Riley, Elaine Feinstein, etc.) Stapled wraps in good condition. £18.00
No 5, Spring 1968. (Poems by M Booth, D Valentine, P Green, M Loftus, W Magee , D Chaloner, A Wisker, L Eigner, etc.) £15.00
No 6, Summer 1969. Ed A C Robinson. Tristan Tzara poems translated by L Harwood; Other poems by M Jacob, P Riley, J Casalduero, P Ruppel, C Torrance, P Selby, A Jackson, T Raworth, etc.) £20.00

A Magazine of Gentle Living Edited by Anne & David LAZELL.
1st & 2nd issues, 1972. (The Flora Klickmann Story by Karen Gifford; August Manns - hero of the Cyrstal Palace; The Cuddly, Consumers Co-op; When we watched the Puffing Billy by M L Wallis; The Story of Mark Guy Pearse; Mr Wright of the Mermaid Press, etc.
An engaging “periodical" with mainly anonymous past anecdotes.
2 issues in original wraps. £16.00

FLUX. Feb 1928. Edited by Kiril VANX & Hew DALLAS.
(Jocelyn Brooke - Music in the Afternoon - being the first instalment of a novel to be published serially in this magazine; Other contributions by Eric Bennett, M Sveber translated by H Dallas, etc several poems are only identified only by their initials with some illustrations by J O Trevelyan.) £15.00

FMR Magazine. "The Most Beautiful Art Magazine in the World."
10pp advertising brochure - each page with very attractive coloured illustrations. Original wraps. no date. £5.00

Vols 1-5, 1945-1950
. Dennis Dobson.
Criticism of contemporary writing as well as original verse & prose contributions. Symposiums on Kafka, R Warner, the Realist Novel in the Thirties, The Novelist as Thinker, the writings of T S Eliot, Modern American Poetry, etc. (G Orwell, G Barker, N Moore, J Heath-Stubbs, V Watkins, D Jones, T S Eliot, A Ridler, K Raine, A Koestler, etc.) Advertsing brochure/order form laid in.
5 volumes, all with dws, all published, all in very good condition. £125.00
FOCUS ONE. 1945. Dw. (Symposium on Kafka & Rex Warner with contributions by Rajan, D S Savage, G W Stonier, W Allen, J Atkins, D J Enright, T Harrisson, N Nicholson, J Symons, K Raine, L Adeane, G Woodcock, etc. Poems by G Barker, J Bronowski, J Heath-Stubbs, V Watkins, P Yates, etc.) £20.00
FOCUS TWO. 1946.
Dw. The Realist in the Thirties with contributions by D S Savage, G Orwell, G Woodcock, W Allen & A Barea. Poems by J Symons, K Raine, T Merton, K Patchen, W Mankowitz, N Moore, etc. Other contributions by D J Enright, J Taylor , etc. £20.00

FOLDER. No 2, 1954. NY. Tiber Press.
Individual sheet & sections containing poems, short stories, photographs, a masque & an original serigraph in four colours. Contributors include John Ashbery (whose signature appears below the title of his poem - "Pastoral"), F O'Hara, K Koch, Eugene Walter, Daisy Aldan, J Schuyler, D Windham, etc.
A small stain on upper front edge of the folder has penetrated the upper margin of the first three pages above the text otherwise a very good copy of a fragile production. £30.00

FOLIO. The Quarterly Magazine of The Folio Association. July/September 1971. Roger Lockyer on Francis Bacon; Nicolas Austin -The Death of Utopia; War and Peace; etc. Original wraps in good condition. £5.00

FOLKEBLADE. Organ for foderasjonen av frihetlige sosialister/anarkister. (People magazine – anarchist organ) Norway.
Nr 2/1974
. Kunsten I Revlusjonen. 12pp newspaper in excellent condition containing the following articles all of which are amusingly illustrated:-Storbritannia 1974 by J Downing; All makt til Fantasien; Motkultur/Frihetlig Kultur; For Full Hals; poems; Anarkisme og VoldRapport Fra Gymnaset, etc. £10.00

FONTAINE. Revue Mensuelle De La Poesie et des Lettres Francaises. Paris.
No 30. 1943. (A Koestler - Le Transporte Mixte; Appolinaire & article on him; P Emmanuel, etc.) Index for No. 26-30. J Lehmann's initials on front wrap. £15.00
No 35, 1944. (A Breton - un grand poete noir, R Hillary, A Cesaire, P Eluard, A Masson, G Bernanos, etc.) £15.00
No 36, 1944. (W Faulkner - Elly. M Yourcenar on Kavafis with poems by him & P Reverdy, R Queneau, P J Jouve with other contributions from E D'Astier, R Char.) £15.00
No 51, 1946 April. (E Bowen - Pleus sans Raison; R Alberti, A Sauares.) £10.00
No 52, 1946 Mai. (J Cocteau - La Crucifixion; W Faulkner - Au-Dela; R Caillois - Recherches sur la Nature du Sacre. H Hell - Sur Rene Daumal with 2 articles by him & 2 portraits of him; G Blin - La “non-philosophie” de Jane Wahl with Les Conferences by J Wahl, A Begun, R Hautpont, C Sainte-Soline, etc.) £15.00
No 55, October 1946. (Henry Miller - L'Obscenite et la Loi de Reflexion; M Jacob, A Frenaud, G Blin, D de Rougemont, etc. From the Library of John Lehmann with his initials on upper wrap. Edges browned. £15.00
No 56, November 1946. (Stephane Mallarme - De L'Orient passe des Temps, etc.) John Lehmann's initials on upper wrap. £15.00

FOOLSCAP. East Ham, London. Edited by Judi BENSON.
Poetry, Prose & Graphics by new & established writers
Nos 1-5, 8-10. 1987-1991. (S Toulson, K Smith, R Cole, G Meade, L Houston, F Vanson, N Jackowska, B Cleary, C A Duffy, J Benson, M Sweeney, G Holloway, Y Lovelock, etc.) 8 issues in original wraps with 2 holograph letters from the Editor dealing with the Launch at Bernard Stone's Bookshop & the fact that numbers 6 & 7 are sold out! £40.00
No.1. 1987. Poems & stories by W McCormick, J Lee, J Benson, N Jackowska, K Smith, T Shaner, & B Giefer with an illustration by N Smith
No.3 Aug. 1988 (Poems & stories by G Holloway, C Crossman, M Caley,
N Jackowska, T Grist, A Peltonen, Y Lovelock, T Shaner, I Duhig, A Weir,
A Hester, E F Salzman, R Burnett, G Farrell, H Mellon,D Ward, J Handley,
R Leanse, J Benson; photos by T Shaner, J Handley; illustration by J Benson.) £8.00
No.4. n.d. (S Toulson, K Smith, F Vanson, J Lee, R L Wilson, J Kerry, M Newman, D Calder, R Cole, etc. with an illustration by J Benson.) £5.00
No.5, 1989? (M Sweeney, S O'Brien, R Blackman, H Waterhouse, L Rabin,J Harvey, E jones, F Presley, etc. with an illustration by P Crowley.) £5.00

FOR LOVE OR MONEY. Ed D GARDINER. Macdonald. 1959. Stories by the Mystery Writers of America.:- M Allingham, Ellery Queen, G Simenon, T Walsh, G Harmon, etc. Dw torn. £10.00

The Journal of the Royal Navy, The Army, The Royal Air Force, The Forces of the Commonwealth, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organsiation.
June 1954-June 1956
. 8 issues bound in one, complete with indices. Service Notes and Articles on all aspects of service life. This magazine was only issued for these 2 years before amalgamation. £30.00

E BENES - The Organisation Of Postwar
Europe - reprinted from the magazine. £5.00

FORM. Edited by A S MARTIN. (Scotland)
No 1, Summer 1969. Poems by N Tarn, P Porter, D Harsent, T Buchan, Wes Magee, I Crichton Smith, J Cotton, D Dunn, T Kinsella, T Walker, N Mitchison, R Fulton, E Morgan, J Reeves, E Lucie-Smith, J Stallworthy, J Silkin, B Cole, T Heywood, R Nye, etc.) Original wraps in very good condition. £10.00

FORMAT. Ed & published by A TUCKER.
No.2. March 1967.
(B Morse, M Cox, T R Glover & A Tucker.) £25.00
No.5. Jan 1968. (A & J Tucker, M Cox, T Glover, M Cox & B Morse.) £25.00

Ed J Morley then W L Courtney.
1867-1870. NS 2-7 (Os 8-13). (A Trollope, G Meredith, A Swinburne, D G Rossetti, W Morris, Prof Huxley, W Bagehot, S Colvin, H Merivale, H Morley, J A Symonds, H Kingsley, F T Palgrave, J S Mill, etc.)
6 Volumes. Uniformly bound in half calf, marbled boards. £60.00
v.91. NS. Jan-June 1912. Ed W L Courtney.
Contributors include E Pound-Canzone: of Angels; Erskine Childers on The Home Rule Bill; S M Ellis on George Moore and his relatives; F Gribble on Talma & Pauline Bonaparte; W L Courtney, A G Gardner, F Gribble, T Hardy, M Hewlett, L Melville, H C Minchin, H W Nevinson, E T Thurston, H Baerlein, L Binyon, etc. Bookplate on inside front cover.
Top of the spine torn otherwise a very good, tight, copy. £15.00
Vol 93. N.S. Jan-June 1913. (A Conan Doyle-Great Britain & the Next War; E Pound on R Tagore-9pp. J Ellis Barker-The Peace Conference; the Armament Race, A Hamilton-A Captured War Correspondent; M Hewlett,
H James, Noyes, Tagore, E Phillpotts, S Campbell-The Dissensions of the Balkan Allies; S Carmen, E Clodd, H Gordon-What's wrong with Cricket;
A Hurd-A War-Book for the Empire, Racial War in The Pacific; A Noyes,
O Onions, E Phillpotts, C Shorter, R Tagore, Woodrow Wilson,
H Baerlein,etc.) Bookplate on inside front cover.
Bound in half leather, rubbed on edges. £25.00
1889. July. Ed Frank Harris. (P Massingham by A G Swinburne; Ibsen & English Criticism by W Archer; E Gosse on Edward Fitzgerald; Goethe and the French Revolution by E Dowden; Women's Suffrage - A reply; etc.)
Original wraps frayed & dusty but contents in very good condition. £6.00
1925 Feb, No 698. G B Shaw & A Henderson on The Great War; Poem by P Megroz; Captain Wedgewood Benn on New Tariff Proposals; Bohun Lynch on Moffat's new translation of the Bible; etc. Original wraps. £15.00
1925 Sep, No 717. Short play by L Housman; F Gribble on Mme De Stael; Poem by E B W Chappelow – Salute to The Muse; etc. £10.00
1925 Dec, No 708. J Murphy on Fascism; F Gribble on Gobineau; G De Nerval - The King of Bicetre translated by M Gough; Serialisation of Children of the Morning by W L George; etc. £15.00
1926 Sept. The Order of release-a play by L Housman; F Gribble onMme De Stael in search of a Husnad byF Gribble; Bulwarks against Bolshevism by J Marriott; The League at the Cross Roads by H F Spender; Talks with the Miners in the Rhonda Valley by J H Miall; P Care on Clemence, etc. £5.00
1926 Dec, No 720. Article by R Graves - Impenetrability, or the Proper Habit of English; Serialisation of Children of the Morning by W L George; etc. £25.00
1933 July, No 799. Christs in the Tirol by by D H Lawrence; A Zimmern - The Right Road to World Order; C F Melville on The Austrian Crisis; Commentary by S Gwynne; etc. £30.00
1934 Sept, No 813. A Keith on Sir Oliver Lodge; W W Davies - The Price of Peace; Stories by L A G Strong & M Armstrong - Phantom Horseman; C C Arswell - The One-Child Family; Commentary by S Gwynne; etc. £15.00
1935. Feb.
The Accident-a story by L O'Flaherty; The Fallacy of Piecemeal planning by G L Schwartz; etc. £5.00
1935 April. 820. (Ebb & Flow. A Monthly Commentray by S Gwyn; Death on the Line-a story byR Hoare; Modernism & Moderdismus by R Blomfield, etc.) £5.00
1935 Jun, No 822. J Huxley - The Voyage of The Rattlesnake, an unpublished diary of T H Huxley; E Sundstrom - Branting, Father of Swedish Prosperity; G Soloveytchik - Russia in Exile; Commentary by S Gwynn; etc. £15.00

August 1937
. (Ford Madox Ford - The Sad State of Publishing 4pp; China Unconquerable by Mde Sun Yat Sen; Keeping out of War by H G Leach - Editor; I am a Labour Organizer - anonymous; The Self you have to Live with by W Rhoades; Can we accept Astrology - a debate by D Rudhyar & W M Malisoff - 6pp; etc.) part of advert page removed magazine text unaffected. Original wraps in very good condition. £15.00

FORUM. Stories and Poems.
Edited & introduced by M SPARK & D STANFORD.
v. 1/1. 2. 1949. Original wraps. 2 issues. All published.
There are contributions from M Spark, J Waller, H Palmer, Roy Campbell, K Raine, Wrey Gardiner, R Greacen, D Abse, H Treece, G S Fraser, H Manning, etc. The first issue has a TLS from the Editor(M Spark) asking for a review.
The 2nd issue is inscribed by Stanford "The first fruits of my co-operation with Muriel Spark." 2 issues in original wraps. All published. £100.00

FORUM. Osterreichishe Monatsblatter fur Kulturelle Freiheit.
Nos 157-168, Jan-Dec 1967. Austria. (Ernest Bloch, Mihajlov, Peter Nagy, G K Kaltenbrunner, Gunter Grass, {Ausgefragt 5pp poems}, Sartre, D MacCarther, Martin Luther King, Martin Niemoller, Mervyn Jones, Robert Neumann, Bruno Kreisky, Marc Beloff, Ludwig Marcuse, Herbert Read, F T Csokor,etc.) Well illustrated in colour& black/white.
Bound in one volume with original wraps bound in. £15.00

The International Journal of Human Relations dealing with all aspects of Sexual Relations, Drugs, Marriage, etc. well written without sensational photos. vols 1/1-8/9, vols 8/12-9/1, vols 9/3-8, vols 9/10-10/2, vols 10/4-5, vols 10/8,11-12. 1968-1977. 111 issues in original wraps. £50.00

A Review of Science Fiction edited by Charles BARREN, Peter NICHOLLS the review editor being J G BALLARD.
Nos.2-77. 1972-1999. A substantial & influential magazine which still enjoys a reputation for the breadth & depth of its articles & the authority of its contributors who include P Anderson, B Aldiss, P Brigg, J Brunner, J Dean, M Edwards, A Eisenstein, C Greenland, E Simon, P Anderson, S Delany, D I Masson, P Strick, etc .
Also included is Index 1-40 as is a Friends of Foundation Newsletter dated March 1992 in which the magazine is congratulated on becoming the British Nomination for “Best Magazine” in the Eurocon awards for 1992. An unbroken run of 76 numbers. £400.00
No 5, Jan 1974
. (P Anderson - Entertainment versus Preaching; P Nicholls - on Proto Science fiction; Reviews by B W Aldiss, J Brunner, D I Masson, P Nicholls, P Strick, etc) £5.00

FOUNTAINS. An English Magazine made in France edited by R J LIENS.
Nos 2-4. 1978-1980. (Raymond Jean & Nabile Fares interviewed. Poems by V Divilly, M Stark, S Delavouet, A Hayes, G Berglund, G Goerge, J Gordon, J Wain, A Paire, C Moya, K Bosley, R Garfitt, M Thomas. B Perea, P Buck,etc. J Balwin-One Step Ahead of the Devil; F Ega-Letters to a Black Woman; Plays by A Ward, P O'Connor. Stephen Edlich: Collage as Carving by S Bann; Other contributions by L Weeks, G Rayla, etc. Illustrated by R Blanc, F Martinelli, G Payen. 3 issues in original wraps in very good condition. £50.00

vols 1/1-4, Jan 1976-July 1977. A semi-annual journal devoted to the study of poetry bibliographies, essays, reviews, check lists, etc. on a wide variety of relevant topics. Contributors include John Sullivan on Chesterton; Dominic Hibberd on Wilfred Owen; J M C Pugh on Housman; D Parsons on Roy Campbell; L Abercrombie on Drinkwater, Hilda Spear on Sassoon; etc. The 4 issues run to 314 pp. very good in original wraps. £25.00

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