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Issues in original wraps in very good condition unless otherwise described.

. Published by Hamish Hamilton. French text.
No. 1-22, 24-30, 32-45, 47-51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65. 72. 1940-1946.
This periodical was founded by a group of French intellectuals in London to continue free expression in Art, Literature & Sciences after the fall of France . (P J Jouve, R Caillois, I Venezis, V S Pritchett, A Jahier, P Eluard, Dilys Powell, D MacCarthy, L Chevalier, E Bowen, J P Sartre, G B Shaw, R Mortimer, L Aragaon, K Clark, M Beerbohm, H Nicolson, R Lehmann, De Gaulle, T S Eliot, H J Laski, K Raine, V Trefusis, A Werth, G Murray, D Saurat, S Spender, Matthew Smith, H G Wells, C Morgan, A Duff Cooper, H Read, E Benes, etc.) 54 out of the 75 issues in a mixture of original wraps and bound volumes in very good condition. £200.00

No.35. 15/9/1945. (J Casellane, R Aron, G A Laurent, D Cushman Coyle, P Maillaud, C Rougeron, etc.)
Original wraps. £6.00
No.65. 15/3/1946. (E Bowen, P Emmanuel, L Jouvet, P Gallois, P Massane, A Verney on K Mansfield ; etc.) Original wraps. £6.00

Ed. G W NICKISSON . 1843-1847. v.27-35.

A substantial monthly magazine in half yearly volumes. Consists of articles, stories & book reviews, most of which are unsigned but W M Thackeray wrote for it as M A Midmarsh. Other contributors include Carlyle, Lockhart, Harrison Ainsworth, Coleridge, Southey, James Hogg, Benjamin Disraeli, etc. 9 volumes uniformly bound in half calf. £225.00

A substantial veritable pot-potpourri profusely illustrated with cartoons, drawings, paintings & photos both in colour & black & white. Published in London.
Nos 4. July 1984. 8-11. Sept - Dec 1989. Contributors include S Themerson, M Caley, C Logue, Peter Fried, J McCarthy, S Turnbull , I Robinson, etc. Graphics by Orlando , Pagan, J Tenniel, etc.
5 issues each running to more than 200pp measuring 10 x 14 cms. £100.00

v.4/1-24. Jan-Dec 1955 . A lively fortnightly Review, published in English & containing topical articles relating not only to current affairs but art, local history, world events, etc. & containing stories, poems, cartoons, etc.
Well illustrated both with photos & cartoons. Well bound, ex Paul Tabori with his Bkplt. £15.00

A long lived anarchist magazine, founded in 1886 with Charlotte Wilson as its first editor, main founder and a leading member of the Freedom Group.
The bi-monthly issues were qto, well printed, illustrated and usually 24pp.
5 issues - Vol 47/10, Nov-Dec 1986; vols 48/2+3, Feb+March 1987; vol 49/10, Oct 1988; vol 50/1, Jan 1989. £25.00
FREEDOM. A Hundred Years, October 1886 to October 1986. Essays on a Century of Revolution Propaganda and on Anarchism Today. Centenary edition. Freedom Press, 1986.
Contributors include George Woodcock, Alex Comfort, Howard Moss and many others.
Well illustrated qto, original stiff wraps. £20.00

Vol 20/1-55/4 Jan 1966-Oct 2001. A 36 year run of this prestigious quarterly review published at Oxford for the Society for French Studies. Approximately 150pp per issue which in 2001 retailed at £26 each in the UK & Europe & even more elsewere.
144 issues complete with inserts etc where relevant plus the quarterly supplement,
FRENCH STUDIES BULLETIN, nos 1-82 (Winter 81/2-Spring 2002). Lacking only no. 24 but including the introductory special members issues. These ran to 24pp each.
226 issues all very good indeed. £850.00

FRESCO. Thrice-annual publication of poetry and prose from University of Detroit, Michigan.
Ed Steve EISNER. Vol 10 no.2 Winter/Spring 1960.
(C Carroll Hollis on Walt Whitman; J Mazzaro on Robert Lowell; Poems by D G Styles, R E F Larsson, J P Brennan, S Hunter, A Derleth; translations of Jimenez, Quasimodo and Apollinaire; W B Talman on H P Lovecraft; etc.)
A very good copy in original wraps. £8.00

FRIENDS. A short-lived underground magazine edited by A MARCUSON.
No.8. 12/6/70. Master of White Magic part I by Michael Joseph- a study of The Occult. £10.00

Nos 17, 21, 22, 25, 28, 29, 30, 37(9). 1969-1971.
8 issues of this scarce underground anti-establishment 4to magazine,
ranging from 24-36pp, with a wide range of articles & contemporary comment, with much on the pop scene& social problems. Photos, cartoons & other illustrations. £95.00

FROM A WINDOW. Tuscon. Arizona. USA.
A new poetry magazine edited by P MALANGA & B BYRD.
Nos 1-4. April 1965-Feb 1966. The first issue contains a chatty short TLS apologizing to one of the contributors for keeping his ‘poems so long' – ‘hope you don't want to sue us because we're broker than hell after putting out the magazine'.
Contributors include Carol Berge, C Eshelman, P Blackburn, T Olson,L Eigner, P Makanga, B Byrd, F Douglas, B Sward, Editors, J Newlove, S Gavinsky, Drummond Hadley, etc.
4 issues all near mint in original pictorial stiff wraps. £60.00

FRONTIERS. Ed. David PRESCOTT. A Magazine of the Arts. New Zealand.
V.1/2. June 1968. (J Casserley on The Modern Dance; Poems by K Ruthven-Homage to Christopher Middleton; other contributors include R Thompson,P Olds, W Packard, B Stowell,
M B Richards, L Johnson, C Harris, etc.) £10.00
v.2/1. (A look at the Myth by R Brooke; P Olds-play; poems by F C Parmee, J Lasenby,
T Arton, R Ensing, P Parish, E Pinkerton, T Reeves, J Clarke, M Neill, etc.) £10.00

FUTURE. USA. Science Fiction Magazine. Original wraps slightly frayed.
1953. No.10.(William Tenn-Liberation of Earth; Jack Vance-Ecological Onslaught. A Machado, W J Kubilius, L del Rey on Silas McKinley, etc)  £10.00
1953. No.13 . (J Wyndham-Time Stops Today-15pp story.
Other stories by H B Fyfe, B Walton, D Knight, R Wilson, etc.) £10.00

A Satirical Journal. Published by GARVE . Ullapool Ross-shire (& other places.)
“This is a literary newspaper powered by irresponsible energy, with John Charlatan & Adam Picklewit as joint Egoteurs....correspondence will be burnt... Will be perfectly beastly to everybody....pricking pretensions....”
No's 5, 6 A Visit to Criterion College.
Thoughts for 1951.
no. 11.Feb 1951.
The Bald Wind Blows.
No 12,13, 14. 15.
(Crampton Bite's Autobiography - I was born in a cellar...)
16, 17. 18
(Denunciation) 19 + supplement - “The Times Literary Supplement makes a pompous cult of anonymity... "
No.22, The Writers' Peace Appeal is not preposterous....
23, 24, 25.
Foolscap stencilled/duplicated sheets containing articles & poetry poking fun at the current climate, the political & literary scene & anything else which crossed his(their?) paths. Browned & a little frayed but surely a unique ephemeral item.
17 issues between Aug 1950 & April 1952. £150.00 or £10.00 each.

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