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Ed G & K GR
Columbus, U.S.A.
Verse, short stories, graphics.
Nos 1-6. Winter 1976-Winter 1977. Contributors include A Waldman, C Bukowski, C Berge, J Merrill etc. with illustrations by S Sturgill. No 2 is limited to 400 numbered copies signed by editors. No 5 comprises 20 postcard poems in a wrap around sleeve.
All very good together with Naked Charm, a postcard chapbook of eleven new poems by Lyn Lifshin published by Fireweed Press in 1976. £90.00
No.2 Winter 1976. Limited edition no.141 of 400 signed by the Editors.
Poetry by C Bukowski, Y Ignatow,M Hurlow, D Gerber, C Plymell,
G Locklin, etc. £20.00
No.3, Spring 1976 . (Poems by C Bukowski, Lyn Lifshin, J A Perkins, G Myers,
D Clinton, Story by J Belcher, Other contributions by R koertge, G Kuzma,
M Murphy, J Mechem, etc.) £20.00

FIREWEED. A Quarterly Magazine of Working Class & Socialist Arts.
No.1.Spring 1975 (Poetry by P Neruda, D Craig, B Brecht, T Maquire, etc.
Story by J Parkinson; Play by K Campbell, etc.) £8.00
No.2 Summer 1975 (Short story by A Bleasdale – A Fat Lad with Glasses;
Cartoon by K Sprague; Song by N Gray & A Andrews; Poem by P Neruda;
Illustration by J C Marado; E Bond – The Murder of Children.) £8.00
No.3 Autumn 1975 (Short stories by E Bond – Service, D Craig – The Will of the People,
T Hoyle – After Dinner; Paradise Valley – poems by J Matthews illustrated with photographs by G Hallett.) £8.00
No.4 Winter 1976 (Poem by D Craig; two songs by I Campbell; Short stories by D Pownall,
N Gray, M von der Grun.) Rear wrap torn not affecting text. £6.00
No.5 June 1976 (Short story by S Chaplin – The Pig Killing; Short Play by E Bond –
Grandma Faust; Poetry by P Neruda, E Bond, N Gray, B Brecht, etc.) £10.00
No.6 September 1976 Special Vietnam Edition – ‘Phoenix Country'. (Long poems by
A Mitchell – Peppermints & Daisy Chains, & R Bly – The Teeth Mother Naked at Last; K Vonnegut & P Jones Griffiths –
The Gutless Wonder; D Harris on Ron Kovic; Lino cuts by K Sprague; Poems by D Craig, D Levertov, L Ferlinghetti, N Gray, Ho Chi Minh, To Huh, etc.) £15.00
No.7 December 1976 (Short story by B Pritchard – Cake-eater Dream; Poetry collaboration
by D Craig & N Gray – Looking Back; Part 1 of a Play by M D'Arcy & J Arden – The Non-Stop Connolly Show.) £6.00
No.8 April 1977 (Poem by B Brecht – A German War Primer; Short story by Arthur Miller – Fitter's Night; Poem by A Mitchell – Open Day at Porton; Short stories by D Craig – The Next Island, & K Clay – Nietzsche's Birthday;
Poetry by E Bond; Cartoons by Patou.) £8.00
No.9 June 1977 (Poem by L Ferlinghetti – American Roulette; Lino cut by K Sprague – Viva Allende; Poems by P Nereda - Jesus Gutierrez, & B Breytenbach – The Exile.) £8.00

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