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The Quarterly Magazine of the Folio Society.
Issues in original wraps in very good condition unless otherwise described.

Jan-March 1965 (Towards Jane Eyre by A Colbert; P H Muir on Valentines.) £4.00
April-June 1965 (Stendhal & the Idea of Revolutions by E H C Smith...) £4.00
July-Sept 1965 (Dr Johnson..etc.) £4.00
April-June 1966 (C Sanford; article on M Beerbohm, etc.) £3.00
Oct-Dec 1955 (J P Bell on Wordsworth Country..) £3.00
July/Sept 1971 . (War & Peace 8pp well illustrated article on War & Peace;
Francis Bacon by Roger Lockyer-4pp;The Death of Utopia by Nicolas Austin-4pp etc.) £4.00
Autumn 1972 (One Man's Meat by D Holloway, etc.) £4.00
1976 Spring (H Van Thal-Mr Trollope of the Post Office-7pp article illus;
M Horder on Saki-3pp; C Lloyd-Mr Barrow of the Bounty -8pp;) £4.00
1977 Spring (R Ingrams on Hesketh Pearson-6pp; P D Creed-Adventures with Salome
in Egypt; Take the choice of all my Library-C Hibbert, I Murdoch, J Arlott, C Logue,
A L Rowse; P Forster on Cold Comfort Farm-4pp; etc.) £5.00
1977 Summer. (T Margerison on FitzRoy & the Beagle-4pp illus; 2 articles on Lorca by I Gibson & A Amoros, 10pp; C Hibbert on R H Gronow-6pp;etc.) £3.00
1977 Autumn. (J Richardson on Stendhal-6pp; C Tomalin-chooses four books;
M Harder on Lt J D Cochrane & his Journey through Russia in 1823;
C V Wedgwood- The Knight in Panther Skin-an epic from Georgia..) £4.00
1977 Winter. (P Garland on F Kilvert's Diaries-6pp; Paul Johnson on Abelard & Heloise;
D Cubitt on The Conquest in Chile ; etc.) £3.00
1978 Spring. (M Baring-Introducing Bassington; Emlyn Williams Introducing Saki;
P Levi-Pliny's Letters; On bokes for to rede I me delyte-K Crossley-Holland, D Athill,
C Falkus; T Wilkinson-A Bookman's Glossary;etc.) £4.00
1978 Summer
. (C Tomalin on K Mansfield-6pp; R Freeborn on Kropotkin-6pp;
J Letts-Baxter's Second Innings; D Soper on Bunyan & the Puritans; etc.) £3.00
1979 Autumn. (J Richardson on Queen Caroline; L Norton on A Dumas & his Great Gastronomical Dictionary; A Davidson on British Cookery Books of Victorian Times; etc.) £3.00
Summer 1999 (A Sillitoe The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Writer; M Magnusson on the Norse Sagas; etc.) £3.00
Winter 1999-Spring 2000 (M Bradbury & A Norman Jeffares on V Woolf; C Thubron,etc.
Story by A De Botton; ) £3.00
Winter 2003-Spring 2004
(M Atwood on Anne of the Green Gables; Lindsey Davis in Lewisham; etc.) £4.00

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