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1941. Summer v.1/4 . (E E Cummings – Speech from a Play; Poems by W H Auden, L Durrell, R A Evans, J G Fletcher, A MacLeish, J P Bishop, L Olson, H Greg ory, M Moore, Tambimuttu, Wallace Steven s,R Ellmann, R W Horan, etc. Reviews by J C Ransom, A Richards, R Eberhart, etc.) £12.00

1948 Spring v.3/3. (Essays on W B Yeats,with hitherto unpublished poems. by R Ellmann;
R Pen Warren by E Ellmann & H Nemerov; New Verse by BJ W Beach, R Todd,
C Coates, N Moore, R Ellmann, A Hecht, E Kroll, etc: Songs from the Solomons;
Prologue to a Novel in Progress by F Buechner...) £12.00

1949 Winter . v.4/1. (Poems by E Wilson, J Ashberry, P Goodman, J Paul Jones, J Broughton, L Kemp, J Ashberry, etc: Story by R Paris; 7 drawings by Irwin Touster....) £6.00

1949 Summer v.4/3. (Short story by Robie Macauley; Poems by H Nemerov, H Michaux,
E Swan, C R Sheerer,etc. The Mass in the Parking Lot by E Wilson ; etc.) £6.00

1949 Fall v4/4. (B Brecht on Chinese Acting; Poems by H Nemerov; J Broughton, E Honig,
E Kroll , etc. Stories by N Ferardm P Goodman & R B Stoloff; etc.) £6.00

1950 Spring v.5/2 . (Stories by F S Licht & J W Beach; R W B Lewis on Homer & Virgil;
Poems by W R Johnson, J Parke, D Sachs, W B Ober, etc.) £5.00

1950 Fall. V.5/4, (I Howe on Sherwood Anderson & D H Lawrence;
Poems by L A Fiedler, K Amis, K Koch, R Eberhart, G P Elliott, etc.) £8.00
1951 Summer. V.6/2. ( Stories by R B Cassill & E Harnett. R Daniel on Poe.
Poems by G W Nitchie, L Wolf, H V Witt, E Kroll, K Kees, etc.) £5.00

1 951 Fall. V.6/4. (Stories byC Putnam, J B Hall, C G Lumbard.
Poems by L Kemp, J Schevill. Reviews by D Fitts, R Eberhat, etc.) £6.00

1952 Winter v.7/1 . (Poems by F L Gwynn, F Berry , R Whittemore, J Lucas, S Flory…
Stories by A Rock, J H Shumaker; Interview with E Rasmussen; etc.) £5.00

1952 Spring v.7/2 . (Stories by R Barta, R Lowry & R V Cassill; Poetry by H Carruth,
B Deutsch, E Kroll, W Merwin, L Ross, G W Nitchie, L O Coxe, M H Broomell,
G P Elliott, J Lucas, etc.) £6.00

1952 Summer v.7/3 . (Stories by C Putman, J B Hall, H Gold & E Harnett;
Poems by H Plutzik, H Moss, J V Kelleher, W Kees, E Honig;
Reviews by D Fitts, R Whittemore...) £5.00

1952 Fall v.7/4 . (Stories by C Putnam, E Sewell(2), etc. Poems by R Lyons , E Kroll,
E Acton ,etc. Aphorisms by F Golfing. Etc.)
Neat library stamp on slightly stained front wrap. £6.00

1953 Spring v.8/1 . (Stories by H Wilner, Wayne Carver & J Miles.
Poems by W Weathers, P H Stephens, R Wilbur, W S Merwin., H Witt, etc ) £6.00

1949 v.4/1-4. Bound Volume. 4 complete issues together with front covers bound by the University of British Columbia in olive green boards with neat library sticker inside
front paste-down.
Contributors include E Wilson, W Kees, H Nemerov, T A Beckett, W B Ober,
W B Scott, E Swan, E Honig, J Ashberry, R Fuller, H Michaux, B Brecht,etc. £10.00

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