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Relating to Ireland and/or Irish Writers .

In original wraps in very good condition
unless otherwise stated.



ADAM . Nos 337/339. 1970. (G B Shaw-Unpublished Essay-11 pp. Articles on Becket by Mihalovici, J Calder, H Manning, M Hutchinson & others. Facs letters of Beckett & Gide.
Article on A Gide by Connolly, R Mortimer, P Hoy, etc. ) £12.00

ADELPHI. 1927 June . (W B Yeats-The Resurrection. First appearance of this play. (16pp) A rewritten version later appeared in 1931 in The Stories of Michael Robartes.) £20.00

ALPHA '90 . 1990. Ed D Cooley . A Collection of poetry & prose produced by the English Society Committee at University College, Galway with contributions by students from a wide variety of faculties. Original wraps. £5.00

AQUARIUS -formerly Everyman. 1971. The Irish Theatre -a Symposium by M Machiamnoir, T Guthrie, E McCabe, J D Stewart, etc. Presentation copy from M Mooney (one of the contributors). £6.00

AQUARIUS . Poetry Magazine. Ed Eddie LINDEN. 1-24. 1969-1993.
Issues in honour of John Heath-Stubbs, Roy Fuller, the Poetry of the Forties with Irish, Scottish, Welsh & Canadian issues. Contributors include G Barker, Stevie Smith, G S Fraser, D Abse, T Blackburn, J Heath-Stubbs, M Carpenter, Wrey Gardiner, Tambimuttu, K Raine, E Jennings, N MacCaig, M Hamburger, T Hughes, R Fainlight, G Macbeth, I Crichton Smith, A Ridler, S Heaney, R Greacen, R S Thomas, J Hewitt, W S Graham, S Goodsir Smith, R Nye, A T Tolley, B Begronzi, P J Kavangh, W Oxley, J Joseph, M Sweeney, P Levi, C Levenson, G Woodcock, S Spender, J Symons, A Thwaite, etc. £200.00

1931 Sept
(2 poems by Dunsany; A Maurois, A Repplier, M De La Roche, etc.) £10.00
1955 Feb . (Lord Dunsany by Oliver St John Gogarty, 4pp reminiscences; G Barker-poem;
A MacLeish -The Poet as Playwright-4pp; W Mankowitz-5pp story.) £10.00
1955 June . (C Day Lewis-16 line Poem; R Graves-The Polite Lie- 7pp Essay.
G MacKay Brown-1pp Poem in Memory of J F Kennedy; E S Gardner-3pp) £10.00
1956 June. (M Lavin-a story; Dylan Thomas-Elegy-a poem edited by V Watkins;
N Tucci, F Parkinson Keyes; Indonesia by Indonesian Writers.) £10.00
1958 April (Dunsany-Four Poets-Kipling, AE, Yeats & Stephens; H D-poem; E Gombrich on Abstract Art; Wright Morris-story) £10.00
1962 Aug. (B Behan-3pp story; The Roman Catholic Church in America, 50pp,etc.) £6.00
1962 Oct. (B Behan Story-4pp; R Graves poems; etc..) £10.00
1964 Jan.
(S O'Faolain-A Writer's Pool of Memory-16pp.) £10.00
1964 Oct . (S O'Faolain-A Writer in Search of Himself-14pp. A Akhmatova-Poems
translated by R Lowell-6pp; S Plath-3pp story; W S Merwin-poem;) £15.00

THE BELLE . Ed Kevin KIELY. Dublin. A Quarterly Journal of Belles-lettres.
Autumn 1978.
A collection of poetry, prose and review, this being the first issue.
Poems by M Scully, E O Tuairisc and the Editor. Original wraps. 71 pp. £6.00

BEST IRISH SHORT STORIES . 2. Ed. D Marcus. 1977. Dw. New stories by
C Boylan, I Daly, M Kelly, K O`Brien, W Trevor, J Johnston, J McGahern,etc. £10.00

THE BEST SHORT STORIES OF 1929. English with Irish & other Overseas Stories.
Ed. E J O'Brien. Name on front end paper. (G A Birmingham, L A G Strong,
S O'Faolain, F O'Connor, E Linklater, H E Bates, S Benson, D Garnett,
B MacNamara, M Whitaker,etc.) £15.00

BIBELOT. v.18/4. 1912 April . (The Happiest of Poets (William Morris)by W B Yeats-17pp. Under an Elm Tree by William Morris.) £15.00

May 1903.
( W B Yeats-A Canonical Book-review of Lady Gregory's "Poets & Dreamers." L Melville; Q E V Lucas, W Whitten, etc.) Original wraps frayed. £15.00
v.24. April-Sept. 1903.
( W B Yeats, A St John Adcock, W Archer, W S Crockett, E Dowden, E & R Garnett, R Ingpen, W H D Rouse, E V Lucas, Q, L Melville, T Seccombe, W Whitten, etc. with articles on R Burns, Bulwer Lytton, etc. £50.00
v.27. Oct 1904-March 1905.
(A St J Adcock, G K Chesterton, A Lang, R Garnett, C L Hind, H D Lowry, L Melville, N Munro, E Rhys, T Seccombe etc. with articles on, & full page portraits, of Swinburne, Brontes, W B Yeats, T Watts Dunton, R W Emerson, Disraeli, Cervantes, R S Hawker-no portrait. Illus H Thomson. £40.00
1934. Christmas.
(Contains review by S Beckett, "Dylon" Thomas with other contributions from W Plomer, T F Powys, A J Cronin, R Graves, A G Street, etc. Illustrated. The "Retrospect" section contains the reprinting of 5 pieces by W B Yeats as well as others by Chesterton, Shaw, etc.) £50.00

1957 May
. (D Stanford on J Cary; E Moon on J Steinbeck; R Graves-Personality of the Month; J Atkins on N Douglas;G Skelton on J C Powys; R Lancelyn Green on Kipling;
D Hughes on W Sansom, etc.) £10.00
1965 June
. (W B Yeats-A Dublin Portrait by W R Rodgers; Allen on Past Beauties.) £10.00
1986 March . (Irish Literature; W B Yeats-Collected Letters-by B Hardy; D Hogan on M Lavin; M De-la-Noy-Tribute to C Isherwood; Enoch Powell, etc.) £10.00

CAPELLA . Ed. ED EAMON CARR & PETER FALLON. Dublin. 1969-71. Nos 1,2,3,5/6,7 &8 .
A Poetry Magazine. (Jim Burns, Pete Morgan, R McGough, P Finch, B Patten,
Wes Magee, A Henri, Peter Sinfield, John Lennon (illustration), B Kennelly,
M Longley, Des O'Mahoney, S Heaney, A Ginsberg, A Mitchell, Brian Wake,
F & M Horovitz, B Macsweeney, F Ormsby, the editors, etc. )
7 numbers in 6, in original pictorial wraps. Also included are Chapters 3 and 4 of The Book of Invasions, a monthly broadsheet edited by EamonnCarr and Peter Fallon, to bridge the gap between the quarterly Capella magazine – includes contributions by Pete Morgan, Brian Wake, Adrian Henri, Wes Magee, Roger McGough etc. £150.00

CAPUCHIN ANNUAL . Father Henry, Editor. Dublin. A substantial soft covered illustrated annual covering a wide spectrum of contemporary Irish Catholic writing. Runs to some 500pp. In good pictorial wraps in very good condition. 1963, 1964, 1967.
Each £10.00

THE CHEAPO REVIEW . Number Two . nd. A Quarterly Review containing drawings, stories & poems. (Poetry & Violence in Northern Ireland by B McIlroy. Interviews with
A Rudolf(poet), Kenneth Williams, (the actor) & E Vinokurov with extracts from
the later's poetry. Etc.)   £5.00

COLLECTANEA HIBERNICA . Ed Father B MILLETT . Dublin. An Annual Periodical published by the Franciscian Fathers in Killiney ‘devoted exclusively to the publication of sources for Irish History & guides to such sources'. Approx 150-200pp each issue.
Nos 1-3,6/7.10 . 1958-1964 . 1967 . 6 numbers in 5 issues. Original wraps. £75.00

COLONNADE. No.1 1952. (G S Fraser on W B Yeats; J H V Davies on Brunelleschi & Hawksmoor-illus. R Warner-The Revolution in Corcyra-prebook publication; Poems by I Fletcher, F T Prince, G Seferis; N Powell-story, etc.) £15.00

COLOPHON . Ed. P TATHAM. 1950-1951 . 10 issues bound in one with original wraps bound in lacking only one issue for all published. (Dunsany-reviews of An Odyssey of Our Time; G Trease, B Nichols, M Steen, V Graham, R Croft-Cooke, L Golding, J Pudney, S O'Faolain, F Urquart, A Blackwood, J Hanley, D Val Baker, N Lewis, etc.) £50.00
1950 Nov/Dec.
( Dunsany-Traveller To Thundercliff-11pp.-review of An Odyssey.) £10.00


1960 Autumn. v.2/3. (G S Fraser on Yeat's "Byzantium." G Hough on Wallace Stevens. D Craig on The Waste Land. Poems by L Lerner, E Jennings, etc.) £6.00
1965 Autumn. v.7/3. (J Stallworthy on Yeats & The Dynastic Theme. Z Ghose-2 poems. M Bradbury on S Bellow. T Tanner on H James. E Lucie-Smith, etc.) £5.00
1966 Spring. v.8/1. (Holloway on Yeats & The Penal Age. Poems by T Hughes,
R S Thomas, G Synder, etc. T Tanner on H James. Stallworthy, Lucie-Smith, C Tomlinson, etc.) £7.00
1969 Autumn. v.11/3. (Stallworthy on W B Yeats & W Owen. Poems by E Jennings, A Ridler, etc. E Brathwaite-Caribbean Crisis, etc). £5.00

No.4. 1963. (W B Yeats, E Thomas, S Spender, D H Lawrence, T Hardy, Auden, R Graves,
P Larkin, T Hughes, L Durrell, etc.) £12.00

CYPHERS . A Literary Magazine. Dublin .   Ed. ED L BARDWELL et Al. .  
Nos 1,7-10,15,16,18,20,23,25,26,28,30,33. June 1975-Spring 1990.  
Poetry, fiction, reviews, drawings by such as J Heath-Stubbs, D Wright, R Duncan, Liddy, Hewitt, E Milne, M Sweeney, R Greacen, D Mahon, Wes Magee, D Healy, P T Kavavagh, H McFadden, A Higgins, etc.) 15 issues in original wraps.   £150.00

DELTA . Cambridge Literary Magazine. No.14. Spring 1958. (Poetry from Ireland by A Cluysenaar, R Weber, D Fitzgerald, P Hutchinson, T Kinsella; V Buckley on Thomas Kinsella; R Dumas-story; R Weber – Poetic Potential in Ireland; H Coombes on T F Powys's Good Wine. Etc.) £8.00

THE DIAL . NY. Ed Scofield THAYER .
1920 Nov v.69/5. (Poems by W B Yeats(4) & H D, etc. T S Eliot on Poetic Drama;
Stories by G Moore & P Morand; F Divoire on Mallarme; R Bridges on Santayana;
R De Gourmont-Dust for Sparrows-translated by Pound; etc.) £35.00
1921 June v.70/6. (W B Yeats- Four years.1887-1901 (15pp); G Santayana,
P Colum, R Hughes, A Kreymborg, J Dos Passos, T S Eliot, M Moore, M Cowley, etc.) £30.00
1924 July v.77/1. (W B Yeats - The Cat & the Moon; E Munch, J Romains, M Gorki,
L Powys, C Sandburg, Wallace Stevens, P Morand, etc. E Wilson-review, etc.) £30.00
1926 May v.80/5. (J Eglinton - Yeats & his story. F Dobson –Cpt Osbert Sitwell;
Hart Crane, Rilke, Waldo Frank , M Cowley, M Moore, Vlaminck, Picasso,etc.
E E Cummings-review, etc.) £30.00

THE DOME . An illustrated Magazine & Review of Literature, Music, Architecture & Graphic Arts published at the Unicorn Press. No 1-5. 1897-1898.Original Series. All published. New Series. vols 1-7. Nos 1-21. 1899-1900. All in original publisher's blue cloth binding with gilt lettering. J W Gleeson White's (contributor) Bookplate in 2 of the volumes & another volume has initials on front end paper. All very good & checked for illustrations. Editor's complimentry slip in one volume. In another is a slip stating that the price has been increased with the reason. £750.00
1898 Mayday. No 5.
(Aodh to Dectora by W B Yeats; L Binyon, F Thompson, L Housman, F MacLeod, A Symons, W T Horton, L Dunhill(music), etc. Many woodcut illustrations. Publisher's boards a little worn. £12.00
1898 Dec. v.1/3.
(Poems by W B Yeats, L Binyon, A Gyles, etc. Stories by L Barsac, T W H Crosland & Quiller-Couch. Play by J E Wodmead., Articles by W B Yeats, L Binyon, C J Holmes, V Blackburn, etc. Illustrations by G Ter Borch & Gordon Craig-lacking one of his illustrations.) Original wraps. £12.00

THE DUBLIN MAGAZINE (formerly The Dubliner) Ed B Arnold, D Carroll, et Al.
v.1/1-v.10/3. 1961-74 . Poetry, fiction, criticism, articles on art, short plays & book reviews. Most contemporary Irish writers have contributed to its pages.
42 numbers in 35 issues lacking only v.8/7 Spring 1971 for a complete run & it may well be
that this number was never issued as there was a change in publication. Original wraps. £450.00
April-June 1946. (The War Widow-a poem by P MacDonogh; Austin Clarke-The Second Kiss-a comedy; P Colum- The Poet's Babylon; A Ussher on Sartre & F MacNamara;
A Eglinton on C Weekes. 15pp.) £8.00
Oct-Dec 1947. (Review of Yeats' Tribute to Thomas Davis; A Ussher-Swift & Mankind; V Mercier on G Crabbe; Poems by H Connell, K A Price & P Hesketh.
In Memoriam Richard Rowley on L Doyle, etc.) £6.00
July-Sept 1952 . (Poems by J Campbell, P Fallon & G D'Annunzio; E O'Higgins on W Blake & Irish poets. F J Thompson on Mangan in America, 1850-1860;) £5.00
No.5. Oct 1952 . (D Ireland on Irish Life 1941-46; J Jay-All the Olympians; E Milne-Seven Poems; Four American Poets:-F Eckman, R Roseliep, L Spingarm, W Dickey; Poems by D Mahon, D Reilly, R J Wathen, etc.) £5.00
Oct-Dec 1956. (Poems by P T Flanagan & H Connell; A Ussher-Spanish
Note-book; P Baggett on S O'Casey; P Fallon-Verse Chronicle; D Stanford on Beerbohm.) £5.00

THE DUBLINER -later The DUBLIN Magazine.
1962. March. No.2. (Y Winters on The poetry of W B Yeats; P Colum -Encounters with George Moore; F O'Connor on Censorship; Poems by A Cluysenaar, E E Cummings, J J Keith, etc.) £6.00
1962. May-June. No.3. (Poems by D Mahon, E Milne, B Kennelly, M Hamburger, R Weber, etc. D Davie on Conventional Language; Jack White-an Interview.) £6.00
1962. July-Aug. No.4. (6 Poems by R Kell; N Montgomery on Joyce & Proust; S O'Mara-The Rape of Europa; Poems by M Leahy, E Milne, F Boylan, J Liddy, T Roethke, etc; Farrington on the Language of Drama.) £6.00
1963 Jan-Feb. No.6
.(Monk Gibbon on The Paintings of Derek Hill with 4 full page illustrations; Dublin Theatre Symposium-J Jay, B Arnold, G Desmond & D Hodnett; Poems by P Colum, P V Carroll(2), J Liddy, R Murphy(2), F Palmer, Austin Clarke with article on him by D Sealey & a Checklist of his books by Liam Miller.) £8.00
1963 Spring. V.2/1
. (Poems by K Arnold Price, J Montague, R Skelton, A Clarke, I Blake, F Bolan, etc. E Rivers on Patrick Pye-illustrated; C Vivyan-woodcuts; A J Leventhal on Joyce's Ulysses; D H Sealy on Kinsella; etc.) £8.00
1964 Spring. V.3/1.
(D Sealy on MacNeice; J Montague on Barrie Cooke's paintings; A Power on Somerville & Ross; R Ayling on S O'Casey; Poems by Austin Clarke, B Kennelly, F Palmer, etc. R Power-story, etc.) £8.00
1964 Autumn. v.3/3
. (Recollections of AE by A Power; Joyce's View of the World by R M Kain; Poems by M Harris, De Vere White, R J Whathen, E Boland, H MacDiarmid with an article on his poetry by D Sealey; The Portraits of E Solomons by H Pyle with full page illustrations of AE, J Campbell, J B Yeats, T Bodkin; Stories by T Greacen, C Daybell; B Kennelly - reviews, etc.) £10.00
1964 Winter. V.3/4. (Poems by E Boland, B Kennelly, M Longley, J Carney, D Mahon, etc. R Hogan & M J O'Neill on Joseph Holloway; T Ryan on W Orpen, illustrated; T MacIntntyre-story;etc.) £10.00
1965 Autmn/Winter. v.4/3-4.
(D Sealy on P Kavanagh with a check list of his work; P Colum on T Dermody; R Ayling & U O'Connor on S O'Casey; etc.) Poems by Austin Clarke, B Kennelly, M Gibbon, J Stallworthy, T Brownlow, D Fitzgerald. J Douglas-The Bomb, a play for T V, etc.) £10.00
1966 Autum/Winter. V.5/3/4.
(A Denson on Monk Gibbon, J W Flannery-Producing Yeats's Plays; B Glenavy on George Moore; R Hogan on S O'Casey; R McDonald on G Campbell; S Page on the Abbey Theatre; Poems by E Boland, A Cluysenaar, B Kennelly, M Longley, D Mahon, V Watkins, etc.) £8.00
1967 Summer. v.6/2.
(Austin Clarke-Memories of F R Higgins; M Lavin-story with an article on her by R W Caswell; Poems by C Day Lewis(2), D Mahon(2), A Cluysenaar, P Colum, J Montague, D Pearce; D Fitzgerald on Auden's City; A Denson-Padraic Colum: additions to a checklist of his publications; A Warner-William Allingham's Diary; N Braybrooke-Savage Wars.) £8.00
1968. Autumn/Winter.
(Bibliography of S O'Sullivan, P Colum, Alan Denson, B Wright, B Arnold.) Illustrated. £8.00

1921. July,Aug,Sept.
( K Tynanan-Memories of Lady Gilbert; The Ghost of Guy by Fr Thurston; Gnats & Camels by F J Kinsman; J Talbot on the First Three American Cardinals; Pope Benedict XV in the War & After by Mgr Prior.) £10.00
1st Quarter 1940. (Wuthering Heights by M Turnell(16pp); The Intrigues of Moscow by R Sencourt; Catholicism & the Modern Novel by S J Gosling-20pp.) Lacks spine. £7.00
1st Quarter 1948.
(Some Franciscan Poetry by E Hutton;The Treasonable Clerks of 1848 by M Derrick; World Without Ends-T S Gregory;F Suarez by J Marias. £7.00
2nd Quarter 1948
.(J Balmes by R R Sencourt; The Wasteland Revisited by
D Traversi,etc.) £7.00
1st Quarter 1952. (
N Braybrooke on G Greene's "The End of the Affair"; N Braybrooke on G Greene-the double man; D Woodruff on Lord Acton's Early writings. B Menczer on Strindberg.etc.) £7.00
Summer 1957.
Double Number on France since the War.(L Sheppard, J Fitzsimons, J Cruckshank-Existentialism after 12 years; A Pryce-Jones, R Speiaght, R Myer, etc.) £8.00

ENGLISH. The Magazine of the English Association.
Ed. G COOKSON, G BOAS et Al . 1966. Summer. The Captive And The Free. Artist, Child & Society in The World of J Cary by K WATSON. £5.00

ENVOY . Ed. J RYAN. A Review of Literature and Art. Dublin.
1950 July. V.3/8 . (Editorial on A Ussher; A J Leventhal experiences in 1918;
Poetry in Ireland by P Gerard; Modern German Painting by W Haftman;
A Cronin-3 poems; P Kavanagh-Diary; Stories by E Sheehy, Keeri-Santo,
D Ireland-Reflections on the death of a novelist-Orwell; etc.) £15.00
1950 Sept. v.3/10 . (Recent Irish Painting by E Sheey; C Acton on Irish Music;
N Braybrooke on G Greene; Poems by J Supervielle, E Milne, C McAllister. P Kavanagh-Diary; Stories by G Keenan, P O'Halpin, etc. M Hamburger on the Puppet Theatre-H Von Kleist; O Friedrich on Max Rosenstern; T Hogan on the Sunday Papers;etc.)
1 st page of adverts torn, covers marked, otherwise very good. £15.00
1950 Oct. v.3/11 . (Poems by P Hutchinson, D Marcus, V Iremonger;
G Freyer on Albert Camus; J Prevert – Four Tales for Naughty Children;
I Silone, E Bentley, P Kavanagh,etc.) £15.00
1951 July v.5/20 . (P Kavanagh – Some Evocations of No Importance; A Cronin on Waugh; A N Jeffares – Poet's Tower; J Ryan on Patrick Swift; P Flanders on P Pearse.)
Cover foxed. £10.00

1928. Vol X111 (O S)
. Dw. (Dunsany-English Language Conditions-7pp; H Waddell, etc.) Lacks front end paper owvg. Bound volume. £12.00
1950. Vol 3.N S . Dw. (P Hansford Johnson-Three Novelists & the Drawing of Character-C P Snow, Joyce Cary & Ivy Compton-Burnett; etc.) £8.00

ESSAYS BY DIVERS HANDS . Vol.32. New Series. 1963 . Dw.
(E Starkie on Joyce Cary-a Portrait-20pp; P Hansford Johnson, C Day Lewis.) £12.00

Nov/Dec 1959 . No 10 . (S Beckett-Embers; A Ginsberg, P Blackburn,
H Miller-From Nexus; W Eastlake, etc.) Original wraps. £20.00
No.14. 1960 . (S Beckett-From an Unabandoned Work (8pp). J Wain, J Prevert,
C Tomlinson, E Dorn, Art Buchwald..) Original wraps. £20.00
Nov/Dec 1960 . No.15 . (S Beckett-The End; L Ferlinghetti, LeRoi Jones, etc.) £20.00
Mar/Apr 1961 . No 17 . (S Beckett-Translation; H Miller- From the World of Sex;
C P Snow, R Wilbur, W C Williams, etc.) Original wraps. £20.00
May/June 1961 . No 18. (B Behan-Where We All Came into Town; J Genet,
L Ferlinghetti, A Higgins, A Ginsberg, O Paz,..) Original wraps. £12.00
Jan/Feb 1962 . No.22 . (S Beckett -The Expelled; G Corso, W Burroughs,
P Neruda, A Hollo, Y Yevtushenko, etc.) Original wraps. £20.00
Nov/Dec 1962 . No.27 . (S Beckett-Words & Music; R Coover, L Ferlinghetti,
W S Merwin, A Hollo, M Bulatovic, etc.) Original wraps. £20.00

Religous & cultural review with stories, poems & art features relating mainly to Ireland. (Poems by S Heaney including a verse play; M Longley, J Montague, D Mahon, P J Magee, B Kennelly, P Fallon, J Hewitt, H Clifton, B Payne, L Murphy, M Brophy, C Lambert & many others. Stories by B Kiely, M Lavin, W Mankowitz, M Mclaverty, D Hogan, M O'Faolain,etc. Articles on J Joyce, Irish Fiction, Irish Theatre, Politics in Ireland, B Kiely, Symbolsism, Sex & Modern Literature by Gabriel Fielding; M MacLiammoir interviewed by Heaney; A Chat with Tyrone Guthrie: B Friel & U O'Connor on different aspects of the Theatre: Solzenhenitsyn-Nobel Lecture: Casals & Picasso-Peace Makers; N Spiers-Drama in time of Conflict: G McCreesh-The Cynics Guide to Golf; J Hewitt, J Baezon Non-violence, etc.) 7 issues in original wraps. £95.00

FACT& FICTION . 1935 . (Dunsany story-How The Tinker came to Skavangur.)
Original pictorial hard wraps dusty othewise very good. £15.00

FURIOSO . Spring 1948. Ed E WHITTEMORE. (Essays on W B Yeats, with hitherto unpublished poems, R Pen Warren by E Ellmann & H Nemerov; New Verse by Beach, Todd, Coates, Hecht, Kroll, Moore, Johnson; Prologue to a Novel in Progress by F Buechner.) R Ellmann's copy with his initials on front cover. £12.00 

June 1925 v.1/6. USA. (Dunsany-The Nets of the Arabs, a play; O Wister, A Pushkin,
Jack London, W J Locke, E St V Millay, etc.) £15.00
Sept. 1925 . v.2/9. USA. (Dunsany-A Moral Little Tale-1pp; Lady Greg ory-Spreading the News; G K Chesterton, etc.) £15.00
Sept. 1927 . v.1/2 . GB. Ed by H W Lanier & H Walpole. (Lord Dunsany-The Queen's Enemies; H Walpole, P Bottome, O Wister, J Stephens, etc.) Staples rusty. £15.00

1968. July. No.3. (Poems by C Causley, G Ewart, M Brophy, W Price Turner, P Fiacc, etc.
Walter Allen on Joyce Cary;) £10.00
1971. Sept/Oct. No.30
. (J Mole, D Selzer, P Muldoon, T McLaughlin, B McLaverty, G Ewart. In a letter to the Editors G Ewart states "This poem is based on one of the lesser known Sherlock Holmes stories, & whenever possible uses Conan Doyle's actual words"..
The metre is one used --- and possibly invented by Betjeman." 19 verses each of 8 lines. £15.00
1978 July/Oct. No.60. (Poems-P Muldoon, S Heaney, R McFadden, C Rumens, J Stallworthy, P Porter, Craig Raine, D Mahon,etc.) £15.00

ICARUS . Ed T HICKEY . University of Dublin.
June 1960. No.31 . Poems by B Kennelly, J Montague, M Longley, J Jay, M Leahy, etc. Stories by T Brady & P Davies; etc. £10.00

THE INWARD EYE . Poetry Broadsheets printed for the Sligo Arts Festivals. 8pp.
No .4 . 1991 . Poems by J McCarthy-Editor, John Kavanagh, B Parkinson, J Gaffney,
M Hamilton, P McCloskey, J Siberry, A Toolan, W McNulty, K O'Leary, etc. £12.00
No.5 1992 . Poems by J McCarthy-Editor, John Kavanagh, B Parkinson, A Toolan,
Healy, J Siberry, J Gaffney, J McBreen, M Hamilton, P McCloskey, etc. £12.00

v.1/2. Winter 1959-60. (Editor on Eimar O'Duffy-a Bibliographical Biography. E MacLysaght on Maunsel & Co. Bibliographical notes on Synge in translation; Fraser's County Wicklow Survey, etc.) £18.00
v.1/3. 1960/61
. Includes an unrecorded speech by W B Yeats. Irish Papermaking.
The Dutch engravings of the Williamite War. A Shaw item, etc.) £15.00

THE IRISH MONTHLY. Ed Rev T MULCAHY et al . A sundry collection of issues in original wraps spanning the years 1908-1939.
Jan 1908-Dec 1909 lacking Feb,Apr,Jun,Dec 1908 and April, June 1909.
1920 Jan-Dec. 1 923 Sept,Oct,Nov. 1924 May,Sept. 1925 Feb. 1929 Feb. 1934 July. 1935 Feb. 1936 Feb,April. 1937 Sept. 1938 Dec. 1939 Jan,Feb,Apr,May,June
Much of the content is of a religious and political nature, but there are also local, historic, artistic, fictional & poetic contributions. Contributors include Michael Field, Lady Gilbert, Katherine Roche, Emily Hickey, James Ward, Katherine Tynan, Richard Ball, H V Gill, Hugh Deery, Francis MacManus, Gabriel Fallon, Philip Rooney, Aodh De Blacam, E J Coyne, J MacErlean, Doroth, Una Ratcliffe, T Corcoran,etc.
48 issues with some of the upper wraps foxed but internally very good indeed. £100.00

IRISH UNIVERSITY REVIEW . Ed. M HARMAN. A Journal of Irish Studies.
1970-1991. V1/1-3/1. 4/1-5/2. 6/2-7/1. 8/1- 13/2. 14/2-21/2.
(Brian Moore, J Liddy, F Doherty, R Wall, R McHugh, B Kennelly, A Young, R Murphy, T Kinsella, E Milne, S Heaney, M Kelsall, P Hutchinson, T Paulin, A N Jeffares, C C O'Brien, J Banville, J Jordan, P Fallon, P Colum, J Mays, S O'Faolain, etc., with Special issues on B Coffey, S Fergusson, Austin Clarke, J Montague, R McHugh, R Murphy, J Joyce, J Banville, S O'Casey, T Murphy, J Banville, M Lavin, The National Library of Ireland, The Long Poem, Literary Dubliners, Volumes 1-15 Index; etc.
39 of 42 issues in original wraps . £350.00
1975 Spring. V.5/1.
Brian Coffey Special Issue with contributions from James Mays, V Coffey, G Prowse, etc. Reviews by R McHugh, M Harmon, R Kiely, etc. Illus. 150 pp of previously unpublished work including a collaboration with the artist Geoffrey Prowse. 208 pp plus ads. £25.00
1986 Spring. V.16/1.
(M Durkan on S Heaney-a checklist for a Bibliography,29pp which includes periodical contributions etc. G Dangerfield on James Joyce, James Connolly & Irish Nationalism; F C Molloy on Francis Stuart; S Lysaght-2 poems; etc.) £25.00
1985 Autumn, v.15.2. (M H Thuente ob Violence in Pre-Famine Ireland; J Achilles on G Fitzmaurice; E Grennan-3 poems; B Schrank on S O'Casey; Index to volumes 1-15, 1970-1985. etc.) 300pp. £20.00

The Magazine of Contemporary Irish Literaure. Nos.1-37. 1946-1957 .
Contributors include S Beckett, S O'Faolain, J Stephens, F O'Connor, L O'Flaherty,
B Naughton, P Lynch, B Keily, Somerville & Ross, D Ireland. K Fallen, L MacNeice,
S Jennett, R Farren, P Kavanagh, Dunsany, G Taylor, A Cronin, L Lerner, T Kinsella,
L A G Strong, P Colum, D Davie, B Behan, A Clarke, Kate O'Brien, R Weber,
R Graecen, etc. A complete run of the 37 issues of this magazine all, save one,
in very good condition, in original wraps. £400.00
1950 Sept. No 12 . (Stories by S O'Faolain, K Faller, M Campbell, S O'Neill, E Cross, T Deevy,. D Ireland-Posrscript for Irisg Protestants; Two views on George Darley by P Colum & L A G Strong. A Cronin-poem. Reviews by C French-Salkeld, B Kiely, etc.) Covers browned. £20.00
1951 March. No.14 . (Stories by M Lavin, K O'Malley, F O'Connor & J Stephens with
articles about his work by D Marcus & V Mercier. Poems by P Galvin,
R O'Donoghue. Reviews by R McFadden, J Hewitt.) £18.00
1951 Sept. No . 16 . (Poems by R Kell, P Galvin. Stories by S de Faoite, L O'Flaherty,
M Lucey, D MacDonagh, D Hayes. W Letts on the Abbey Theatre; R Greacen on William Allingham; E Milne, M Wall, G Taylor,etc.) Spine frayed. £15.00
1953 June No . 23 . (Stories by J Cary-Success Story -4pp, G Simenon, R K Narayan, A Barea, A Chamson, I Silone, L Yutang. E Muir-poem; etc.)
Other contributors-L Feuchtwanger, A Maurois, S Jameson, etc.) £15.00
1955 No.31 Special issue devoted to the work of W B Yeats with contributions from
H Kenner, D Davie, P Ure, C Iremonger, C Bradford, P Alt, etc. £15.00
1955. Spring No . 32 . (Poems by D Davie, A Clarke, T Kinsella, R Weber.
Stories by I English, C Farrington, M Beckett, J O'Toole. J D Riley on T Deey's plays;
D Marcus on S O Riordain, etc.) £15.00

7/6/47 . (Dunsany-Jorkens in Witch Wood-3pp storyD Holman on Sir Malcolm Campbell;
Priestley's page-topics raised by readers with which Priestley. Etc.) £15.00
29/4/50 . (Dunsany-Autumn Cricket-2pp story. W Krauss-Miss Strawberry & The Sergeant-story; Etc.) £15.00

28/7/44 . (Trevor Allen on Lord Dunsany; S Dark-Materialism & Christianity; K Hopkins-poem; Church-The Faith of the Poets To-day; P Hansford Johnson, E O Lorimer,etc.) £6.00

JOYCENOTES. No 1 . June 1969. Ed L INGER . Though poorly printed, the articles,
particularly that of J S Atherton on ‘Periodicals in Finnegans Wake', are both
interesting & informative. Other contributors include Fritz Senn, Roland McHugh,
Vivien Igoe. 26 duplicated pages stapled together. £15.00

No 4. Summer 1961. (Poems by P Colum, J Montague, K Faller, etc. Stories by B Kiely, F McEvoy, J Delehanty, etc. R McHugh on Yeats, etc.) £10.00
No 8. Autumn/Winter 1962
. (Poems by P Colum, J Liddy, E McGrath, E Milne. Stories by J Jordan, D Murphy, J F Reynolds. Articles by B Cleeve, J J McAuley, J Liddy.) £10.00
No 5. Autumn/Winter 1961.
(Stories by B Friel, J Jordan, J Douglas. J Liddy on James Joyce Coming of Age. Poems by M Harris, D O'Grady, R Weber, M Gibbon.) £10.00
No 7. Summer 1962
. (Articles by J Liddy, P Colum. Stories by F McEvoy, F O'Connor.
Poems by K Faller, D O'Grady, T Kinsella, J Liddy.) £10.00
No 16/17. Spring 1969.
(Poetry by Austin Clarke, J Liddy, P Carroll, M Hartnett, T Bates, J Boland, N Griffin, A Young, etc. B Kiely-Joe the Post. Stories by L Gallaher, M Cumberland, F O'Connor. Articles by D Ireland, P Potts, etc.) £10.00
No 18. Autumn/Winter 1970
. (Poems by D R MacConmara, F Dunne, M Smith, L Murphy, L Gallagher, S Connolly, etc. Articles by B Kiely, D Ireland. Stories by J Jordan, D MacAmhlaigh, F Dunne. J Delehanty-Kilkenny-illustrated. Etc.) Wraps frayed at foot of spine. Stain on upper wrap and torn on back wrap. £8.00

KRINO . Ed. ED GERALD DAWE. Galway, Ireland.
Nos 3-6, 10,13. Spring 1987-1992
Poetry, fiction, prose, graphics, reviews of Irish poetry and drama.
(I Crichton Smith, P Fallon, M O'Donnell, J Banville, U A Fanthorpe, M Longley,
T MacIntyre, J Montague, S Dunne, M Foley,etc.) A substantial periodical.
No 13 running to 150pp & devoted to ‘Theatre and Ireland'. 6 issues. £48.00

Dublin.New Writers Press. An Occasion of Poetry & Criticism.
Nos 1-5. 1969-Spring 1974.
(Kay Boyle, A Cronin, J Hogan, A Kerrigan, J Liddy, B Lynch, J Montague, D Kiberd,
D Mahon, G Trakl, A Machado, P Durcan, S Beckett, B Coffey, Devlin, P Kavanagh,
P MacDonogh, T MacGreevy, A Clarke, M na Glopaleen, P Galvin, Kinsella, Benveniste,
J Tate,etc.) 5 issues, lacking only no.6 for all published, in original wraps in very good condition. Scarce. £75.00

LAGAN . Nd. Lagan Publications. A Collection of Ulster Writing. Short stories and poetry in original wraps. Contributors include R Greacen, M McLaverty,R Rowley, D Kennedy, T J Hanna, D Ireland, J Hewitt, J Tomelty, J Irvine, J Manifold, etc. Cover design by James Watson. £20.00

LANGUAGE AND STYLE . USA. An International Journal. 1972 Spring. v.5/2 .
(Spivak on Yeats & Mallarme; P D Sherzer on Beckett's Molloy; etc.) £5.00

LES LETTRES NOUVELLES . Juin 1957 . (J Joyce-Notes pour “Les Exiles”-14pp;
W Empson-“Le vrai theme d'Ulysse”; J Paris-“Ulysse” et la Mer. Etc. French text. 960 pp.
Original wraps. £25.00  

LISTENER . The original wraps may be browned & some staples rusty but owvg. 30/1/36 . (Tributes to King George V including a poem by Lord Dunsany. S Spender-The Poetic Drama Today. C Isherwood on J Galsworthy. R Macauley-In Deep & Shallow Waters. A L Rowse on Seamanship. Letter from D MacCarthy. E Muir, etc.) £20.00 13/10/37 . (Mafeking by Baden-Powell; Cooke of Cookesborough by J Betjeman;
Poem by Dunsany; New Novels by E Muir; Reviews by Harry Price, L MacNeice,
E Cammerts, E Bowen, E M Forster, W Plomer, W Allen, etc.) £10.00
(E Bowen-story. E M Forster-An Indian on W B Yeats. G B Shaw-letter.) £12.00
(W J Turner-The Yeats I knew. Articles by A Cooke, H Reed, G Murray.) £8.00
21/12/50. (The Wisdom of W B Yeats by T R Henn. Poems by W S Merwin,
Hal Summers. C Burt, S Spender, etc.) Staples rusty. £7.00
23/7/53. (P Dickinson on W B Yeats & H Cotton. E C Bentley appreciates H Belloc.
Poems by J C Hall, D J Enright, J Michie. A Comfort-letter. etc) £7.00
6/1/55 . (Poems by Richard Murphy & A Henderson. Max Beerbohm-1st meeting with
W B Yeats. P H Newby-Short Story. S O'Faolain-article, etc.) £10.00
1/9/55. (St J Ervine on W B Yeats; M C Stopes-letter. Poems by R Church,
W S Merwin, R Conquest, D J Enright, etc.) £7.00
4/10/56 . (S Spender on Yeats. R Macaulay's 3 rd Programme on Anthology.
S Sitwell looks at Tehran, etc.) £6.00
(Diarmuid Brennan-As Yeats was going down Grafton Street. From Wordsworth to Yeats-P Ure; Poems-P Avis, B Hill, F King and K Gee, etc.) £5.00
17/2/66 . (F O'Connor on Yeats. H Bondi on Gravitation. P Ustinov-A Year of My Life. Enoch Powell on Nuclear Weapons. Poems by C Tomlinson, D Holbrook & D M Thomas. A Burgess-New Fiction. W W Robson, Stevie Smith-reviews.) £5.00
. (R Fuller on the Yeats industry. P Beer-2 poems. G Barker, etc.) £5.00 12/1/78. (W H Pritchard on Yeats's Correspondents. D J Enright on Wolf Biermann.) £5.00

1921 June No.20. W B Yeats-Four Years, 1887-1891 part 1; E Blunden on Keats, Lamb, etc. Charles Reade by E W Hornung; J C Squire, C Aiken, etc. £15.00
1921 July No.21. W B Yeats-Four Years-part 2 - 12pp. Salute to the Orient by E M Forster 9pp; A E Coppard-6pp story; E Blunden; D Figgis on not seeing Swinburne, etc. £15.00
1921 Aug No.22.
W B Yeats-Four Years 111 14pp; J Freeman on G K Chesterton; M Beerbohm on T F Dodsworth; Poems by C Aiken(2) & De la Mare(5) etc. £15.00
1922 May No.31. W B Yeats-More Memories 1; Poems by M Hewlett, R Graves; E M Forster-story, Sherwood Anderson-I am a Fool; B Croce on Maupassant. £15.00
1922 June No.32. Poems by Dunsany, J C Squire, G Bottomley, R Graves; E Bramah-story; W B Yeats-More Memories 2. A Letter from America by C Aiken. £16.00
1922 July No.33.
Poems by E Blunden, R Frost, Lady Wellesley; Kwan-Yin by S Benson; W B Yeats-More Memories 3 12pp; Punch & Judy by M Baring; Letter from T Sturge Moore. £20.00
1922 Aug No.34. Poems by J R Ackerley, T Maynard; A Conversation in Ebury Street by G Moore: Ibsen by B Croce; W B Yeats-More Memories 4; Susan Miles. £20.00
1923 Jan. No.39.
Poems by W B Yeats, P Colum, J Freeman, I Gurney-1st appearance of "Sight". Emily Bronte by D S Mirsky; E Shanks on R Kipling; A Meynell by J C Squire; J B Priestley, F Brett Young, John Nash, etc. £15.00
1923 April No.42
. K Mansfield-story. Poems by V Lindsay, G Rostrevor Hamilton, etc. J B Priestley on R Lynd. J B Yeats-Drawing. Wren by L Weaver & E R Pennell. £17.50
1923 May No.43
. Poems by W H Davies, V Sackville-West, I Gurney, D Wellesley, etc. O Burdett on Thomas Love Peacock. R A Knox on James Grainger-a neglected poet. E Shanks on D H Lawrence. Havelock Ellis on the Art of Writing. G Bullett-story. J B Yeats-The Fair Day-drawing, etc. £15.00
1924 Sept. No 59. W B Yeats-The Bounty of Sweden; Other poems by R Graves(2). E Gosse, D Wellesley, J Freeman M Sadleir, T Sturge Moore, etc. £18.00
1925 Feb. No.64
. S Jackson on W B Yeats14pp; S Hoare - At Dzuma-Mah; T H W Crosland's death reported; G A Anderson on Charles Lamb; D Wellesley, V Garvin, etc. £10.00
1927 May. No.91.
Defective copy lacking the Bibliographies of De la Mare & E Thomas. Lacks pages 51-78 inclusive. £5.00
1935 Nov. No.193
. W B Yeats-Dramatis Personae 1 & Coole House-illus; F Madox Ford-The Master; Illus by C Leighton & R Stone; Austin Clarke; Reviews by E Muir, M Roberts, S O'Faolain. £16.00
1935 Dec. No.194
. W B Yeats-Dramatis Personae 2; Poems by H MacDiarmid, W Plomer; Illus by R Stone, R Gibbings, F Bone, H Brodsky; Charles Williams, S O'Faolain; Reviews by C E M Joad, W Plomer, R Church, etc. £20.00
1936 Jan. No.195.
W B Yeats-Dramatis Personae 3; James Hanley-The Old Ship; Illus A Miller-Parker. Reviews Austin Clarke, W Plomer, S Spender, D Verschoyle, V S Pritchett. Original wraps frayed. £20.00
1936 July. No. 201.
W B Yeats-Prefactory note to the Poems of M Ruddock; Illus by G Tuganov, S Dali, Muirhead Bone; Reviews by E Blunden, E Garnett, W Plomer, C Day Lewis, Austin Clarke. £15.00
1938 April. No 222.
W B Yeats-4 Poems; G Barker-Epistle to a Friend; E Bowen-Easter Egg Party; Reviews by O'Faolain, V S Pritchett, Stevie Smith, C Day Lewis, J Hanley, A Clarke, E Muir,etc. Illus by G Raverat, E Rivers. £12.00

MISCELLANY . The Vine Press. No 20 . May 1980 . (Sir William Coldstream by John Rothenstein; An Adventure in Ireland by Charlotte Bronte; Sheridan Le Fanu & Victorian Ireland by G Glastonbury, etc.) Illustrated. £10.00

MODERN FICTION STUDIES . USA. 1963. Autumn. V.9/3 . Joyce Cary issue with contributions from include Andrew Wright, G Garrett, L Stevenson, M Foster,
J Teeling, etc & with a selected checklist of Cary criticism. £10.00

MOTLEY. Ed Mary MANNING. V.2 No.2. Feb 1933. The Dublin Gate Theatre Magazine with articles on the theatre, its productions – with one full plate photo illustration, verse, book reviews, correspondence, etc. Pictorial wraps frayed with tear to spine but contents still bright enough. £8.00

7/12/12. (J Stephens-A Heavy Husband; K Tynan-poem.) £8.00
4/1/13 . (J Stephens-short story.) £8.00
8/3/13 . (J Stephens-The Triangle; Letter by C Bell; Poem by W H Davies.) £8.00
5/4/13 . (Poem by J E Flecker.) £6.00
12/4/13. (The Stone-man by J Stephens; H W Nevinson.) £8.00
10/5/13 . (St John Ervine-The Burial; Letter from G B Shaw & J H Dancy;
Poem by J E Flecker.) £10.00
7/6/13. (J Stephens-The Firelight; H W Nevinson; Letters from St J Ervine, R B Cunninghame-Graham, B E Kidd, D Hannay.) £8.00
26/7/13 . (J Steven s-Un Brok Brun; Poem by Tagore; letter from Ramsay MacDonald.) £8.00
16/8/13. (J Stephens-The Horses.) £8.00
6/9/13 . (J Stephens-The Triangle; H Walpole-letter; Tagore-poem; R W Seton-Watson.) £8.00
11/10/13. (Lennox Robinson-The Return; R Casement.) £8.00
28/7/17 . (G B Shaw on Mozart; W H Davies-poem.) Covers loose. £12.00
18/8/17 . (Poem-J Galsworthy; G Birmingham on Sinn Fein.) £8.00
18/5/18 . (W H Davies-poem; The Only Way in Ireland.) £8.00
29/3/19 . (J Campbell-poem; F Manning A Unionist's Apologia' H Waddell reviews An Eastern Anthology.) £6.00
24/5/19 . (Letters from G B Shaw, R Brimley Johnson, L Housman & J K Jerome, S Sassoon & E J O'Brien. Enjoying Life by W P N Barbellion; H N Brailsford on Germany..) £12.00
22/11/19 . (H N Brailsford-In Occupied Ireland; W Archer-Wanted a new GBS;
L Housman-poem; F Swinnerton, R Fry, R Rolland, etc.) £7.00
13/12/19. (G B Shaw on Carpenter; R Graves-poem..) Original wraps loose. £12.00
27/12/19. ( How England Governs Ireland; Youth & the War by a Soldier, etc.) £6.00
1/10/21 . (M Hewlett-The Plight of Their Graces; J Middleton Murry, E Rhys-poem. Letters from R Cecil,A M Laing..) £6.00
12/11/21 . (Why I Shall Not be There by G B Shaw; K Tynan-poem;
J Middleton Murry on Proust; A G Gardiner-Literary Portraiture) £10.00
19/11/21 . (After You,Sir by G B Shaw; Poem by P Colum; letters from J G Fletcher,
J Middleton Murry; H M Tomlinson. E Rhys-The Moles..) £10.00
26/11/21. (The Limitation of Christ by G B Shaw; J Middleton Murry on Croce & Criticism; Mary Webb-The Fruits of the Earth; M Gorky-An Appeal; etc.) £10.00
25/3/22 . (H W Nevinson The Burden of Ireland; E Blunden-Poem; The Truth about the Fifth Army by A G Gardiner; etc.) £6.00
8/4/22 . (J Stephens-poem; J Middleton Murry on Tchekov; H M Nevinson "Anzac"..) £6.00
14/10/22 . (J Stephens-poem; J Middleton Murry...) £7.00
23/12/22 . (J Stephens-poem; J Middleton Murry on Nietzsche;
Forrest Reid-Dream & Reality..) £8.00

NEW POETRY . 1976. Workshop Poets. Original wraps. The Islanders - Long verse sequence by the West Indian Poet, A L HENDRIKS, with a criticism of his work. Presentation copy inscribed by R Greacen with poems by him(3). Other poems by L Styk, G Wells, etc. £15.00

THE NEW REPUBLIC . 1930.Feb.-1933 June. v.61/792-v.75/969. (lacking 1 issue) A notable American Weekly Newspaper founded in 1914 by Herbert Corby & Walter Lippmann & still currently published. Often described as liberal 'with a strong intellectual streak', it is considered as centrist in regard to foreign & economic policy & progressive on social issues. Contributors include W B Yeats, J Joyce, A Gregory, P Colum, A E, V Woolf, E Wilson, A MacLeish, K A Porter, A Tate, Wallace Stevens, J Dos Passos, A Huxley, K Mansfield, W Faulkner, C Aiken, Sherwood Anderson, W R Benet, G Dillon, S Huddleston, J Dewey, J Langdon-Davies, H N Brailsford, A Huxley, Lewis Mumford, M Cowley, etc. Bound in are 5 issues from the 1929 literary sections for Spring, Fall & Winter - containing the 1st 4 articles by Edmund Wilson (introduction, Yeats, Valery, Eliot.) 14 volumes well bound in 7 with the original wraps bound in. £300.00  

No.5. 1954 . (S Beckett(Molloy), S O'Faolain, J Lehmann, M Cowley, J M Brinnin,
H Gregory, etc poems by Wallace Stevens, Dylan Thomas, K Rexroth, R Wilbur, W Carlos Williams, D Hall, etc.) £10.00
No.8. 1955 . (P Hutchins- James Joyce on Holiday. Poems by E E Cummings & W C Williams. Introduced by R Wilbur; Nine Modern Dutch Poets selected by H Koninsberge..) £10.00

NOW and THEN .
1924. Summer No.12 . (A E on O'Flaherty; N Mitchison by E Power;etc.) £20.00
1925. Winter No.18 . (The Wave by L O'Flaherty. The Later Davies by T Moult.
C Morley on Visiting Bookshops. Etc.) £20.00
1926. Spring No.19 . (Carl Sandburg by Rebecca West; The Old & the New by I Brown.) £20.00
1929. Autumn No.33 . (Alice Meynell by Shane Leslie. Edward Garnett. A Ransome.
O St J Gogarty. W H Davies.) £20.00

OASIS . Ed. D Stone,G Roughton,T Gunn, J Mander et al. Cambridge Students Union.
Nos 1-5. 1951-1952. (Spender, C Day Lewis, L MacNeice, R Graves, Dylan Thomas, K Raine, R Campbell, J Betjeman, very Watkins, A Lewis, T S Eliot, W H Auden. etc.) One issue is devoted entirely to poems by W B Yeats; another is devoted entirely to Undergraduate Poetry (C B Smith, M Grundy, J Mander, H Silver, Thom Gunn, M Millagte, etc.) 5 issues in original wraps. £65.00 

OGHAM . No.4. c.1992. ‘Writing on the edge' from The Belfast Writers Group.
A collection of new Northern Irish prose & poetry with contributions by Marie O'Neill, Joe Nolan, James Watson, Geraldine P Reid, etc. Original wraps. £8.00 

Jan/Feb 1952. (Stanislaus Joyce on Joyce's Dublin; Dylan Thomas-two poems first
published in Botteghe Oscure but appear here in revised form, word change
& various revisions, in which they were later published in "In Country Sleep".
(not recorded in Rolph); W H Auden-Reflections on Muisc & Opera; etc.) £25.00

PASSAGES 2. 1988. Belfast. Short stories by Modern Irish Authors featuring
S McAughtry, J Morrow, J MacVeigh, J Stone, P Boran, S Masters, S Burrows,
J Metcalf, M Sands, M Malachy, F Johnston & I Campbell. £6.00

PLATFORM . Autumn 1955. No.4. (R Ellman on The Identity of Yeats; Poems by W Carlos Williams, N MacCaig, E Jennings, E L Mayo, S Goodsir Smith, K Amis, P Larkin, A Brownjohn, C Higham, P Russell, etc.) £10.00  

v.84/3. (Yeats Revisted by H Greg ory; Poems by W Burford, M Solomon, H Moss,
J W Beach(3), R Stone(3), etc. H Kenner on Eliot & Coleridge, H Rago on Jacobsen, Bogardus & Coleman, etc.) £5.00
v.107/3 . (H Carruth on Yeats & others; Poems by J Merrill, C Tomlinson, B Howes,
D Levertov,etc. A Fang out of China, etc.) £5.00

POETRY IRELAND. Ed. DAVID MARCUS . 1948-52. Nos.2.4.6 -11.14.16.
(McFadden, Iremonger, Kell, Milne, Salkeld, Greacen, Cronin, O'Faolain, P Colum, Shane Leslie, MacDonagh, Myles na Gcopaleen, V Watkins, P Russell, D Delvin, P O Horan, Lord Longford, etc.) 10 issues, the last 2 with upper wraps a little soiled. £65.00

POETRY IRELAND. Ed. JOHN JORDAN. The Dolmen Press, Dublin.
Volumes 1-8. Autumn 1962 to Spring 1968 .
Contributors include Austin Clarke, S Heaney, P Kavanagh, Christy Brown,
M Hartnett, T Kinsella, P Durcan, D Mahon, J Montague, B Coffey. E Milne,
Monk Gibbon, D MacDonagh, L Daiken, R Skelton, J Hewitt, W R Rodgers, etc.
A very good complete set of 8 issues in 7 in original wraps. Scarce. £105.00 

POETRY REVIEW . 1941 v32/6 . (R Greacen on the decline of Irish poetry.
Manifesto of the Poetry Society signed by Dunsany, J Galsworthy, M Hewlett,etc.
Poems-G R Hamilton, J Hewitt. ) . £8.00

POLEMIC . Ed H SLATER . Original wraps a little frayed. Published by Rodney Phillips.
No 7 . 1947. March . (Dylan Thomas-2 poems & 13pp article on his poetry. G Orwell-Lear, Tolstoy & the Fool; G Grigson, P Toynbee on Joyce's Ulysses.) £30.00
No .8. 1947 . (P Toynbee on Joyce-part 2; S Spender-Thoughts in an aeroplane over Europe. R Ironside on Kafka; C I Glicksberg on The Pyschology of Surrealism;
E Sackville-West.) £18.00

A REVIEW OF ENGLISH LITERATURE . Ed A N Jeffares. 1963 July. v.4/3. Special Yeats issue. (W B Yeats-23 letters to Lady Gregory, an account of an interview and reports of speeches printed in various newspapers. Article on Yeats by J Stallworthy, W B Stanford etc) £14.00

LA REVUE DES LETTRES MODERNS . Hiver 1959-60. No.49-51 . James Joyce.
Configuration critique 1 with articles by J Prescott, W Troy, H Levin, T Wilder,
M Beebe, W Litz, etc.) Original wraps. uncut. £20.00

SEWANEE REVIEW .Ed J E Palmer, A N Lytle, M K Spears , Allen Tate, et Al . Spring 1947 . (H Haydn-Introduction to the symbolism of W B Yeats(27pp); D Baumgandt on German Ethics 1913-33. J C Ransom On Shakespeare's Language (18pp);etc.) £10.00
Winter 1956 . (R Ellman on Yeats; Poems by R Whittemore, W S Merwin, D Abse, P Engle; M Bewley on Hawthorne; P Cuttwell on Wordsworth; articles by G Woodcock,
R B Heilemn. Allen Tate on American Poetry 1900-50; T Mabry-story;) £10.00

THE STEEPLE . Ireland's new poetry magazine. Ed. P. COTTER. Cork.
Winter 1992. First Issue. R Murphy, D O'Driscoll, B Cleary, J Montague (an essay). Cartoon illustrations. Original stiff wraps. £15.00
No.2 June 1992. Poems by P Galvin, T Dorgan, H Wright, M O'Sullivan, E Power, C O'Callagan, B O' Broin(in Irish), D Byrne, R O'Donaghue, C O'Connell, etc. Original pictorial stiff wraps. £15.00

THE SHANACHIE. An Irish Illustrated Miscellany.
1906. Vol 1/1 & 2. 2 issues bound in original publisher's pictorial cloth a little marked. Contributors include W B Yeats, G B Shaw, S O'Sullivan, Dunsany, G A Birmingham, A E, S Gwynn, P Colum, Lady Gregory, A P Graves, J M Synge. Illustrated by H Thomson, W B Yeats, R C Orpen. £165.00
1906. 2nd number
. Original wraps worn. (Dunsany-The Whirlpool; G A Birmingham-The Child of Our Hope; J M Synge-The Vagrants of Wicklow; A E-2 contributions; illustrations by J B Yeats, H Thomson & R C Orpen.) £65.00

THE SHAVIAN . Spring 1971 & Summer 1985. Articles on various aspects on Shaw's work by T F Evans(Editor), Judi Dench, A Kaden, D Austin, R Foulkes, F Glendenning, etc. together with THE INDEPENDENT SHAVIAN Spring 1978 which includes How I make my Money” by G B Shaw & a Charcoal Drawing of Shaw by Clare Winsten; etc.
3 items. £10.00

SHENANDOAH. YEATS AND IRELAND. 1965. Summer. Poems, Fiction & Essays.
(J Unterecker-An Interview with Anne Yeats; A Clarke-Glimpses of W B Yeats; M Gonne-Dawn, J Montague, B Kiely,etc.) £16.00

TEMENOS . A Review devoted to the Arts of the Imagination.
1984. No.5 . (K Raine-Yeats and Kabir; J Mambrino on I B Singer; M Pallis on Wagner; Islamic Art by P Marchant, J Bonner & K Critchlow with illustrations by these artists-some in colour; Poems by P Redgrove, Tagore, Kalidasa, J Le Witt, J Reed, G Mackay Brown, N Curry, J Fairfax, C P Cavafy with an article on him by P Sherrard; J Mahood, etc.) £10.00
1985 No.6 . (J Montague-Creatures of the Irish Twilight; Sacred Architecture of Islam by S H Nast; W Berry-story; J Reed on the Art of Morris Graves-illustrated both in colour & black & white; D Shategan on Hafiz; Poems by P Celan translated by P Hamburger; J Montague, J Reed, Y Bonnefoy translated by J T Naughton & A Rudolf, J Griffin, G Lindop, S Menashe, R Skelton, J le Witt, etc. J Carey,etc.) £10.00
1986. No. 7 . (Liam Miller on Yeat's & the Theatre of Imagination; T Kinsella-poems & Translations; B Matthieu on Henry Miller's Divine Comedy. J Reed on the poetry of G Manley Hopkins; J Carey-Daughters of Memory; D Gascoyne-Interview; etc. Poems by J Montague, J Mambrino, D Gascoyne, P Redgrove, J Reed, J Moat, etc. £10.00

TRACKS . Dublin. Dedalus Press. Poetry, translations & fiction edited by J F DEANE. Nos 1-3.5.6. 1982-86. (S Heaney, C Rumens, Pasolini, O Paz, J L Borges, O Mandelstam, W Oxley, M O'Donnell, P Celan, R Brennan, J Banville, J Liddy, Vayenas, Denegres, H Boll, J Stathatos-translations.etc.) 5 issues in original wraps. Approx 64pp in each issue. £45.00

THRESHOLD. Ed Mary O'MALLEY et al. Belfast. Quarterly Magazine of Literature including poetry, criticism, drama, etc. 1957-1985. Vol 1 nos 2-4, v2 nos 3 & 4, Vol 3 nos 1-4, Vol 4 nos 1 & 2, Vol 5 nos 1 & 2 then nos 17,19,20,21,23,24,25 & 31. Articles on many aspects of Irish Writing including Yeats, O'Casey, Synge, etc. with contributions from R Kell, J Montague, J Hewitt, R McHugh, S Heaney, D Abse, E Pound, M Lavin, J Silkin, T Kinsella, W R Rodgers, P Colum, M Duffy, P Muldoon, D Donoghue, G Fallon, E Milne, O Blakeston, D Mahon, L MacNeice, F O'Connor, R Graecen, M Longley, R McFadden, A Clarke, D McDonagh, M Phelan, B Kiely, K O'Brien, D Ireland, R Weber, B Coffey, J Cary, D Mahon, S Deane, B Friel, P Durcan, N Dugdale, J Holloway, etc. 21 issues all very good. £200.00
1957 Autumn. v.1/3. (J Hewitt-The Bloody Brae-Play; P Colum-The Nation and the State; D Donoghue on Synge's Poems; Granuaile, a Play by G Fallon.) £8.00
1958. Autumn. v.2/3. (Poems by P Galvin& R Roseliep , M C Mhac an Tsaoi. J Hewitt on Irish Poets. E Milne-Letter to the Editor. B A Kennedy on James Stephen's American Diary. Stories by M Buljan and M Phelam; D Fennell.) £8.00
1959. Spring. v.3/1. (Fiction by J F Reynolds, P Hutchinson; Poems from Canada:- E Birney, D Livesay, P Potts, N Levine, G MacDonald, G Downes; R Vaughan on Balfe; C Stief and K O Skibowski on Poland, etc.) £8.00
1959. Summer. v.3/2. (J Montague-Rebellion-10pp story; Poems by P Pearse and R Kell; R McFadden, J McNeill and M O'Malley on The Belfast Theatre Controversy; J Hewitt-The Dresden Notebook; R P Davis on Gandhi and Griffiths; S Miles on The Mermaid Theatre.) £10.00
1973. Spring. No.24. (Articles by S Deane, E Robson, L Muinzer, C Murray,J Orrell, W H B MaxBride, J O'Malley, M Bevan,etc.) £10.00
1974. Summer. No.25. (J Hewitt on Austin Clarke; The Politics of Yeats' Theatre by D Donogue; J Boyd on St John Ervine; other articles by S Deane & D Kennedy; stories by J J Coughlan, J Biggar, I Daly, E McCabe; Poems by J McQuoid, J Hewitt, L Bardwell, J Montague, R Donoghue, E Murray, S Traynor, P Durcan, P Hutchinson, R McFadden, F Ormsby, S Lucy, etc.) £10.00

TO-DAY . Ed. Holbrook JACKSON. 1917-1923. v.1/1-v.10/58. (W B Yeats, E Pound, E Thomas, De la Mare, G K Chesterton, R Church, W H Davies, M Beerbohm, T S Eliot, O Sitwell, S Sassoon, R Aldington, R Graves, E Blunden, R Hodgson, A Noyes, P Nash, T Hardy, etc. ) 59/60 issues in original wraps lacking 1 issue(no.8) only for complete run. £400.00

TO-MORROW . Dublin. No.1. 1924. ( W B Yeats-Leda & The Swan. To All Artists & Writers - a Manifesto signed by H S C Salkeld but definitely ascribed to Yeats. L Robinson, L O'Flaherty, J Campbell, F R Higgins, M Gonne, etc. Large folio. Very good copy. £100.00

TRI-QUARTERLY . Ed. E ANDERSON, C NEWMAN ET AL. 1965. No.4. USA. Double issue celebrating The W B Yeats Centenary with articles on him by P Colum, S Spender, B Rajan, Coulton Johnson,(Editor), W P Fay, C Cruise O'Brien, R McHugh, etc & A Symposium on Poetry since Yeats with S Spender, P Kavanagh, W D Snodgrass & T Kinsella. Another second section is devoted to New French Writing with contributions on G Appolinaire by M Butor, C Boultenhouse & Four Calligrams by Apollinaire himself; other contributors include , J-P Aron, L-P Fargue, R Barthes, etc. Double issue. 200pp. Illustrated. £17.50

TRINITY UNIVERSITY REVIEW . A Journal of Literature, College Thought & Events.
April 1974. v.87/2 . Issue entitled “A Matter of Innocence” with article & poems
on this subject by K D Murray, D Schenk, J D Wilson, A Brodie, R Paulaitis, A King,
I F Ross, D Duffy, M Dale, M J Sidnell, F C Ford, H Hardy, C Powles, K D Murray, etc. F Madox Brown-portrait of his daughter. Faint library stamp on front wrap. £7.00

1955. July. No.941. (D Paul-Yeats and the Irish Mind; D J Enright-Two Glimpses of Japan; B Miller-From a Notebook; Montagu Slater,etc.) £5.00
1957 Aug. No.966.
( A Alvarez - Eliot & Yeats; Unliberated Europe - R Lowenthal, P Ignotus, S Faludy & A Herbert with cover illus by C Keeling; D Davie, etc.) £5.00

TWO WORLDS MONTHLY . A Literary quarterly devoted to the “Gaiety of the Nations.” Ed Samuel ROTH. v.1/1-4. V.2/3 . Aug 1926-Feb 1927 . Two Worlds Publishing Co. NY. Contains the unauthorised first 7 of 11 instalments of Ulysses in this format, the 12 th final instalment being included in a limited bound volume colleting those already published. These 7 issues include work by D H Lawrence, A E Coppard, A Symons, E Pound, J Galsworthy, T S Eliot, A Machen, T F Powys, N Douglas, F Harris, S Crane, R Middleton as well as notable continental & South American authors together with the Joyce serialisation.
All very good in original wraps with only very minor faults not affecting texts. £135.00
1926 Aug. V.1/1. (J Joyce-Ulysses-1 st part. dow in the Garden. Poems by A E Coppard, R Hodgson, C Sandburg. A Symons on Joyce. Stories by E Farjeon & A Schnitzle. Play by L Biro; etc.) Original wraps a little rubbed & frayed. £15.00
1926 Sept. v.1/2 . (J Joyce-Ulysses-2 nd part. A Machen on R Middleton; T S Eliot-Eeldrop & Appleplex; R Middleton-The Ghost Ship; R Le Gallienne, etc.) Spine of the original wraps defective with marginal damage to many pages not affecting the text – a reading copy. £3.00
1926 Oct. V. 1/3 . (J Joyce-Ulysses-3 rd part. Stories by Djuna Barnes, R Middleton,
D H Lawrence, etc. E Toller-play. Poems by R Le Gallienne, S Roth, A Symons,
A E Coppard, etc. Lower leading edge of front wrap & early pages are “gnawed”(?)
or damp, marginaly damaged not affecting the text otherwise very good. £5.00
1926 Dec. v.2/1. (J Joyce-Ulysses-5 th part. Story by A Shcnitzler & D H Lawrence.
Ashley Dukes on Schnitzler. I Bunin, J Galsworthy, P Guedalla, etc.) Original wraps damp stained along a central marginal area not affecting the text. £6.00
1927 Jan. v.2/2. (J Joyce-Ulysses-6 th part. Stories by A E Coppard, M Armstrong,
Djuuna Barnes, Caradoc Evens with an article on him. T S Eliot-Fragment of a Prologue; F Harris-play. G K Chesterton on The World of William Clissold, etc.)
The spine of original wraps rubbed & darkened otherwise very good. £12.00.

ULSTER PARADE . Quota Press. Belfast. “not a digest.”
No.3. 1942 . Stories & anecdotes relating both to Ulster & the War. £8.00
No.9. 1945 . (F Harris-I Went to Monty's School. Other stories by R A Parke, P C Medina, Clare Wets, “Torcy”, etc. Play by R Black. & several poems.) £10.00

UNIVERSITY REVIEW . Vol.2 No.10. 29/4/61 . National University of Ireland.
(B Coffey-poetry-who has possibly inscribed his poem, “NINE-a musing” to
Harry Craig; J Jordan on J Donne; Thomas Williams on Menander; etc.) 60pp. £12.00  

THE WEEKLY WESTMINSTER . Ed. Ramsay MUIR. v.5/1-v.5/13 (last issue). Nov 1925-Jan 1926. Bound in 1 volume. (Review of Yeats Early Poems & Stories with a photo of "Senator" W B Yeats; G Greene reviews Stendhal & there is a note on Babbling April; O M Hueffer, L A G Strong, L O'Flaherty-2 stories, H Waddell, C Day Lewis, H W Nevinson, H Monro, E Mannin. E Garnett, R Church, E Blunden, H Farjeon, H Wolfe, H M Tomlinson, L Abercrombie, A S MacDonell, etc.) Boards worn & marked. £30.00  

X . A Quarterly Review. Ed D WRIGHT & P SWIFT. 1960-61. V 1/1-4 . v. 2/1-3 .
(S Beckett, B Higgins, R Nye, P Kavanagh, Stevie Smith, R Graves, H MacDiarmid,
E Pound, Milosz, G Barker, A Cronin, M Seymour-Smith, R Pinget, D Gascoyne,
J Mahon, N Stock, V Watkins, B Pasternak, J Supervielle, C H Sisson, M Lowry, etc.
Illustrated by Kokoschka, L Freud, A Masson, Giacometti, D Bomberg.
7 issues in original wraps – all published in this series.. £175.00
v.1/1-4. 1960-1961
. Contributions from Stevie Smith, R Graves, G Barker, B Higgins,
M Seymour-Smith, H MacDiarmid, D Gascoyne, P Kavanagh, J Mahon, D Hill,
N Stock, B Pasternak, R Pinget, J Supervielle, V Watkins, etc. Illustrations by Kokoschka, L Freud, A Masson, Giacometti, D Bomberg. Bound in one volume with dw.
Edition limited to 800 copies. £30.00
v.1/4 . Oct. 1960 . (Stories by S Beckett & C H Sisson; E Pound-Unpublished letter;
Poems by R Nye, Milosz; A Cronin-A Question of Modernity;
Two Paintings by L Freud; etc.) £10.00

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