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begining with the letter
Original wraps in very good condition unless otherwise described.


ICA BULLETIN. Institute oder Contemporary Arts.
1964 Dec.(M Horovitz, J Cage-Poems etc.) £7.00
1965 May. (J Furnival-Poem; Photo of Stevie Smith reciting her poems;
current events at ICA including background;etc.) £7.00
1967 Aug/Sept. Notes & programme of monthly events at the ICA .
(Cubist Art Explained by F Picabia! Illus with comments by Earle Brown,
A K Mehrotra, J F Bory, M Ratz, etc. Yoko Ono-I Wonder Why;
G Chiari, etc.) Included is an admitance ICA invitation card to ‘Salute Apollinaire' & for the preview of an exhibition of painting's by Adrian Henri at Nash House.
The card features portraits of these on the other side. £10.00

ICARUS. University of Dublin. Ed T Hickey. No.31. June 1960. (B Kennelly,J Montague, M Leahy, P Davies, C Duran, M Longley,J Jay, P Bell, T Brady, P J Davies, etc.) £10.00

ICE. Vol.1 No.1. 1968? Ed Tom CLARK.
"A one shot magazine - no copyright no nothin." Brightlingsea, Essex.
Contains contributions by Ted Berrigan, Allen Ginsberg, Aram Saroyan, Bernadette Mayer, Robert Howell and an extract from Jack Kerouac’s Visions of Cody. Missing final page of short play In The Foundry. Mimeographed text with photographic cover, all stapled.
A little creased & marked but still a very good copy of a scarce, eclectic periodical.£50.00

ICONOLATRE. A Magazine of the Arts. Ed Alex HAND & Alan TURNER .
Original Art Work, New Poetry, Essays & Reviews. Durham . West Hartlepool.
Original cardboard wraps, stapled with stencilled/duplicated sheets.
No.12. 1965 . Poetry, Painting & Jazz with contributions by D M Thomas, G Holloway,P Morgan, A Turner, G Holloway, J Burns, P Shuttle, J Cotton, I Vroom, H Neefs, J Bierkens, A Hand, B C Leale, K Grays, N Spratling, L M Herrikson & R Brown. £15.00
No.14/15. No date. Contributions by B Patten, D Cuncliffe, Editors, T Morris, C Torrance, A Moyse, G Holloway, W Wyatt, P Morgan, A Edkins, D Georgakas, L M Herrickson, I Schram, C C Hebron, B S Mudd, L M Herrickson, P Morgan, A Moyse, A Edkins & D Cuncliffe. £15.00
Issue 20 . Not dated. Contributions by G Fowler, E Lucie -Smith, J Nuttall, Wes Magee, D Tipton, C C Hebron, B Miller, D Manganotti, M Perkins, J McKraken, G Dowden. 40pp. £17.50
. No date. Contributions by W Wantling, C Torrance, J Burns, P L Kryas, R Peters, W Broome, A Llyod, B Wake, G Holloway, J H Jourda, D Georgakas, J Sinclair, D Manganotti, Editors, etc. 46pp. £15.00
No. 22/23
. No date. A special Greek issue with contributions from T Ritsos, V Vasilikos, D Georgakas, C Kovanis & M Theodorakis, P Morgan, A Edkins,P Evans, C Torrance, Wes Magee, D Chaloner, etc. 74pp. £10.00

V.1-3. Feb-July 1893.
(Mark Twain-The American Claimant & an interview personally conducted by Luke Sharp with an article on Twain by R Kipling with other contributions by Kipling. A Conan Doyle(4), Rider, Haggard, R L Ballantyne, Brete Harte, O W Holmes, E Phillpotts, E W Hornung, Barry Pain, A Lang, R Buchanan, W Canton, W L Alden, I Zangwill, Editors, etc.)
V.1 & 2 in publisher's original gilt pictorial green cloth.
v.3-half calf-spine cracked. £65.00
Individual volumes:-
V.2. Aug 1892-Jan 1893.
Among the many contributors are Conan Doyle(2), R Kipling(2), E Phillpotts (4), M Twain, De Maupassant, R Barr, Allen Upward, Grant Allen, Hall Caine, G R Sims, I Zangwill, W L Alden, B Pain, etc.) Bound in blue cloth with index. £20.00
Vol.5. Feb-July 1894.
A Conan Doyle-Sweetheart & The Doctors of Holyland: A S Boyd. H Harland, Q, G B Burgin, H S Merriman, Grant Allen, W Besant, Brete Hart, R Barr, W L Alden,etc.). Bound volume in half calf. £30.00

I.KON . Illustrated periodical of Magic & Art. New York . Ed Susan SHERMAN.
Vol 1 No.2 April 1967.
Mike Robinson on Truffaut; Allen Katzman on Comanche Ritual; Poetry by Jerome Rothenberg; etc. Original wraps a bit aged but contents still very good. £7.00

ILLUMINATIONS. Illuminations Press. Mill Valley, California. USA.
Ed Norman MOSER.
Nos 3-5. Summer 1967 – 1971 .
Poems by Neruda translated by R Bly with other poems by D Blazek, E Oster,
M Felix, T S Holt, C Foster, B Miller, R Kraus, J Weishaus, R Moreno, L Pennington, J Opie,
W J Margolis, J Navas, J Hayes, S Gresser, Hadassah, G Fowler, J Houston, J Crews,
T Parkinson, C Major, A Cuelho, T Stokes, Hadassah, W Pillin,etc. Contains stories by C Boode & D Ponican with other articles by D Amos, W Margolis, G de Vries, T Kitaif, etc.
The Gentleman – Caller by Ed Bullins- a satiric bite into“the buts of America”. Illustrations by J McHugh, W Connelly & L Nimmer.
Folio. 3 issues in original wraps in very good condition. £50.00
No.3. Summer 1967 . Poems by Neruda translated by R Bly with other poems by
D Blazek, E Oster, J Crews, M Felix, T S Holt, C Foster, B Miller, R Kraus, J Weishaus, R Moreno, L Pennington, W J Margolis, J Navas, J Hayes, S Gresser, Hadassah, G Fowler, J Houston, T Parkinson, etc. D Ponican – story. Illustrated by J McHugh, W Connelly & L Nimmer. With loose extra sheet laid in.
Original wraps curled on the edges otherwise in very good condition. £20.00
No.4. Winter 1968-69 . Poems by J Opie, C Major, S Gresser, M Felix, A Cuelho,
T Stokes, J Crews, Hadassah, W Pillin, etc. Contains a prose supplement featuring “Black Widow”- a story by C Boode with other articles by D Amos, W Margolis, G de Vries, T Kitaif, etc. £20.00
No.5. 1971 . A special edition featuring - a two-act play-The Gentleman – Caller by Ed Bullins- a satiric bite into the buts of America. £20.00

ILLUMINATIONS. An International Magazine of Contemporary Writing.
, S LEWIS . Rathasker Press. Tanzania . Dar es Salaam .
Spring 1984 No. 111. A Tribute to Sir Stephen Spender with contributions from S Sontag, J Brodsky, T Stoppard, C Isherwood, W H Auden, P Porter, Craig Raine, M Hamburger, P Zimmer, F Mayrocker & B Ramke. Edition limited to 500 copies. £20.00
Spring 1988. No VI. Russians, Hungarians & Horses. Poems by B O'Donoghue, B C Leale, A Thwaite, C Bensley, M Crucefix, J Fairfax., S Lewis, J McAuley, J Y Toyama, etc. Story by E Dubnov translated by C Newman & J Heath-Stubbs; etc. £15.00
Summer/Autumn 1988. No.VII.
Romanians from Three Languages & Early Hungarian Concrete Poems with contributions by C Rumens, B Z Miditch, G Szirtes, J Kirkup, Eminescu, F Adcock, G Maxwell, P Celan & C Drummond, etc. £15.00
Summer 1989. South African Issue. Poems by D Mattera, D Brutus, D R Skinner, K Sole, A Sitas, Mi S'Dumo Hlatshwayo, N Malange, K Kgositsile, L Kumalo, R Matlou,
A W Oliphant, etc.. Stories by A Oosthuizen, G Hugo, etc. £15.00
Summer/Autumn 1992. No. XI . Poems by Z Ghose, D Abse, G Szirtes, J Stallworthy, J Kirkup, E Morgan, K Sole, G Tomlinson, K Crossley-Holland, W Stockenstein, C Satyamurti, E Morgan, etc. story by F Collymore; P Solomon-Sincerley Graham Greene, etc. £15.00

25/11/50. A Challenge to Stalin (Tito) by John Phillips, 5pp. Private Sketch-Book of an R.A.(Russell Flint) 2pp; The Street that Died-including Dennis Wheatley's old home by Wallace Reyburn,4pp; Film Star Shearer Dances Again- 2pp illustrated; J Arlott-Defence is the Best Attack, 4pp; Charles Graves-By Royal Appointment; etc.) £6.00
31/1/53. (Marilyn Monroe-Facts behind the Legend by Connery Chappell; Career Women through Fifty Years; Soccer's Amazing Amateurs (Walthamstow!). The Spain we Woo; etc.) £4.00
25/4/53. (Royal Portfolio-Princess Anne; Rommel's Pictures- the personal album of the general who took his camera into battle, 8pp; Corinne Calvert by D Clayton; etc.) £6.00
13/6/53. Souvenir Issue of the Coronation in “Wonderful Pictures” with articles by Compton Mackenzie, H V Morton, Lord Kilbracken, etc.
Original covers a little frayed on the spine otherwise very good. £10.00

. 90th Birthday Special Number celebrating in prose & illustrations 90 years of change in all aspects of English Life, 1842-1932, British Monarchy, Ocean Travel, Aeronautics, Land Transport, Fashion, British Navy, Wars,Politics,Races,Regent Street, Archaeology, Transport, Sport, Motoring, etc. With letters from R Kipling, H G Wells, O Seaman, M Sadleir, & articles by G K Chesterton-Tradition & Continuity 1842-1932; adverts by Debenham & Freebody, Marshall & Snelgrove, current fashions, etc. Lacks the presentation Plate of His Majesty the King otherwise a fascinating issue with the original wraps loose & frayed, contents very good. £10.00
1954. WINSTON CHURCHILL. Complete issue devoted to The Greatest Figure of Our Time. Illustrated both in colour & black & white. Articles on Churchill by Earl Winterton, Cyril Falls, E D O’Brien & C Petrie. Statesman, Historian, Sportsman, Soldier and Orator. Very small colour bleeding from the margin edge of the front red cover on to the front blank free end paper otherwise in very good condition. £15.00
19/7/69. (Authors at Home:-J B Priestley, H Williamson, R Billington. W De'ath interviews Lord Hill on the future of the BBC; A Bryant-Civilization's mixed blessing; Across the Artic; etc.) Wraps loose. £6.00
Aug. 1973.(Dr Johnson in Scotland; M Drabble-Sunday in London; J Critchley-Profile of Wilbert Awdry(Thomas the Tank Engine); A Fergusson-New Ways to run a railway & an article on Maplin; A Bryant-The Modern Tyranny; V Maclean -Dr Johnson in Scotland; P Watson A museum of Industry(Ironbridge); etc. ) £6.00

(M Baring on Sarah Bernhart; E Sanks –The Return of Tennyson; A Rambling Road by G K Chesterton; etc.) Original wraps loose. £6. 00

IMAGE. Ed. R HARLING. A Periodical of the Visual Arts. 1949-1952.
Nos. 1-8. All Published. Articles range over the whole gamut of modern decorative art including book illustrations, wood engravings & graphic work. (Buckland Wright, J O'Connor, E White, J Minton, E Gill, Ravilious, J Piper, Gibbings, H Moore , Ardizzone, etc.) 8 issues in original wraps complete with dust wrappers & 6 supplements,
in very good condition. £200.00
1. Summer 1949. ( G Grigson on the drawings of William Mulready; D Newton on the Sculpture of D Hardy; The Engravings of John O'Connor by Stuart Rose; J Summerson on J M Gandy; Architectural Draughtsman; John Lewis; Book Illustrations by J Minton; R A Bevan-Chantry Afterthoughts; etc.) £25.00
3. Winter 1949-50. (M Middleton on the Drawings of L Rosoman; M Wilder-The santos of New Mexico; B Taylor on the graphic work of George Stubbs; T Balston on E White;s wood-engravings & P Floud-doubts concerning auto-lithography.) Front of dust wrapper stained - contents in very good condition. Image Postscript included. £15.00
4. Spring 1950. (W J Strachan on the drawings of Gischia, Houplain & Clave; J Mayne on the Graphic work of A Gross; R Gainsborough on Buckland-Wright's wood-engravings; etc. ) Lacks dusr wrapper. £25.00
No.7. 1952 . (G White on Sickert's Drawings; H Casson on The South Bank Sculpture with a photographic supplement. Untidy inscription on title page. £20.00
No.7. 1952 . as above but one page has been neatly extracted & a photocopy of the page is inserted. £8.00

IMAGE. A Magazine of Literature. New Zealand. Ed Robert THOMPSON.
1959 Aug. No 6. (Poems by J Kirkup(3), K Smithyman(5), K Ireland, Charles Doyle, B Beaver, L Trowern(3), Editors(3), M Richards, B Metcalfe(2), R Chapman(2). I Hamilton on Nabokov; other articles by H Shaw, stories by A Kefala, B G I Taylor; etc.) £8.00

IMAGE ET SON. Nov.1965. No.188.
160pp issue devoted to "Cinema et Politique " with a very interesting series of articles on this subject, profusely illustrated with "stills" & whose indexes include, Petite Anthologie Politique, Bibliographie & Index des Films. £10.00

IMAGO 11. Ed George Bowering. Sir George Williams University, Montreal, Canada.
A magazine specializing in the long poem or sequence. Not dated, but believed to eminate from 1968. Poems by Roy Kiyooka, A Gold, Dwight Gardiner, George Bowering, Susan Landell and Diane di Prima. Also laid in is a single folded page with a poem entitled You Too, initialled GB – presumably George Bowering. Original wraps a little sunned, staples slightly rusting but roneoed pages bright & clean. £15.00

IMPACT. A quarterly of Contemporary Poetry. Sunnyvale, California. Ed. Gary G Lagier. Vol 1 no.3 September 1977 . Featured poet is Joan George , with other contributions by G Kuzma, C Eshleman, A Huffstickler, M Shorb, G C Busha, M Fallarino, etc. Original stiff wraps a bit marked but contents very good. £6.00

IMPRESSIONS . The House Organ of the Hazel-Sun Group.
Autumn 1949-Autumn 1961. 44 issues in original wraps in excellent condition, giving the unique history of this large printing firm whose customers include Harpers, Cassells, R Hart-Davis, Fleetway Publications, F Muller and who print Good Housekeeping, Connoisseur, Hugo's Language Books, A A Publications, Pan Books, Cigarette Cards, etc.etc.
Edited first by Kaye Webb & then by R Bennett, the magazine deals with associative company activities & developments and adds articles, stories and cartoons.
Attractively produced with illustrations& cartoons by R Searle, Ardizonne, David Langdon & Gordon Atkins. £165.00

THE IMPRIMATUR. Winston-Salem, N.C. USA.
A Literary Quarterly for Bibliophiles. Jan 1947. v.1/1. (James Guthrie on Bookplates; N D Rush on Thomas Frognall Dibdin, L S Thomson-Easy Chair Bibliographer.)
Covers dust soiled otherwise a very good copy. 32 pp. £10.00

v.1/1-v.2/2. 1974-1975. A Biannual publication publishing literate articles based on the special resources of the University of Oregon Lobrary. The first issue consists of "Printer's Life is the Life for Me" by Elizabeth Orton Jones, 24pp with many illustrations of children's books. The second "Sir Winston's (Churchill) Potboilers" and H L Davis in Tennesse"; the third "Escape with Me" a photo essay of Portland Movie Theatres 1925-1935. The fourth a note on Jones Henry Daugheby with a detailed bibliography of his work.
4 issues in original wraps in excellent condition although there is a faint library stamp on the covers. £50.00

IN BRITAIN. Sept 1977 . (William Foster-Man of Kent. 2pp article about Ardizzone together &2 illustrations.) £6.00

Summer 1967. No.1. Poems, Translations, Versions & Critical Forum by G Cavaliero, A Conran, G Fidler, M Jacobs, C Moya, A Riddle, etc. Lithographs by Rigby Graham.
Edition limited to 225 copies. Original stiff wraps. £25.00

IN RUHLEBEN CAMP. The Ruhleben Camp Magazine.
No.1-9. June-Oct 1915 together with The Ruhleben Bye-Election number from July 1915. Amateurishly bound with the original wraps bound in.
The magazines are in excellent condition. Loosely inserted is one sided program of a concert held at the camp on Sept 10 th 1915 . £90.00

INCA. Ed W A Harbinson.
nd. Ideas and New Concepts in the Arts.
(Working sketches by Kate Dover; 3 page portfolio of illus by Jerry Osborne. D Denny-poems; K Welsh-Legions of the Loved; J Petrie.) £6.00

THE INCURABLE, May 1979. Northampton. Part of the Synergetic Conspiracy with contributions by M Noiprox, D Green, N Sudden, I Seed, M C Stevens, S Sneyd, etc. £6.00

A Literary Affair-G Durrell & Daughter by J Picardine. £6.00

"A running chronicle of censorship& suppression of free expression around the World".
17 issues in 16 between Summer 1972-Dec 1984.
Contents include a banned South African play by K Mgayisa; Czechoslovakia
8 years after & many other articles on Censorship in Britain , N Ireland, Argentina , Poland , Mexico , etc. with contributions from J P Alata, N Gordimer, Solzhenitsyn, Judith Todd, J Brossa, Sakharov, L Osadchy, A Miller, V Havel, etc. £75.00

Ed M G Krishnamurti . India.
1969 July. v.1/1.
(Articles on Salinger, R Frost, Hawthorne , Niebuhr & Non violence, Dreiser, etc.) £6.00

Spring 1940
. (Ahmed Ali-Then Came the War; M Raj Anand-The Liar; Iqbal Singh-Indian Art; S C Chatterjee, Raja Rao, Editors..) £6.00
March 1941 No 3. (Jawaharal Nehru-Escape; M Raj Anand, P Blackman-Mothers; K S Shelvankar-The British Intelligentsia; etc.) £6.00

INFORMER. International Poetry Magazine published in Oxford by Circle Books.
Ed Keith ARMSTRONG, Edmund TUSTIAN & David GILL.
(Poems by T Heywood, W D Pearson, Wes Magee, P Timpson, R Bennett, P Hoida, P Finch, P Stoughton, D Gill, H McKinley, etc.) £15.00
No.7.1969. (Poems by Jeff Nuttall, Wes Magee, Robert Lowe,Marguerite Edmonds, J R Brownfield, Robert Ensor, Derek Telling, etc.) Original wraps. £15.00
No.9 vol.2. 1971. Poems by Bob Cobbing, Steve Sneyd, Peter Hoida, Barry Fitton, etc; Short story by Patrick Hare. White original wraps a bit dusty but contents very good. Scarce. £30.00

nd. (5 poems by Elizabeth Anne Lee;poems by John Clement, Andrew Lloyd. Peter Hoida, R P Draper, etc.) £15.00
No.7. n.d. (P Riley, M Horovitz, B McSweeney, P Bland, DChaloner, etc.) £15.00

An underground alternative paper containing "some of the best social & political writing in the Underground". Contributors include P Ableman, W Burroughs, R Blackburn, M Horovitz, A Trocchi, A Wesker, J Haynes, Clive James, R Steadman, G Scarfe's censored cartoons & many other illustrations. Interviews with Groucho Marx, E Cleaver & J Baldwin. etc. 27 issues in original wraps lacking only nos 3 & 7 for completion.£500.00
INK. (The Other Magazine)
. .Nos 1-29. All published, this being one of only 30 copies bound by the publisher & given to members of the Staff when the magazine closed. £750.00

A Quarterly Magazine of Poetry, Short Stories, Essaysedited by John Rackham.
Autumn 1959 - Winter 1960. V.3/2 –V.4/1.
(P Blackburn, C Corman, C Kizel, R Lowry, P O'Connor, A Swallow, W Stafford, R Creeley,
G Hitchcock, V Fisher who has signed A Swallow's interview with him; etc.)
4 issues in original pictorial wraps. £28.00

INSIDE STORY. Ed Wynford Hicks.
Alternative/underground paper published from 1972-1973 which dealt with sundry political issues of the day, particularly Northern Ireland .
Issues 1-6. March - November 1972. There is a small excision to the rear wrap of issue number 5 which really only affects a list of stockists inside the back page, otherwise all issues are in very good condition. £45.00

INSITE. University of Warwick. Ed John TURNER.
I. 1970. March.
( Poems by R Sibley, P Brooker, T Meager, N Macauley , J R Turner, J Edwards, Rosie, etc. Short story by G Kinnane, etc. £6.00
II. 1970. Oct. (Poems by S E G Curtis, N Downes, A Dyball, B Everard, N Macaulay, T Meager, J Turner, D Watts. Short story by G Kinnane.) £6.00

INSTEAD OF. March 1948 . Single sheet folded into 8pp each measuring approximately 10x13 inches. (Article on ‘New Dada' by Harold Rosenberg;
poem by Henri Pichette; an open letter to Sartre by Lionel Abel; extended from letter to Jean Beanfret from Martin Heidegger & Usoup-surrealist drawings with captions by Manhatta.) £25.00

Meteorological Office Branch Bulletin.
July 1956 – August 1973
. Nos. 25. 26. 29-33. 35-37. 40. 42-51. 53-55.
58-71. 73-189. 191-218
. 70 issues – leaflets as issued. £10.00

INTERIM. Seattle . USA .
Ed Wil STEVENS. v.1/1-v.3/4. 1944-1950 .
v.2/2 & v.3/4 are both in very poor condition. Damp staining has caused cohesion
of the pages in the first with loss due to pages separation & made the leading edge
of pages very fragile in the second. (Henry Miller (v.1/1), Thomas McGrath,
D S Savage, Michael Fraenkel (v.3/4), John G Fletcher, Charles Angoff,
Earle Birney, W S Graham, K Patchen, W C Williams, P Viereck, J Franklin Lewis, Keith Botsford, etc. Original wraps. 12 nos in 11 issues. £80.00
Also available v.1/2,3,4. v.2/1,3-4. v.3/3. v.5/1. v.7/1. v.8/1 at £6.00 each

Ed. Christian BUTTERBACH.
Luxembourg. No 1-9. Oct 1960-Juin 1961 .
Luxemburg. Poetry, short stories, articles & special issues.
Written mainly in French but some English & German.
Contributors include Editor, C Conter, P Jacques, J-M Progny, G Scholer, J-P Raus, P Rouillon, N Tidafi, D Olsen, R Tourky, G Devillar, C Dioli, W C Robert, E Bernet , etc.)
9 issues in original wraps in very good condition with occasional underlining.£60.00

published in Jan 1940 following Freud's death in Sept 1939.
Includes a translation of Freud's unpublished ‘An Outline of Psycho-Analysis' 58pp;
Sigmund Freud by Ernest Jones & general abstracts & reviews.
Original wraps dust soiled & rubbed with a chip at foot of spine. £40.00

Edited & introduced by John WAIN.
"intended for readers who want to know what is happening in the world of letters."
Vol .1.1958. USA. Dw . (The Writer & the World by R Conquest, K W Grandsen , etc.
Poetry of the ‘Fifties by C Kizer, & A Alvarez with poems by E Lucie-Smith, A Alvarez, H Breit, R A Simpson & C Kizer; A Wright on Joyce Cary; R West-story; M Praz-Writers at Work; other contributions by.M McLuhan, J Unterecker, U Varnai, etc.)
Illustrated & in excellent condition £12.00
Vol.2. 1959. GB. Dw. (G S Fraser on Iris Murdoch, W Cooper-on the Experimental Novel; A Hartley, Facets of Literary America by C Miller, R H Pearce & P engle; Work in Progress by J Garrugue, M Hamburger, D Wagoner, A Brownjohn & M Pomeroy;
R A Simpson-Younger poets of Australia; M Slonin on Dr Zhivago & Lolita;
other contributions by R Breuer, A Rothberg, D Arban, etc.)
Illustrated & in excellent condition. £12.00

First Series. 1944.
Contains stories by Elizabeth Myers, Fay King, Gwyn Jones, Mulk Raj Anand, Stefano Terra, M Konopnicha, etc. Original wraps sunned. Uncommon. £20.00

A magazine of "creative acts," including experimental poetry, visual poetry & art.
V.3/1. 1977. Includes work by D Higgins-An Exemplativist Manifesto; L Essary-A short work for the Theatre; L Abbott, B Swan, D Miller, B Eno, J Cody, C Thalnberg, J Viglini, L Postel, D Raphael, H Fox, R Kostelanetz, A Fisher, J Unterecker, A D'Arpino, etc. £10.00
V.4/1. 1980. ANTHROPOMORPHOSIS . Includes work by F Picabia, P Finch, M Gibbs, N Toczek, K Waldrop, A Gnazzo, B Bornstein, M Clamfoot, R Taylor, P Mayer, G England, R Waldrop, R McCorquodale, R Coover, P Green , etc. etc. £10.00
15. 1982. CONCRETE and LYRIC POETRY with contributions by George Deem, Leroy Gorman, David Arnold, Charles S Mayer, Graham Sykes, J W Curry, etc. with “Concrete” illustrations. Original wraps in very good condition. £7.50

No 1.
June 1974. The publisher, in the foreword,
denies being ‘another one of the girlie books…' ‘and will reach a balanced readership…sophisticated, literate and sensually aware.' It includes the last interview with Edward J Robinson & a quite literary conversation with Tom Wolfe, etc.
Illustrated in colour & black/white. £8.00

INTERSTATE. Noumenon Foundation. L Essary & M Loeffler-Editors.
1977. v.3/1.
(An Exemplativist Manifesto by D Higgins; Contributions by C Thalenberg, J J Cary, J Viglini, K Kenton, K Warren, D Raphael, C D Clark, H Fox, B Eno, D Masserli, H Haskell, T R Hall, K Woodruff, J Cody, I Essary, A D'arpino, L Abbott, D Miller, etc. £7.00

Staple bound covers in original wraps of varying colours.
No.4. Dec 1964. (G Corso, S Rosenberg, A Van Buskirk, R Bremser,
G Montgomery, S Tropp & H Hart, A De Loach, etc.) £15.00
No 8. June 1967 . Contains index to Nos 1-7. (C Bukowski, P Blackburn,
T Enslin, H Martin, D Murray , B Holland , D Gitin, etc.) £20.00
No 9. Dec 1967 . (C Bukowski, W Inman, T Enslin, E Lenck , C A Powell, etc.) £20.00
No 10 . Spring 1968 . Special Issue on The Poetry of India , Bengali Poets of the Hungry Generation; of the Kritisbush Group; Poets from Bombay , Dehli & Allahabed; A Ginsberg, etc. £20.00
Nos 11/12 . March 1969 . Fifth Anniversary issue with contributions by H Norse,
T Berrigan, P Blackburn, C Bukowski, D Di Prima, T Enslin, A Ginsberg, W Inman,
No. 16. Summer/Fall 1969 . Special issue dealing with poetry from Toronto & Vancouver with contributions from D Rosenberg, J Brown, N Ball, V Coleman, P Rahn, M Burrs, L Kearns, J Rosenblat, S. David, J. Douglas, K. Hewko, C. Kwiat, D McFadden, M. Bruce, C. Carlson, M. Fiamengo, P. Huse, P. Lane, D. Livesay, P Lowther, S. Mayne, etc.   79pp. £20.00

1952. v.II/1. (Eight poems by William Hull; Two drawings by Charles Virga; Italian Letter on Contemporary italian Prose Writers by D D Paige; Paul Lett - Museum Keepers, professional art touts and the Rue de la 57.) £15.00

Contains stories by "New Writers":- J Abulafia, J Crace, T Healy, V Kelleher, J Mackendrick, etc. A very good copy in like dust jacket. £8.00

Ed P DARMANGEAT et Adt BASTOS with short note on the poets represented.
Original hard wraps. Unopened copy. £6.00

INTROSPECTION. Tongue Point Job Corps. Astoria, Oregon.
V.1. 1966. (P Pruner-Collector of Poetry & Prose K D Franklin, P Valentine, F Davis, C Jordan, K Terhune, B J Johnson, E Sabray, S Miller, A Rivera, R L Carter, T Greene, etc. with several full page illustrations.) £10.00

Nos 5-May 1972, 10-July 1973 and 26/27 - Aug 1980
. Red Hill Press, California .
Collections of Poetry, Reviews & Statements published,“ whenever good enough material is available." It contains a good number of translations particularly by Jack Hirschman & Paul Vagelisti. Newspaper format very good in original pictorial wraps.
The uncommon double issue no.26/27 includes contributions by R Di Palma, L Eigner, C Bernstein, T Ahern, etc. 3 issues in original wraps in very good condition. £18.00

Poetry Broadsheet printed for the Sligo Arts Festivals. Edited by Justin MCCARTHY . Original wraps in very good condition. 8pp.
No.4. 1991. Poems by J McCarthy, John Kavanagh, B Parkinson, J Gaffney,
M Hamilton, P McCloskey, J Siberry, A Toolan, W McNulty , K O'Leary, etc. £12.00
No.5 1992 . Poems by J McCarthy, John Kavanagh, B Parkinson, A Toolan,
Healy, J Siberry, J Gaffney, J McBreen, M Hamilton, P McCloskey, etc. £12.00

IOTA. Poetry Quarterly. Derbyshire. Ed David HOLLIDAY.
No 1-33. 1988 – 1996
A duplicated magazine of quality whose minor poets attained a surprisingly good standard.
(J Burns, W Oxley, A Dunnet, R L Cook, D H W Gribb , G Holloway, R Lasden, S Cook, etc.)
33 issues in original wraps. Note from editor “. I Think we're taking off.”
Contributors offered two complimentary copies on payment. £200.00
No.8 1989/4 . (Poems by T Lewis-Jones,P Greene, D Quinn, J Townsend, S Sneyd,
R Booth, G Holloway, M Holroyd, L Brown, S Woodward, D J Lightfoot, P Wilson,
R Etty, B Turner, etc.) £6.00

THE IRISH BOOK . Dolmen Press.
v.1/2. Winter 1959 . (Maunsel & Co by E MacLysaght ; Kimar O'Duffy by A MacLochlainn, etc. 2 small library stamps on front wrap otherwise very good. £18.00
V.1/3 1960/61 . Contains articles on an unrecorded speech by W B Yeats; Irish papermaking by A MacLochlainn; Dutch engravings of the Williamite War; Shaw's War -Issues for Irishmen by Dan H Laurence; Notes & Reviews. £20.00

IRON. Poetry, Fiction & Graphics from the North East. Ed by Peter MORTIMER.
Nos. 30 (1980). 42 (1984), 43 (1984), 45(1985) 7 76(1995)
Contributors include K Norris, S Chaplan , Wes Magee, J Kirkup, J Kazantis, R Pybus, T Pickard, J Burns, Y Ritsos, Spike Hawkins, E Milne, M Horovitz, Y Lovelock, etc.
Together with IRON. AN ANTHOLOGY.
A selection from the first 40 issues of Iron Age, 1973-83, offered only to subscribers in an edition of 200 copies. 5 items all very good. £45.00

IS 8. Prose Forms. Ed Victor Coleman . Coach House Press, Toronto. Spring 1970 . Edition limited to 300 copies, in original wraps, with cover illustration by Bob Fones. Contributors include George Bowering, Jack Spicer, Greg Curnoe, David McFadden, Ron Caplan, David Antin, Don Holyoak, Bob Fones, Matt Cohen, Nichael Ondaatje, Gerry Gilbert etc. Uncommon, particulary in such good condition. £20.00

IS. 15. Spring 1973 . Canadian poetry periodical, guest edited by Ted Whitaker .
Poets include Clif Bennett, Paul Norton, Joy Kogawa, Leslie Mundwiler, P Melnick, Burton Raffel, Penelope Jahn, Jeanette Smith. Photography by Rodnee Werden. Original stiff wraps. £6.00

ISHMAEL. A Quartlery Review. Paris/Biarritz. Ed. F BOYLAN.
v.1/1-3. 1970-1973.
(Poems by R S Thomas, G Barker, K Raine, C H Sisson, D Wright, B Oxley, P Levi, J Heath-Stubbs, Editor, P Kavanagh, N Nicholson, K White, Jaccottet, Machado, etc. C H Sisson on W B Yeats; E Pound, Henry Vaughan the Silurist; etc.)
Original wraps in very good condition. £30.00
v.1/1. Autumn 1970. Poems by R S Thomas, G Barker, K Raine, D Wright, B Oxley, F Grande, P Levi, R Pinget, J Heath Stubbs, F Boylan.J M Velazquez & C H Sison who has also written a pp artice on W B Yeats 21pp; F Boyal-Play; etc. £12.00
v.1/3. Winter-Spring 1972-3. Poems by M Deguy, C H Sisson, F Boylan, C Ashby (& short story), N Nicolson, G Butler, D Wright, K White, P Kavanagh with an article on him by the Editor;C H Sisson on Henry Vaughan the Silurist; J Pieper on Createdness & Human Nature; etc. £10.00

ISIS. Oxford University Magazine.
Nos 1081, 1083-1144, 1147-1154. 1556-1157. 10/5/48- /6/52.
Among the many contributors the following names can be found:-
E Jennings, K Hopkins, M Cranston, K Tynan, P Redgrove, P A T O'Donnell, Lois Stockley, Kingsley Amis, James Michie, D Cooper, K Rhys, M Seymour-Smith, L Zurndorfer, A Alvarez, P J Cronin, etc. Together with interviews with Joyce Cary, Michael Innes, etc.
Over 70 issues in original wraps. Some staples rusty otherwise very good. £280.00

THE ISLAND. Poetry periodical. Cambridge, Massachusetts .
Ed J PLOTZ. No.3 May 1966
. Interview with, and poem by, Adrienne Rich; Other poems by J Lewis, R B Shaw, R Tillinghast, K Crosby, etc. Blues song by Eric Andersen. 26pp photocopied and stapled. £10.00

ITALIAN QUARTERLY. University of California. USA.
v/1-5. 1957-1958. Mainly essays in Italian Literary themes, English texts. Machiavelli, Dante Alighieri, Silone, Goldini, Vittorini etc. Articles include Recollection of Modigliani, A Library of Leonardo da Vinci; Pirandilo in Retrospect. Goldoni's Antagonists. The Italian Literary Languarge & its (un) popularity; Original work sympsium etc. 5 issues each approximately 100pp) £25.00

No.6.Feb 1967.
Topical cartoons, sexy pictures & no doubt "swingy" articles.
A very good copy in original illustrated wraps. £8.00


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