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1943 May, Sept -Nov. 1945 April. June, July, Sept. Nov. Dec.
1946 Jan-April, Sept-Nov., 1947 Jan-Apr.June. Sept-Nov.
1948 Jan-June. Aug, Sept, Nov,Dec. 1949 Feb, Apri-Oct.
1950 Jan, Feb, April-Oct. Dec. 1951 Jan-April, June-Dec. 1952 Jan-Nov.
1953 Jan-1963 July, Sept-Dec. 1964 Jan-1965 May.
As well as practical advice on writing for the specific markets there are original contributions by a very large number of contemporary popular authors who include L P Hartley, Hammond Innes, G Simenon, Comptom Mackenzie, C Day Lewis, N Shute, A E Coppard, Lord Dunsany , F Urquart, J Hanley, R Campbell, J Creasey, S O'Casey, L A G Strong, R Crompton, B Russell, P Frankau, D Langdon, P Hansford Johnson, L Golding, A E Wilson, Monica Dickens, R Moore, Vicky, P Dickinson, P Cheyney, E Mannin, M Bowen, F Swinnerton, V Britain, E Philpotts, P Razazzi, N Jacobs, etc. There are also interviews with A Sillitoe, C P Snow, K Amis, A Powell, J Wain, J Maclaren-Ross, W R Rodgers, N Monsarrat , J Gawsworth, M Allingham, H E Bates, J Keir Cross, V Broome etc. as well as editors of current popular magazines & journals. 222 issues in original publisher's wraps –a few of the very early ones a little creased but all contents complete & in very good condition.

THE WRITER - issues in original wraps
Aug.1936.John Marsh-Writing the Horror Story. Real People in Fiction by K Williamson. Other articles on Autobiography of a Freelance; The Controversial Article: Making the most of the News: Children's Stories for the BBC, etc. £6.00
Sept 1936.
The Essentials of the Thriller by John Creasey. The Unity of Time by K Williamson. Other articles on Short Stories I am seeking; Foreign Subjects Pay; The Experiences of a Sports Writer, etc. £10.00
Jan 1945.
G B Shaw's Advice to a Young W riter; Making Crime Pay-J Creasey; Approach to Journalism-H Gibbs; W A Bagley, etc. Original wraps a little frayed.   £10.00
Aug 1948.
J Gawsworth-Digestion & Dyspepsia; F Urquhart-Whty this hoodoo on short Stories? K S Waterhouse -How to Write a Ghost Story; etc. £10.00
May 1949.
N Blake(C Day Lewis)- Writing a Detective Novel; etc. £15.00
July 1949.
Reginald Moore - The English Author & the American Publisher;
J Gatrell on Mass-Observation; etc. £6.00
Aug 1949.
B Baxter-Theatre and the Critic; K S Waterhouse -How to Write a Biography; The Terrifying Third by P Ledward; etc. £6.00
A E Coppard on The Short Story; D Barker-Touching the Death of..: M Steen, N Streatfield , etc. £10.00
Jan 1951. R Moore , Don't Imitate-Assimilate; H Baerlein-The Writing of Travel Books;etc. £6.00
Feb 1951
D Langdon-Illustrator at Work; E D Mackerness-Beware the Sharks! £6.00
June 1951
Joan Howkins-Writing a novel; A Mackay-Your only hope of revenge lies in success; etc. £6.00
July 1951.
J Hanley on Printed Books; L Dunn-The Confession Story; etc. £10.00
Nov. 1951. Roy Campbell-Poetry Today; What makes a good short story? J Millard; Writng a weekly Series-C Timms; etc. £10.00
Jan 1952.
N Langley-letter; Ursula Bloom-Writing the Novel of Today11; , etc £8.00
Feb 1952.
G Winn-The Art of Journalism; £5.00-Writing the Novel of today 111:
J C Hall-Proof Correcting; etc. £6.00
March 1952
E Machwitz -Writing a Musical Play; Plotting-One Methos-G A Graber;
R Timperley-The Poisoned Chalice! Etc. £6.00
April 1952.
Nevil Shute-Special Article; M Mason-Description for Children; etc. £10.00
May 1952.
S O'Casey ”Let's write a play; Annette Mills-Writing for Puppets; etc. £10.00
Aug 1952.
E Mannin-Wait Till Thirty; H Ross Williamson-Exits & Entrances; etc. £8.00
Sep 1952.
Advice from M Bowen; Writing Detective Stories-N Morland; etc. £8.00
Nov 1952.
L Golding-Travel & the Novelist; Copy the Courts-D Peters; etc. £8.00
Jan 1953.
Compton Mackenzie-Tricks of the Trade; Ursula Bloom-The Historical Novel; etc. £10.00
March 1953.
E Mannin-More Tricks of the Trade; D Batchelor-Writing about Sport; etc. £8.00
April 1953.
Noel Langley, Mrs R Henrey, I Crichton, A R Taylor , etc.
Thoughts on seeing the first flying Saucer; etc. £6.00
July 1953.
Angela Thirkell, F Urquhart, C Knowles, A Troubridge, J Logan; etc. £8.00
Aug 1953.
Urusla Bloom-Running a Holiday Column; E Mannin-Title Trouble; B Kay, etc. £8.00
Sept 1953.
L A G Strong-Questions & Answers; J Pudney-Finding Time; etc. £8.00
Nov 1953.
E Blyton-Talk to the Children;
P Campbell ,-Some Thoughts on the Radio Market; etc. £8.00
Dec 1953.
George Simenon-The Era of the Novel? Think of the point not the Plot-Ludovic Kennedy, etc. £10.00
Feb 1954.
G Simenon- The Era of the Novel ?
R Church-When to take the Plunge; etc. £10.00
April 1954.
Frances Pitt,Writing about Nature; etc. £6.00
July 1954.
Kenneth Tynan-Some Notes on Dramatic Critcism; etc. £6.00
Sept 1954.
B Russell-How I Write; J Arlott-Sone Notes on Broadcast Commentary; P Jennings-Every Picture a story; etc. £8.00
Jan 1955.
E Berridge-Book section; Perils & Problems of Journalism-D Robins; etc. £6.00
June 1956.
The Technique of the Reporter; C Ritchie, M Pitman, etc. £6.00
Sept 1956.
V Stuart -There's Money in Women's Magazine Serials;
R A Walton -How to find fresh ideas; G E Barnes-How editors regard Mss;
Freelance Photogarphy, etc. £6.00

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